Tonight at 7pm we will be live-streaming our Ash Wednesday worship service. While we are not able to be in an intimate setting together to begin the Lenten Season - we encourage you to be part of this worship when we remind ourselves whose child we are. 

Lent is the forty days of preparation between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday when we reach the victory of the resurrection. Today we begin an inward, spiritual inventory by professing our devotion to God and acknowledging our sins. Ashes are used to symbolize both death and repentance.  

" .... for dust you are and to dust you shall return." (Genesis 3:19). 

The forty days of Lent represent the time Jesus spent in the wilderness being tempted by Satan and preparing to begin his ministry. 
(Matthew 4:1-11).  As we move into this 40 days, how will we prepare our minds, bodies and spirits for our personal ministries?

Epworth is offering several outreach opportunities to keep us focused on the needs of others during Lent. We also have a few spiritual disciplines that can be implemented to help us be more attune to God. Visit our website at for more information on how you can participate. You can also find information in our weekly E-blast.

Prayers for Ash Wednesday

Purifying Mystery, your light exposes in us all that we hide.
Awaken us and all your Holy Church to spiritual combat.
Lead us to purity of soul and body in these forty days.
Fortify us to take an honest look at ourselves and to name our secret sins and our ruts of disobedience.

Let abstinence from our addictions free us for prayer and the fire of love. Perfect us by steady gaze toward your pure mercy and grace so that we may come to the Passion of Jesus 
and the Holy Pascha* in pure joy. In confidence we commend ourselves and all our passions 
and cares to your never failing mercy. 

We intercede for the world and the church:
Especially for those we have hurt by our preoccupations …
For those who live sacrificially so that others may know your justice and compassion … for a just peace in and among nations … for professionals who help others stand in the light … for the church in every place … for the concerns and cares of our lives.


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