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August 3rd - August 7th


What a FANTASTIC first week of summer band camp! As a staff, we could not have asked for a better first week back on campus. Our students have proven time after time to be resilient, maintaining such positive and energetic attitudes. We can't thank our students enough for their willingness to comply with all safety protocols put in place. This continued commitment to safety will allow everyone to continue feeling safe while on campus and will allow us to continue doing what we love. In addition to our wonderful students and their parents we want to extend our continued gratitude towards our Booster parents who have committed themselves to providing an efficient and SAFE lunch procedure for our students. Special shout-out to Danielle Adams for organizing these awesome meal plans! Thank you, Mrs. Adams!! 

It is also important for our students to take into consideration their actions while not on campus. Students should avoid putting themselves in high risk situations and limiting their exposure to others. When returning home each day, we are encouraging students to shower immediately and to change out of the clothes they wore on campus. While this may seem excessive, we can never be too safe! Students should also consider washing / replacing their face covering frequently. The band has purchased a "gaiter" style neck & face covering for each band member. We expect those to come in this week and will distribute to the students asap. These serve as a dual purpose for they allow students to simply slip on and off their face protection while rehearsing as well as protecting students necks while outside (important for staying cool!). Should a student feel safer or more comfortable wearing their personal face covering, they will be allowed to continue using their personal protection. 

In addition to our safety protocols, we want to also remind our students and their parents about the importance of hydrating frequently and maintaining a diet that is mindful of the morning activities. Students spend 4 hours outside in the morning and a lack of hydration may result in quicker fatigue or dizziness. Students who experience dizziness should alert a director and be mindful of their water consumption throughout the day. In addition, students should steer away from consuming dairy products prior to the morning rehearsal. Heat and dairy just don't mix! As a substitute students should consider replacing dairy with fruits, proteins, grains and granola. Students should also wash their water jugs DAILY!! 

If you are a student who was not on campus this past week but feel you may want to return to campus starting this week, please know that we would love to have you! By no means is there a pressure to return to campus but we want you to know that we are ready to start teaching you as soon as you and your families are comfortable returning to campus. 

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, we will be making adjustments to the fees collected by all band members this year in relation to the changes incurred by COVID-19. These new fees will allow us to cover costs associated with sustaining the adjusted marching season. Please note that the original fee deadline of July 18th was extended to September 1st back in May. We are still asking that all band fees be paid in full by the September 1st deadline. Families who may be needing an extension on band / guard fees should reach out directly to Mr. Rauschuber -

Woodwind / Brass / Percussion Membership Fee -
Band Instrument Rental Fee (if applicable) - $125.00
Color Guard Membership Fee - $225.00

Fee payments can be processed online by following the link below:

If you have already paid fees in excess of the newly adjusted band and color guard fees a refund will be processed and issued to the families no later than September 1st. Should you not see a refund by September 1st, please email Mrs. Gray directly -

Plans are currently in the works to help bridge the learning gap between August 14th and the beginning of distance learning on September 8th. Because of the new schedule released by UIL, we are unable to start working on drill for our 2020 marching show until September 7th. We are currently working to create opportunities that will allow students to continue enhancing their marching fundamentals as well as advance their individual playing abilities. These opportunities will be presented through a hybrid of both in-person and at-home activities. Our intent is to have those plans finalized by the end of this week and released no later than next Sunday. In-person activities will continue to remain optional at the discretion of each families comfort level but are strongly encouraged to ensure that students stay on top of their skills learned during the summer band camp. The most important thing to note is that we will keep working hard from August 14th-September 8th!
Students are to continue monitoring symptoms and filling our the health screening form each day BEFORE coming to campus. 

