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We hope you'll join us for worship this Sunday.  We'll be live streaming beginning at 10am. Pastor Sonny will teach from 1 Corinthians 7:29-31.  

Sing along during worship this Sunday

"Come, We That Love the Lord"
UMH No. 732
January's Messy Church is Sunday, January 24; "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" (inspired by Psalm 139). This month, in an effort to reach out to more families, we'll be handing out Messy Church event packets. Rather than having an on-site gathering - we'll be encouraging families to set aside time during the week to work on the activities together.

Swing by on Sunday, January 24 between 11:15am - noon to pick up your packet. Help us with a head count by signing up your family! 

With fingers crossed, we have scheduled a week for day camp at Mount Shepherd - June 14-18. As long as everything is safe by June, we'll move forward with our planning. This week is for students K-6th grade (we've added 6th graders for those who missed out last summer). Day campers will meet at Epworth daily at 7am, head to Mount Shepherd on the church bus and return by 4pm each afternoon. 

Cost is $150 for the week and includes all meals. Donations to cover fuel costs are much-appreciated. 

"The Giving Tree" is a wonderful opportunity to donate items like gloves, hats, coats and blankets. Folks who need them are welcome to have them; no strings attached. The Giving Tree is located at the front entrance beside our Shop & Share food pantry.

Your contributions are much-appreciated; especially during the winter months.

This ministry is sponsored by the Flock Preschool and Learning Center. 

The Flock Preschool is preparing for the 2021-22 school year. Enrollment for current students is in progress - registration for new students opens February 1.

For more information contact Teresa Gray, Director - Flock Preschool at: or 704.230.3811. Please be sure to promote our wonderful preschool and dedicated staff. God is doing amazing things at Epworth UMC.


I would like to add our preschool and learning center staff to Epworth’s prayer list, as well as all our learning center and preschool families, many of whom are frontline workers. 
Day in and day out our preschool teachers and learning center staff are here at Epworth loving on children, teaching them, and being the hands and feet of Jesus!  I am amazed at what God is doing through each one of them and how He has multiplied the number of families that Epworth is reaching with Christ’s love through our preschool and learning center during a pandemic!  We have 112 children in our preschool ages 1 through 6, and we have 55 students in our learning center.  God has blessed us tremendously with just the right people at just the right time for His purpose!  All praise and glory go to Him for it is only through Him that all of this has happened!  We must not ever forget that, and we must give Him all the praise and glory!
Preschool Staff:  Lisa Goertzen, Dorothy Gray, Amber Newton, Ali Creed, Lisa Blackburn, Katie Bailes, Monica Beerbhajan, Camille Pittman, Marjorie Wright, Rebekah Brooks, Sherrie Castor, Sandy Brown, Kristy Davidson, Tiffany Carter, Courtneay Daniels, Korighan Gabriel, and Evie Blacka

Epworth’s Learning Center Staff:  Kerstin Griggs, Jane Belo, Alyssa Gray, Lydia Carruth, Kathy Mills, Neva Jo Roberts, Jordan Shoaf, Cynthia Shoe, Melissa Stegall, and Tristen Siugarrora

Assistant Director:  Bethany Bostic

Brotherhood / Sisterhood of the Western NC Conference is an organization that seeks to be a tangible expression of covenant, connection and comparison. We do this by providing
immediate financial assistance to the family of a deceased clergy member of The Brotherhood/Sisterhood (BH/SH), and at the same time giving assurance to the family of our continuing love for them and our interest in their welfare.

In fulfilling our purpose, The BH/SH provides an opportunity for both clergy (who are beneficiary members) and laity (who are honorary members) to demonstrate in a tangible way our sense of collegiality and connectedness. By means of this financial assistance we make available funds to meet immediate needs such as funeral expenses, medical bills, relocation, or any other costs of the family.

Lay people have often asked how they can help the family when death comes to a pastor (member of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood) in our annual conference.

Thanks to concerned clergy and laity, a fund was established over a century ago to assist clergy families at the death of the ‘breadwinner” pastor/husband/wife/mother or single pastor.

Upon notification of death, The Brotherhood/ Sisterhood issues a check in the amount of the current benefit to the surviving spouse or designated beneficiary. (If no beneficiary is named, the benefit is made payable to the estate of the deceased.) These funds may be used for any purpose, such as medical bills, funeral expenses or the cost of relocation of the family from a church-owned parsonage.

If you'd like more information, please contact Faye Barringer - Epworth's BH/SH representative or reach out to our church office at 704.786.6183. 

