A Time for Relaxing
Summer 2022
Fun Travel Facts

— Planning a trip makes you happier.
Scientific studies show that the intention itself or the plan to go on a holiday makes vacationers almost as happy as the trip itself. The study compared vacationers to non-vacationers, and the results showed that vacationers had an 8% higher pre-trip happiness score than non-vacationers.

— The shortest commercial flight in the world is in Scotland.
According to Business Insider, the shortest commercial flight is between Westray and Papa Westray islands in Scotland. The airports are two miles apart. The flight takes 90 seconds, and according to some is a much better transportation alternative than the 20-minute choppy boat trip from one to the other island.

— The happiest language in the world is Spanish.
A study of the top ten most used languages globally (English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, German, Korean, Russian and Arabic) showed that Spanish is the happiest language, followed by Portuguese, English, German and French.
Possibly this is one of the reasons why Spain is in the top ten or top five countries globally in life expectancy. Japan is first.

Summer is traditionally a time for escapes from routine. And what could be a better escape than travel vignettes from 100 countries? I not-so-humbly suggest my award-winning, illustrated travel memoir, Places I Remember: Tales, Truths Delights from 100 Countries. 

Here’s a Kirkus Review:
“A beautifully balanced memoir that packs a wealth of personal experience…sharply observant yet intimate…cleverly conceived and satisfying voyage of escapism.…captures the atmosphere of each location with swift and evocative precision.” 

One thing that makes the book especially readable in this busy season of trips and staycays is the organization: alphabetical, from Andorra to Zimbabwe.  You can read it any way you want: cover to cover, or looking up favorite countries, a bit for the beach or a long read on a summer night. 
The book is a travel memoir, but not chronological, so each vignette stands on its own. If you buy the print version you get the most lovely illustrations/interpretations of some of my own travel photos. Contact me and I'll send you a signed book plate to paste into your book.

And don’t forget the audio version, narrated by me, and free if you join Audible. So go to my Amazon page or order from a bookstore, and let me know what you think!

Stay cool,

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking.”

— Earl Wilson 

Good News and Awards 

My travel podcast, Places I Remember with Lea Lane, won three more juried awards: two Communicator awards of Distinction for Episode 50 ("A Survivor's Holocaust Story, And World Sites That Help Us 'Never Forget'"). And an Award of Distinction for the entire body of work. The podcast also won an award from the Society of American Travel Writers.

Right now PIR is in the top 3% of podcasts globally, according to the number one  global search engine, Listen Notes. It is heard in 129 countries and over 3200 cities. And after 63 episodes, I still enjoy hosting it! The podcast can also be heard on the syndicated audio show, Society Bytes Radio, produced around the world.

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A Favorite Podcast Episode

Episode 19, "Summer Travel: World's Wildest, Weirdest Festivals!" presents body painting, baby-jumping, tomato throwing and more. Lots of fun!
Lea Gets Interviewed

Appearances are a part of marketing books and podcasts. For example. on July 20, I appeared on a Zoom panel of The Travel Collective, offering travel tips and talking about my book. Check my links for info, and join us for these kinds of events when you can.
Travel Tip

If you’re still unsure where to travel in this confusing time, try someplace that just reopened for tourism after a long hiatus after the closings of the pandemic. That’s the advice of Carlos Grider, an expert on remote work who publishes a blog about being a digital nomad. He recommends heading to places such as Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia, which recently reopened, rather than destinations such as Mexico, which had more lax pandemic regulations.

“Use the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of this summer to aim for classic destinations that are just recently opening,” Grider says. “You can experience them in a pleasant, uncrowded, welcoming and inexpensive state that likely will not happen again.”

FYI: Travel health notice information can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s interactive map showing travel recommendations by destination and the CDC’s travel health notice webpage.
Forbes Travel Blog

I've been writing five or more posts a month for since 2014. That adds up to lots of travel information! You can access the posts by going to the forbes website and accessing my name (put in in the search bar). Or go to my website and find the entire blog there.
Here's a fun one for summer:  Cape Cod Delights.

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