Sunday, August 2nd - 
BLT Zoom Meeting - 7:00pm

Monday, August 3rd - 
Brass - 7:30am - 4:30pm
Percussion - 7:30am-4:30pm
HHS Guard - 7:30am - 11:30 (lunch if purchased)
HHS Cadet Guard - 7:30am-10:00am
Woodwinds - OFF

Tuesday, August 4th - 
Woodwinds - 7:30am - 4:30pm
Percussion - 7:30am-4:30pm
HHS Guard - 7:30am - 11:30 (lunch if purchased)
Brass - OFF

Wednesday, August 5th - 
Brass - 7:30am - 4:30pm
Percussion - 7:30am-4:30pm
HHS Guard - 7:30am - 11:30 (lunch if purchased)
Woodwinds - OFF

Thursday, August 6th - 
Woodwinds - 7:30am - 4:30pm
Percussion - 7:30am-4:30pm
HHS Guard - 7:30am - 11:30 (lunch if purchased)
Brass - OFF

Friday, August 7th - 
Full Band  - OFF

All section leaders are expected to be on campus at 7:00am each day to assist with check-in procedures for all band and guard members. All other band members should anticipate showing up around 7:15am to allow time for check-in, temperature checks and getting settled in their respective areas. 

Light-colored, breathable, athletic clothing for ease of movement (shorts, tank top, t-shirt, leggings, etc. - No jeans!)
Athletic/Tennis Shoes (No high-tops, Vans, Converse, flip-flops, or sandals)

Mask or Face Covering
Filled Half Gallon or more Water Jug (or multiple bottles of water) & electrolyte drinks
Personal Hand Sanitizer
Sunscreen (Broad Spectrum SPF 30 or higher)
Sunglasses (Suggested)
Hat (Suggested)
Multiple pencils
Healthy lunch/snacks (if not using the meal plan)
Marching Instrument and any supplies that you need for your instruments to function AKA reeds, mouthpieces, valve oil, etc.

Before arriving to campus, all students are to fill out the Health Screening Form provided below. Should a student answer "Yes" to any of the questions on the form, that should student should stay at home. Per COVID-19 protocols, at no point will parents be allowed in the buildings - parents are to strictly drop students off, remaining in their vehicles. 

All band students will need to be dropped out in front of Joe Graham Gym. ABSOLUTELY NO STUDENT SHOULD BE DROPPED OFF AT THE MUSIC BUILDING. We will have students on the practice field in the morning. Having cars drive around to the music building presents a huge safety concern and risk. Please reference the map attached below for further guidance. After being dropped off, students will be guided to the HHS Music Building. We will have directors, instructional staff and leadership team members planted along the route to the band hall to both guide students and ensure proper social distancing. If a student is driving themselves to campus, those students are permitted to park in the Senior parking lot, but please be mindful of other traffic and students being dropped off. 

Once at the music building, students will turn in their physicals to a director (if applicable) and be temperature checked. Should a student register a temperature of over 100 degrees that student will be allocated a cool down period of 10 minutes before being checked again. If a students temperature not fall below 100 degrees after the 10 minute cool down period, that student will need to return home. 

If a students temperature is safe, that student will be directed to their assigned location on the band practice field. There will be staff and leadership members helping guide students through this process. Director's have marked off 6ft markers around the parameter of the field in which students will be expected to keep both their instruments and their water jugs. Instruments should remain inside their cases until directed by a band director. Students will be expected to remain in their designated area with their mask on until rehearsal officially starts. 

If a student is bringing their own lunch, that student will be permitted to store their lunch inside the music building. We have allocated a specific space in the music building for lunches but only one student will be allowed into the room at a time. We will have a staff member monitoring this room and enforcing strict social distancing measures. If a student is needing to store their lunch inside, that student should let a band director know when going through the check-in process. 

Students will be rehearsing outside from 7:30-11:30am. Because we are outdoors for an extended period of time, it is incredibly important that students have a sufficient amount of water while outdoors. We always recommend that students bring a 1/2 gallon or gallon sized jug of water. In addition to proper hydration, students should be mindful of the breakfast that they eat. Students should avoid dairy products in the morning and substitute dairy for proteins, fibers and healthy fruits/vegetables. 

While rehearsing outdoors, students will be expected to stay at a minimum distance of 6ft at ANY point during the rehearsal. Directors will work to continuously keep students at a distance greater than 6ft using the advantages of a full football field. While on the field students are not required to wear their mask but will be required to put the mask back on during long periods of instruction or during water breaks. 