Last Spring Kathy Taylor had the idea to solicit daily devotionals from our Epworth family as a way to keep us all connected through the written word. The devotionals have been inspiring, personal, heartfelt and funny. We have come to a point that we feel it's time to retire this endeavor and give thanks to Kathy for her idea and her efforts. We are also grateful to Sharon Loyd for her work in this ministry. 

We would like to continue to solicit original devotionals from our Epworth family to be used weekly, here in the E-blast as they are received.

Please feel free to submit your content to Jen Hedrick at or Sharon Loyd at

Special thanks to Scott Randolph for passing along a few stories about encounters he's had with folks who have stopped by Epworth's Shop & Share. We'll share them with you on a weekly basis. 

For I was hungry and you gave me food to eat. I was thirsty and you
gave me water to drink. I was a stranger and you gave me a room.  
I had no clothes and you gave me clothes to wear.
I was sick and you cared for me. I was in prison and you came to see me.’

- Matthew 25:35-36


The Learning Center and the Flock Preschool have started a “Giving Tree” at Epworth for making winter clothing items available to whoever needs them. Right out in front of the church on the other side of the front doors from the food pantry.  There is a list of items needed (coats, hats, socks, gloves, etc), you can hang them on the Giving Tree or place in the baskets in front.  I was stocking the pantry (it was a big stocking) when one of the families (“we never needed help before” family) drove up.  We talked for a minute then they proceed to place items in the baskets and hang items on the sharing tree!  Mom told me they had visited the pantry and her girls saw the Giving Tree, all the way home all they could talk about is how they should bring items for the Giving Tree.

Individually packaged eating utensils and grocery bags also needed

Happy New Year to all our faithful food donation partners!
We have been SO blessed by our community partners over the past year! In 2020, our community donations (not counting what came from or through Second Harvest Food Bank) were up 39% from 2019! That was such a blessing, because we also served a record number of households through our Crisis Center Food Pantry. Thank you so much to all our church, organization, and business partners who found a way in the midst of very challenging times to collect and donate food.
We will continue to operate our drive-through pantries in the coming year, and we anticipate serving continued high numbers. So we greatly appreciate your continued partnerships!
Our current big needs are:
  • Cereal
  • Peanut Butter
  • Soup
  • Canned carrots, peas, potatoes and mixed veggies
  • Canned fruit
  • Any dried beans
  • Pasta Sauce
As always, we especially seek low sodium items,
no-added-sugar items, and whole  grain items.

Right now, we have plenty of the following:
  • Canned chicken and tuna
  • Canned green beans and corn
  • Canned Pinto Beans
  • Spaghetti noodles
  • Macaroni & Cheese
Our Crisis Center at 246 Country Club Drive NE in Concord serves as the warehouse for most of the food.  We will gladly accept all donations at that site from 10 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday.  

Bethel Baptist Helping Hands Food Pantry, located at 1209 1/4 Opal Street in Kannapolis, will gladly accept donations from 9 am to 1 pm on Monday and Thursday. 

The food pantry located at Westford UMC on Highway 49 and the Kannapolis Food Pantry at West Point Baptist Church can accept donations on Saturday morning from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. 

The Feeding Our Souls Food Pantry at Bethel UMC in Midland, North Kannapolis Baptist Church Food Pantry and the New Life Baptist Food Pantry will accept donations by calling the church in advance.

Mail your gift to:
Epworth UMC
1030 Burrage Rd NE
Concord, NC  28025



You can give to a specific ministry or direct your gifts to be
used where they are most-needed.
Set up automatic giving or opt for a one-time gift. 
Thank you for your financial support of Epworth's ministries.
We want to express our ongoing appreciation and thanks to all who pray faithfully over these needs each week. It’s obvious our prayers are working when we are able to remove individual names from the list when their health situation has improved. We also would like to request of our Epworth faithful members, when you add a name to our list, please be certain to update
Sis Mills when they are better so that we can continue to maintain our list with current prayer needs. Thank you everyone for your contributions to the success of our prayer ministry.



Mary Elise Capron
Will Capron                        
Zachary Capron                          
Ben Carruth                                   
Brandon Carson
Brandon Cook 

Caleb Odom
Ryan Tennis    

OUR BELOVED MEMBERS:              
Prayers for health concerns    

Joyce Baucom 
Mike Bodenheimer
Judy Bonkowski   
Tiffany Carter                                                                  
Rose Emerson
Linda Widenhouse Fink
Nancy Fisher                            
Noah Goertzen  
Carol Goodrich                         
Becky Holshouser                    
Hannah Hughes
Sarah Hughes                      
Fred Kimes
Martha Kimes                          
Bob Lentz                            
Debby Myers                                                                 
Shirley Nichols 
Ed Nimmo                                                
Neva Jo Roberts 

