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Forgiveness is Unnecessary
Often ministers and truth teachers focus a great deal of time and energy trying to encourage individuals to embrace the art of forgiveness. All too often what follows is a long, sometime convoluted process that explains the art of forgiveness. Personally, I prefer a shorter route. In fact, I have come to believe that forgiveness is or can be unnecessary.  
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Your Spiritual Prescription for February 2022
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Thank you to everyone who helped make our Angel Sale a success.  Your donations, purchases and generous participation in the Silent Auction for Nicole's handmade wings shawl made all the difference!  We were able to send a check for $389 to Tallmadge Good Neighbors.  Also, another thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible for the sale each Sunday.

The Senior Lamplighters plan to meet in the spring.  We need your input for the upcoming birthdays & Easter celebrations.  More later from us on the time and place.
Love and Blessings,
~June Dockus


Lent Booklets have been ordered and will be arriving soon. 

Call the church office at 330-928-2108 or email to reserve your copy.

Mark your calendars for a Meditation with Chris Gilley and Jim Noonan in the Sanctuary each Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM during Lent.  The meditation will be based on the readings from the Lenten Booklet.  


Chapter 1: What is Metaphysics?
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By: Roger Dunsmore from On the Chinese Wall

Those who know don't talk
Those who talk don't know.
A team of horses can't overtake the tongue,
and still the mind.
Nourish the breath.

Soften your brillance.
Untie the tangles to quiet the spirit.
Become one with the dust of the earth.

So you come to the dark-enigma union
like a deep pool that never dries.

     Thus you can't be
     controlled by love
     or by rejection.

     You can't be
     controlled by profit
     or by loss.

     You can't be
     controlled by praise
     or humiliation.

Cease striving and release
into your own true nature.

Then......, your eyes are one with your ears,
                      your ears are one with your nose,
                            your nose is one with your mouth.

*Lao Tzu, 500 BCE China
Composed from translations and notes by
Arthur Waley, Ursula L. Le Guin, David Hinton,
Red Pine, and others.


Roger Dunsmore taught Humanities, Wilderness Studies, Environmental Studies, and American Indian Literature at the University of Montana in Missoula and Dillon from 1963-2013. He is one of the founders of the Wilderness and Civilization Program at UM. He was short-listed twice to the governor for the position of Montana Poet Laureate (2005 & 2007), and honored as a Humanities Hero by Humanities Montana in 2012. He currently lives with his wife, the painter and long-time yoga practitioner, Jenni Fallein, in Coeur d'Alene, ID.

Roger Dunsmore’s volume, On the Chinese Wall: New & Selected Poems 1966-2018 gathers some fifty years of writing by one of the finest poets of the Great Subculture.

The voices of this Subculture emerge from shadow and silence in song, art, story-telling and myth-making, and in particular in the common speech of everyday life. Such is the speech of Dunsmore’s poetry, informed by the lyric past of ancient Greece and the visionary traditions of ancient America as expressed by the Sioux visionary Black Elk. Here, among echoes of Archilochos and Meister Eckhart, can be found a poem for a loose ram, a poem for a woman kissing all the icons in the Byzantine Museum in Athens, a poem for a trapper in Montana whose pet wolverine loved Oreo cookies. Dunsmore’s poetry derives from an old world of people, creatures, and things held in the compromising embrace of the New: Che Guevera in the mountains; the voices of students in China; and a man named Mike Blue Horse, “best night-hawker on the Hi-line,” dancing solo in a bar in Montana.

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Monthly: 2nd Sunday, Helping Hearts meeting at 11:30 am
Monthly: Last Sunday, Lunches for St. Bernard's after service.

Monthly: 2nd Wednesday, Grief Support meeting at 7:00 pm - On Hiatus until Spring

Weekly: Thursdays, CODA meeting at 7:30 pm
Bi-Monthly: 1st & 3rd Thursdays, Three Principles meeting at 7:30 pm

Monthly: 1st Friday, Sister's in Spirit meeting at 7:00 pm


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