We will take a 30 minute break from 10:00-10:30am each day of summer band to allow for students to rest, rehydrate and recharge as well as socialize (safely) with their sections and other band members. Healthy snacks (individually wrapped) will be provided to all band members during these breaks. 

Dismissal to lunch will be staggered to help facilitate the amount of students moving across campus. Social distancing markers have been laid out outside of the cafeteria where students will be expected to follow these guides. Prior to entering the cafeteria, all students will be expected to sanitize their hands. Sanitizer will be provided by booster members. Again, no parents will be permitted to drop off food to their students during lunch time per district and HHS protocols. 

If a student has signed up for the meal plan, they will follow the instructions provided by our booster members on how to pick-up their meal. Once a student picks up their meal, they will be expected to immediately grab a seat. All seating has been arranged following all social distancing guidelines. If a student has brought their lunch to campus, that student will be given specific instructions on retrieving their lunch from inside the music building. 

All students will be required to wear their face mask when transitioning across campus and while moving throughout the cafeteria. Student may have their mask off when actively eating. In addition to all these protocols, we will have a group of booster volunteers along with our band staff monitoring social distancing measures. Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria in small groups. 


All the same safety protocols that were established during summer band in-person sectionals will be applied to all indoor music rehearsals. We have utilized every large indoor space possible on campus to allow for maximum distancing while students are performing indoors. Mask are to be worn when students are not actively performing and students will be expected to stay within the parameters of their designated spot. Students will be assigned to an indoor performance spot on day one and will be expected to stay in that spot during every rehearsal. Students will use the same stand throughout camp and will be asked to sanitize their stand after each use. Additional protocols will be discussed with students before beginning the first indoor rehearsal. 


Restroom use will be limited to one student at a time. Restrooms have been designated for students in each building and those locations will be shared with students on Monday. Students should wash hands using warm water for 20 seconds after using the restroom. Students should also re-sanitize their hands once back in their designated rehearsal space to help protect against any surfaces/door handles they may have come in contact with.

There will be limited opportunities for students to refill their water jugs should they need. Directors will oversee these opportunities and be responsible for monitoring safety measures during these times. The Boosters have generously purchased gatorades for ALL band members to be able to drink during lunch throughout the weeks in an effort to offer the students additional hydration. 

All students will need to be picked up in front of Joe Graham Gym. While waiting to be picked up, students will be spaced out properly by staff and leadership team members to ensure proper social distancing procedures. Students will be expected to keep their face mask on while waiting to be picked up. We are currently restricted from issuing out individual lockers and allowing students to utilize our instrument locker room. With that said, all students will need to take their instruments and all personal belongings home each day. Percussion members and Tuba players are the only exception. 

Once the student returns home, it is safest for the student to immediately shower and change out of the clothes in which they were wearing each day if possible. 

An additional summary of the daily protocols have been provided below. 
Safety Protocols & Procedures:
For all rehearsals and camps listed above

Now more than ever, safety must continue to be our number one priority for when our students are on campus. With that said, we will be following the protocols and guidelines listed below. 