Elizabeth Schavillie                         
Charlie Sehorn
Joanne Shepherd                   
Betty Towell                             
Betty Wagner 
John Watson
Carolyn Williams 

OUR BELOVED MEMBERS:              
Prayers for continued recovering

Wanda Bodenheimer 
Peggy Caton                                

Prayers for health concerns             

Pam & Doug Adams ......... Daughter/son-in-law of Marylyn Smith

Rob & Mae Aldrons .......... Friends of Epworth Hot Dog Ministry 
Chris, Lisa & ..................Friends of Carolyn Williams
Charlese Alley

Ed Anderson ..................Cousin of Wayne Reid
Morris Anderson ............. Friend of Betsy Graham
Phil & Danette Austin ...... Friends/neighbors of Sharon Loyd
& Her mom, Dot 

Alex Barnhardt .............. Cousin of Wayne Reid
Wendy Blake  .................Friend of Betsy Graham
Jo Anne Bullins .............. Mother of Patty Randolph  
Gary Burris ....................Brother of Carolyn Williams
Cindi ............................Friend of Glenda Baker 
Ricky Clatterbuck ............Friend of Tiffany Carter
Kyle Cooper ...................Husband of Carolyn Williams niece, Susan

Debby & Michelle Cox ...... Friends of Betty Wagner
Brenda Craven ................Friend of Jane Hinson
Elizabeth .......................Co-worker of Bob Carruth

Friend ...........................Kathy Taylor
Friend ...........................Connie Williams (Betty Wagner’s daughter) 
Dave Goff  ......................Father of son-in-law - Gaye Seifel
Karen Hopson ................. Niece of Betty Wagner
Chris Hopson .................. Great nephew of Betty Wagner
Bill Jackson .................... Uncle of Kathy Taylor 
Vicky Jackson.................. Aunt of Kathy Taylor (caretaker of Bill Jackson) 
Ken & Holly .................... Friends of Karen Kaser-Odor
Arden Lewis ................... Friend of Jenny Bodenheimer
Nancy Matthews .............. Husband Jake is employed by IKE'S Construction
Josh McGough .................Husband of grand-niece to Betty Wagner  
Emily McGuire .................Cousin of Betsy Graham
Charlie Mullis ..................Brother of Carol Blackwelder     
MaryAnn Neilson ..............Former Epworth secretary    
Mike Nimmo ....................Son of Ed and Bonnie Nimmo
Allen O'Neal ....................Father of Gayle Seifel
John Parker ....................Friend of Betty Sides
Kurt Randolph .................Brother of Scott Randolph

Jessica Sem ....................Friend of Emily and Kathy Taylor                   
Edna Shefield ..................Friend of Jane Hinson
Sybil Nichols Sheltuk .........Sister-in-law of Shirley Nichols
Debbie Sides  ..................Friend of Betsy Graham 
Pam & Butch Smith ...........Daughter & son-in-law of Becky Holshouser
Frances Steedley ..............Mother of Lydia Carruth
Shirley Thompson .............Friends of Carol Blackwelder
Robby Tucker  .................Brother of Rick Tucker
Sherry Turner...................Mother of Bethany Bostic
Wayne Wagoner  ..............Friend of Betsy Graham




Ashley Bornstein             MOA
Stephanie Canipe            DNP
Jenna Carson                  MOA
Will Carter                      LINEMAN
Jessica Christy                POLICE
Dr. Clifford Compton       DENTIST 
Teresa Compton              DENTAL ASST.
Dr. Amanda Cook             MD
Linda Cranford                PHARM TECH
Karen Elledge                  RN
Jim Emerson                    EMS
Dr. Kayla Garcia               MD
Dennis Gray                     SHERIFF DEPT
Dr. Tony Hinson                MD
Tim Hoagland                  RN
Eli Kaser-Odor                 TREE LINEMAN
Rev. Karen Kaser-Odor     HOSPICE CHAPLAIN
Carlos Kelly                     LINEMAN
Dr. Kristina Kelly              MD
Dr. Patrick Kelly               MD
Beth Lott                         RN
Rhonda Milward               PHYSICAL THERAPIST
Joanne Neubauer             RN
Robert Neubauer             LPN
Rick Odor                        RN 
Dr. Geoffrey Rackoff        MD
Judy Talley                      NURSING HOME WORKER
Julie Tennis                     RN
Patrick Tennis                 HEART CATH TECH
Bruce Wall                      HOSPITAL IT SUPPORT
Sandra Wall                    RN
Angela Watson                RN
Dr. James Wheless          MD

Mail carriers and workers in transportation industry who deliver products to stock our stores.
Teachers, students, school administrators and parents. 
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