October 25, 2019

Volunteer Testimonials:
Sharing YOUR Story 

Called to Renew is more than just a campaign, it’s a parish-wide effort to engage our communities in our future as a Church. As we continue on our journey to spread the good news of the Campaign, we want to share our bold plan of renewal in as many ways as possible. 

A volunteer testimonial is an incredibly powerful way to show what the Campaign means to parishioners. Using your voice to share why you chose to participate with Called to Renew is a vital component in expressing the impact of the Campaign to the entire community. Testimonials allow a more intimate view of the transformation that Called to Renew will bring to our parishes, and to the Archdiocese as a whole. While our priests are the faces of the Campaign, you are an integral part of the story. 

We encourage you to consider giving your own testimonial at Mass, a parish reception, a ministry meeting, or a gathering among friends and neighbors. When approaching your own testimonial, you may reflect on the following questions: 

  • How long have you been a member of your parish? 
  • Why did you first became involved with your parish Campaign?
  • Why do you think Called to Renew is important for the Archdiocese?
  • How do you envision Called to Renew will benefit your parish community?
  • What does Called to Renew mean to you and how has it impacted your commitment to your faith?

If you feel called to share your passion and excitement for the Campaign, talk to your pastor or Parish Campaign Director about the opportunity to empower your community through the mission of Called to Renew!

St. Thomas the Apostle in Los Angeles goes over goal!
Congratulations to Fr. Mario Torres and the Campaign team at St. Thomas the Apostle in Los Angeles for going over their goal of $830,000. Fr. Mario, along with his Campaign Executive Committee, focused their time on visiting ministries all week. With the help of these ministry groups, St. Thomas was able to raise over $400,000 in pledges, which pushed them over their Campaign goal. The enthusiasm for the Campaign is very high at St. Thomas--congratulations! 

Our Lady of Loretto in Los Angeles strides toward their enhanced goal!
Fr. Anh-Tuan Nguyen, Claudia Morales (Business Office Manager), and the Campaign Executive Committee are doing a fantastic job of spreading the message of the Called to Renew Campaign at Our Lady of Loretto in Los Angeles. They have reached 121% of the standard goal, bringing their total to date to $423,000. Looking to reach their enhanced goal, Our Lady of Loretto is gearing up for the Campaign during the holiday season with Thanksgiving, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Christmas themed Called to Renew celebrations. 

Resurrection Church in Boyle Heights hosts successful reception! 
Congratulations to Msgr. John Moretta from Resurrection in Boyle Heights for hosting a successful reception! At the reception, 13 pledges were collected totaling $35,000. Campaign Executive Committee (CEC) members worked together to gather photos of the areas that need improvement and renovation at the Church, and they put together a wonderful presentation at the reception Thursday night. Among the testimonials shared, one particular CEC member shared the importance of not only maintaining but improving our parishes for our children and future grandkids. Msgr. Moretta will be going into Commitment Weekend the first weekend of November, and we look forward to witnessing him going over his Campaign goal! 

St. Eugene in Los Angeles surpasses 80% of goal! 
Fr. Jude Umeobi at St. Eugene in Los Angeles and and his Campaign Executive Committee (CEC)  are doing an outstanding job of making visits for the Campaign. Fr. Jude and his CEC have gone above and beyond, creating 200 more folders to make personal visits. They are less than $60,000 away from their goal. Congratulations on your success! 

St. Alphonsus in Los Angeles raises $492,000!
Congratulations to the St. Alphonsus in Los Angeles for their hard work this week. A special thanks to Fr. Rodolfo Prado and his Campaign Executive Committee Members: Angelica Reza-Zamora, Martin Bentacourt, and Rosie Nuanes. Due to their determination and hard work, St. Alphonsus has raised $492,200 from 73 gifts! Keep up the great job! 

St. Casimir in Los Angeles raises $28,800 in one week! 
Over the past week, the community of St. Casimir has rallied behind the Called to Renew Campaign, raising $28,800 from eight gifts. As a result of the parishioners’ generosity, St. Casimir has reached 75% of their goal. Congratulations to Fr. Tomas Karanauskas and his business manager Vidal Aguas for their hard work!  

Sacred Heart Altadena engages the entire parish community!
Sacred Heart’s urgency and ability to reach their goal was due to the massive commitment and effort put in by Fr. Jose Vaughn Banal and his Committee. Fr. Vaughn chose pillars in his community of all different backgrounds to help his message reach all his parishioners. Fr. Vaughn is “humbled” by the communal effort put forward by his parishioners and is excited to see the many projects at Sacred Heart come to fruition, such as installing a new air conditioning system and new windows in the ministry building.

Our Lady of Guadalupe-Hammel crafts a Called to Renew Song 
Margarita Catañeda from Our Lady of Guadalupe-Hammel was so inspired by the Campaign that so she wrote a song! When asked what inspired her to write the song, she said the word “renew” did: “When Archbishop said, ‘It's time to renew’, at the dinner it clicked. I started thinking about a song and since then I’ve been working on it. I also see the need in our parish--a lot of needs. My little girl goes to the school, but it gets too hot with no AC and sometimes they can’t go to school or get sent home. We need AC and other things, and the Campaign will help,” said Margarita. She said she also wrote the song to motivate people. “I’ve sponsored  “Radio Guadalupe” since 2006, and I saw that when they launch a campaign they do it with a song too. So the song is a way to make people think about the importance of renewing and what it means.”
Margarita Catañeda from Our Lady of Guadalupe- Hammel St. wrote a song for the Called to Renew campaign! Press the image to view video of their performance. 
Campaign Progress Updates 

The Called to Renew Campaign is experiencing great success! These numbers are updated as of 10:00 a.m. on Friday, October 25.

To date, the Campaign has raised $303,505,263 of the Campaign goal. Listed below is the progress of our Pilot, Wave 1, and Wave 2 Parish campaigns. 
Share Your Parish Pride
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