  • All members and staff are required to complete the online COVID-19 Daily Screening Questionnaire for symptoms prior to leaving home, including checking your temperature. If a student answers "yes" to any of the questions on the survey, that student will need to stay home. If a student registers a temperature off 100 degrees or higher while at home, that student should not show up to campus. You can find the health screen form below as well as on the home page of our band website -
  • Temperatures will be scanned and logged by staff upon arrival. Students exceeding a temperature of 100 degrees will be allowed a ten minute cool down period before being scanned again. We have many students who walk to campus or have heightened exposure to the sun while traveling to campus.
  • Once on campus, students will be required to wear a face covering. 
  • Should a student hold a temperature of 100 degrees or higher for more than 10 minutes, that student will be required to return home. 
  • Pick up Time: Begins 5 minutes after rehearsal end time. This will allow for us to properly sanitize any used equipment as well as allow time for students to release in smaller groups. 
  • Curbside Location:Performers will be picked up from the front of Music Building. Families will be notified in at check in if pick up location changes.
  • Once performers exit their vehicle they will proceed to the check in area with Staff, maintaining at least 6 feet between others. 
  • Each performer will be required to wear a mask upon arrival.
  • Once a performer has been cleared, they are to proceed directly to the rehearsal area.
  • Directions will be given to the performer by a staff member in that area.  
  • Performers will not gather in groups and should stay at least 6ft-10ft apart from each other when not rehearsing and continue wearing their face covering. 
  • Parents are to stay in the vehicle. 
  • Performers are to go directly to their vehicle, maintaining social distancing.
  • Performers who drive are to go directly to their own vehicle, maintaining social distancing.
  • Upon returning home, students are encouraged to shower and change their clothes immediately. Students should frequently change out their face covering or wash/sanitize. 
  • Students who will be driving themselves to campus during these days should park on the band practice field on side 1 ONLY. Please do not park past the 50 yard line. 
  • All rehearsal spaces and traffic flow areas have been measured and marked with a minimum of 10ft of distance. 
  • Staff will continually wipe down all music stands and equipment used by staff and/or students. In addition, staff will consistently wipe down high contact areas such as door handles and seating areas.
  • Students must supply their own insulated water jug, minimum 1 gallon, filled at home. Refills must be conducted by staff, following sanitation protocol. Failure to bring adequate water will result in the student being sent home during check-in. 
  • Students will bring their own equipment to each rehearsal and will take it directly to their car at the end of practice. 
  • Performers are NOT to share equipment, water, or other supplies.
  • Performers are not to touch one another for any reason, maintaining the required distance at all times.
  • Multi-use restrooms will remained locked. We have two single use restrooms available in the music building. One will be designated for male use and the other for females. Only one student should use the restroom facility at a time. Sanitization equipment such a disinfectant wipes and sanitizer will be provided in both restrooms. Students should wash their hands using warm-water after using the restroom as well as sanitize their hands once back in the rehearsal space. 
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer if possible. We understand that some students may have reactions to certain brand sanitizers, therefore those students are suggested to bring a sanitizer that is safest for them. We will have multiple bottles of hand sanitizer available for student use. 
  • An alcohol / water mix solution in a spray bottle and/or hand sanitizer will be provided for performers to sanitize their hands upon entering the check in area. 
  • A staff member will observe each performer sanitizing their hands upon entering the check in area.  
  • Hand cleaner will be available throughout rehearsal. Students need only ask a staff member. 
  • Performers will not be provided towels.
  • Performers are encouraged to not directly touch their face are with their hands.
  • Performers should be taught to sneeze or cough into the inside of the elbow / shoulder area.
  • If there are any events that would naturally contaminate the hands the performer should re-sanitize their hands immediately before returning to rehearsal.
  • Performers will be asked to re-clean their hands when exiting the building during pick up times.
  • Sanitizing will be enforced upon entry to any facility, at each station, and before leaving. 
  • Facilities will be sanitized at the beginning and end of every day. Equipment will not be shared or provided, though performers are encouraged to sanitize their personal equipment at the beginning and end of each day. 
  • Equipment sanitizer will be available throughout rehearsal for performers to request as desired.
As mentioned above, the health screening form below should be filled out by any student that will be attending a sectional / camp. This screening needs to be filled out EVERY DAY and should be filled out prior to leaving the house along with a routine temperature check. You can access the form by clicking the link below or you can find it on our homepage at
2020 - 2021 Official Band Calendar:

Please reference our official band calendar for all band dates, times and locations. Students and parents are encouraged to reference this calendar often for some things are subject to change. We do our absolute best to avoid changing scheduled events. 

All ensemble rehearsals will be added and updated to our band master calendar. You may also subscribe to our charms calendar and import it onto your mobile device. Please click on the button below to view/subscribe to our calendar. 

Transfer & Freshmen Only - Text "@hrbne" to 81010

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