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July 27th - August 14th, 2020

Hello Band - 

Today, many coaches and band directors anticipated an announcement from the University of Interscholastic League (UIL) highlighting their plans in regards to fall extra-curricular activities. UIL Athletics Director, Susan Elza made a statement today that no updates would be provided today, but perhaps more information will be shared as the week develops. In relation to this statement we have been granted the opportunity to continue with our summer band activities given the guidance of UIL, TEA, the CDC as well as state and local health officials. In addition to these entities, we have also received resources and guidance by Hays CISD and Hays High School. 

Please note that creating a safe environment for our students has been and will continue to be our number one priority. We feel confident given the structure of our summer band schedule, along with our daily safety guidelines and protocols that your student will be able to continue doing what they love in a safe environment. We have secured many large spaces on campus including our normal music building facilities, Joe Graham Gym, the Red Gym, Cafeteria, Live Oak Gym, Media Room and additional classrooms to allow for excessive (but necessary) social distancing measures. In addition, our HHS custodial staff has been absolutely amazing at assisting us in prepping the cafeteria to be socially distant during our meal times and helping develop a plan / flow for when students eat. This is in addition to their non-stop efforts to keep our campus clean, especially through these times. It has been comforting as a teacher seeing the efforts and protocols put in place by their team.

Moving forward, things will undoubtedly be different, but different does not have to mean worse! As a staff, we are still just as enthusiastic to provide the same great musical experience for our students given these temporary challenges. We continue to believe that now, more than ever students will benefit from the many wonderful elements that band and color guard have to offer. In the meantime we wanted to get you updated on our plans moving forward. Please note that these plans are tentative and may change any day given the pending announcements and guidance by UIL. 

Lastly, please note that all these decisions have been incredibly tough to make as a staff. We will continue to adapt and to overcome the obstacles presented this season simply because that's the kind of band program we are. We are committed to doing everything we can to make this year special for all band members, especially our seniors. We love you and we miss you, Rebel Band. We look forward to our time spent together again! 

There are still so many uncertainties as to what the fall will look like for us as a band program. As a band, we may be able to perform at marching contests - we may not. We may be able to perform at football games - we may not. These are the unknowns that continue to make planning for the fall semester incredibly difficult. After meeting as a staff we have made the following decisions regarding the 2020 field show:
  • Perform an abbreviated version of Circle Cycle. We will focus our music and visual commitments to parts 1,3&4. Our students have committed themselves throughout the summer to mastering this music and our percussion students just wrapped up a week-long percussion camp where they made tremendous progress on the show. We feel that there is a shared excitement for this music as it was written specifically for this senior class, allowing us to showcase the many strengths of our seniors. 
  • Perform drill that is both technically demanding as well as socially distant. Our drill writer is committed to providing a safe learning environment for our band and guard students and is working closely with band staff to create drill that will allow us to practice all the same fundamentals that we would typically challenge our students with in a normal UIL show. 
  • Invest in choreography that will help "fill the void". While drill may be limited, we can still enhance the musical performance through the art of extensive choreography. 
  • All visual elements such as props, costuming and flags will be put on hold and saved for the 2021 marching season. Visual elements formulate cost that are paid for through student fees. Given the uncertainty of performance opportunities, we feel it to be best to not invest in these elements this year. As a result, band fees will be reduced. Please see that information in the next section. 
While we understand that these decisions may not be ideal for many, we want you to know that we are committed to doing our absolute best to provide an experience that is unique to Hays and memorable for all band members. 

In recognition of the negative impact that many families are facing financially, we have decided to reduce the student fees significantly this year. We will have a better estimate as to what those new fees will be once we have a better understanding of the fall vision of the UIL board.  If you have already made payments towards your students fees in excess of the reduced fees, refunds will be processed to those families. 

Below you will find PDF copies of the 2020 Summer Band. Due to their size, color guard and percussion members will meet every day. Brass and Woodwind players will alternate on a A/B day schedule with Brass players meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays and Woodwind players meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This rotational schedule will allow us to adequately distance students during performance and ensure that transition and meal times do not become overly crowded. 

By minimizing the amount of students on campus all instructional staff will be able to better monitor the safety protocols set in place. 

