September 6, 2019

“Your Called to Renew Dollars at Work”

St. Bernadette in Los Angeles, a Called to Renew Wave 1 Parish, is a recipient of the Strengthening our Parishes Infrastructure Fund. Parishioners also continue to make payments on their pledges, of which 50 percent returns to St. Bernadette. With these additional resources, the parish celebrates the groundbreaking of its new parking lot!

Parish Life Director, Dcn. Jim Carper, is excited to re-pave and expand the parking lot. The Don Felipe Parking Lot, which runs from the Convalescence Home to Marlton Avenue, will be ground and re-paved in the coming weeks. It will also be relined and new parking bumpers installed. Additional handicap accessible parking spots will be added near the parish Convent, while preserving the beautiful mature trees that line this vibrant church. 

St. Bernadette raised $1,027,639 or 131% of their enhanced Called to Renew goal. During his active campaigning, Dcn. Jim was a steadfast supporter of the Campaign plan. He saw Called to Renew as a way to transform his parish and an opportunity to enhance their spiritual home. His committee used the Campaign to reach out to families outside their circles and draw them closer to the parish, further strengthening their tight-knit community.  Everyone is very excited to see the benefits of their efforts so quickly. Congratulations to the St. Bernadette community. 

Sacred Heart in Los Angeles raises 40% in just two weeks!
While Fr. Tesfaldet Asghedom was at Convocation, Campaign Co-Chairs Rudy Lopez and Barbara Zuehls at Sacred Heart in Los Angeles were hard at work. Rudy and Barbara invited their fellow parishioners to join them as members of the Campaign Executive Committee and make their pledges. During this meeting, they also scheduled personal visits for Fr. Tes, so he could hit the ground running when he returned. As a result of their preparation, Sacred Heart raised 40% of goal in just two weeks! Thank you very much to Rudy, Barbara, and Fr. Tes for setting up Sacred Heart for success! 

St. Maximilian Kolbe in Westlake Village hosts an invitation phone-a-thon!
Msgr. Paul Albee at St. Maximilian Kolbe in Westlake Village celebrated another great week of the Called to Renew Campaign! Campaign Executive Committee (CEC) members hosted a phone-a-thon to invite parishioners to next week’s Ambassador Orientation. During their meeting, the CEC decided to engage in a little friendly competition - seeing who could get the most people to attend! Congratulations to CEC member Carrie Ammann for confirming the most attendance, and we look forward to a great turn out next week!

San Francisco reaches 86% of its Campaign goal! 
Congratulations to Fr. Mario Arellano at San Francisco in East Los Angeles for reaching 86% of goal! To date, Fr. Mario has met with over 30 families through personal visits, resulting in $201,200 raised towards his $235,000 goal. The Called to Renew Campaign strongly believes in the power of a personal visit, and we are grateful to Fr. Mario for his support of the Campaign plan. Thank you, Fr. Mario, for your dedication to this effort and congratulations again on your successes!

Resurrection’s Ambassador Orientation has a great turn out! 
Thank you to Msgr. John Moretta and his Campaign Executive Committee (CEC) at Resurrection in Boyle Heights for hosting an inspiring Ambassador Orientation. Msgr. John and the CEC welcomed nearly 40 new volunteers into their Campaign team (see photo below). We greatly appreciate the dedicated CEC members who made invitation phone calls and want to specially acknowledge those who gave moving testimonies. We look forward to engaging the new Campaign Ambassadors and continuing to touch the hearts of those at Resurrection! 
Parishioners at Resurrection Church listen intently as Msgr. John Moretta shares his vision for the future, made possible through Called to Renew
Campaign Progress Updates 

The Called to Renew Campaign is experiencing great success! These numbers are updated as of 10:00 a.m. on Friday, September 6.

To date, the Campaign has raised $283,352,458 of the Campaign goal. Listed below is the progress of our Pilot, Wave 1, and Wave 2 Parish campaigns. 
Stewardship Prayer

Oh Lord, giver of life and source of our freedom, we are reminded that Yours is "the earth in its fullness; the world and those who dwell in it." We know that it is from your hand that we have received all we have and are and will be.

Gracious and loving God, we understand that you call us to be the stewards of Your abundance, the caretakers of all You have entrusted to us. Help us always to use Your gifts wisely and teach us to share them generously. May our faithful stewardship bear witness to the love of Christ in our lives. 

We pray this with grateful hearts in Jesus' name.

Our mailing address is:
Archdiocese of Los Angles - 3424 Wilshire Blvd., Campaign Office - Los Angeles, CA 90010

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