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In Memoriam 
Quipu Group has lost one of our greatest advocates and supporters - Lorrie Ann Butler. She passed away on November 5th, succumbing to the breast cancer she had bravely beaten seven years earlier. The links between Quipu Group, the partners and Lorrie is long and varied. Each of the partners, as well as the business, has been affected for the better by Lorrie.

In 2002 Lorrie was chosen as one of Library Journal’s “Movers and Shakers” and this could not be more appropriate for her. She had vision, tenacity and management skills that gave her the ability to think of a new way to do something – and then put that change into place. 

In 2005 Lorrie presented the idea of an online library card registration form for Contra Costa County Library (CA). Luckily, she was able to convince administration to provide some development money for the project, and they selected Quipu Group to do the work. eCARD is now the flagship product of Quipu Group 16 years later. This is a great example of the vision that Lorrie had, always finding ways to make things easier or more efficient. Even she knew that it took time for others to catch up to her!

There are occasions in life when timing just works out right. This happened for Quipu Group in 2019 when the company was growing at a steady pace. That year we were fortunate to be able to bring Lorrie in as a contractor to help us with marketing, strategic planning and overall goals for the business. Lorrie was able to get three very stubborn people to create a mission statement and to really sit down and look at the business and where we wanted it to go in the future. She was very kind as she led us through the process, taking into consideration each person’s personality and how best to communicate to them.

Lorrie created the first true “ad campaign” for Quipu and began working on name recognition and brand awareness in the library market  (#quipuvalues). Lorrie not only helped us to grow the company in a logical and desired way, she also gave the Quipu partners a new view of the accomplishments we had made and gave us more confidence to move forward. Lorrie even pushed us into the world of social media, at least a little bit!

When I sat down to write something about Lorrie, I found myself wanting to create a Word Cloud. I think it is because Lorrie was one of the very few people on earth who knew how to use one well! It would include words like STRONG, SMART, FUNNY, SNAPPY DRESSER, COMPASSIONATE, LOYAL, INNOVATIVE, BRAVE, A FORCE.

Quipu will miss Lorrie and her absence is felt in many ways. Lorrie gave our company a new look and a way forward. We will keep pushing and try to honor and continue Lorrie’s vision into the future. Click here to link to a memorial page in her honor.
#QuipuValues - Melissa, Scott and Robert
Thanks to Pima County Library for providing a smile!

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