Summer Band is right around the corner so here are a few VERY important and TIME SENSITIVE things to note regarding the meal plan:
Meal plans are OPTIONAL. 
The deadline for purchases is this Wednesday, July 22 at midnight. 
There are no same day purchases this year; it is online purchase for the entire plan only. Students who do not purchase the meal plan will be responsible for bringing their own lunch each day. 
Due to the revised summer band schedule, it has become necessary for us to revise the meal plan. To streamline the process on our end, there are now 3 separate summer meal plans. Please see the attached link to the booster store for specific details of each:
'A’ Day  - Brass Only:  (M, W)
‘B’ Day – Woodwinds Only:  (T, TH)
 Percussion & Color Guard Only:  (M, T, W, TH)
**If you have already purchased the meal plan but your student is opting out of summer band, please email me directly and you will receive a full refund. 
**If you have already purchased the meal plan and your student will still be attending summer band, please email me and we can give you a partial refund based on this revised schedule.
The sign-up genius for meal service has also been revised.  If you would like to volunteer, please view the sign up link and read completely as there are several conditions that our volunteers must now meet in order to be on campus.  If you have already signed up but do not feel comfortable being at the school or your student is opting out of summer band, please go ahead and delete yourself from the sign up.
If you have any questions, please contact me directly.
Thank you!
Lesley Allen
Hays Band Booster President
Happening This Week

We will continue this week with our Color Guard Camp as well as our Band Leadership Camp. The following events will be optional for students to attend, given each families comfort level. See the information below for upcoming sectional and camp dates. 

Monday, July 20th 
8:00am-4:00pm - Guard Camp 
Tuesday, July 21st
8:00am-4:00pm - Guard Camp
Wednesday, July 22nd
8:00am-4:00pm - Guard Camp
5:00-8:00pm - BLT Leadership Camp (HHS Band Hall)
Thursday, July 23rd
8:00am-4:00pm - Guard Camp
5:00-8:00pm - BLT Leadership Camp (HHS Band Hall)
Friday, July 24th
8:00am-12:00pm - Cadet Guard Rehearsal
5:00-8:00pm - BLT Leadership Camp (HHS Band Hall)

Guard members are to be dropped off out front of Joe Graham Gym each morning (see map below). BLT members should be dropped off in the front of the HHS music building for leadership camp. 

HRB Color Guard Camp
Monday, July 20th - Thursday, July 23rd
8:00am - 4:00pm


Guard Check-In Daily at 7:45am (Temperature Check and Google Form)

  • Everyone wears a mask for protection at all times.
  • Sanitation and cleaning supplies will be provided and implemented consistently.
  • Students should wipe down / sanitize all equipment prior to reporting to school. 
  • Students will be responsible for bringing their own lunch and water. We recommend at least a 1/2 gallon jug for water. 
  • Students are also encouraged to bring a personal bottle of hand sanitizer if possible. 


8:00am - 11:30am - Rehearsal Block 1
11:30am - 12:15pm - Lunch
12:15pm - 4pm - Rehearsal Block 2

Please read through the additional safety protocols below.

Safety Protocols & Procedures:
For all rehearsals and camps listed above

Now more than ever, safety must continue to be our number one priority for when our students are on campus. With that said, we will be following the protocols and guidelines listed below. 

  • All members and staff are required to complete the online COVID-19 Daily Screening Questionnaire for symptoms prior to leaving home, including checking your temperature. If a student answers "yes" to any of the questions on the survey, that student will need to stay home. If a student registers a temperature off 100 degrees or higher while at home, that student should not show up to campus. You can find the health screen form below as well as on the home page of our band website -
  • Temperatures will be scanned and logged by staff upon arrival. Students exceeding a temperature of 100 degrees will be allowed a ten minute cool down period before being scanned again. We have many students who walk to campus or have heightened exposure to the sun while traveling to campus.
  • Once on campus, students will be required to wear a face covering. 
  • Parents should remain in vehicles until their student has cleared screening, in the event that the student is not declared eligible for rehearsal - that student will be sent home. 
  • Pick up Time: Begins 5 minutes after rehearsal end time. This will allow for us to properly sanitize any used equipment as well as allow time for students to release in smaller groups. 
  • Curbside Location:Performers will be picked up from the front of Music Building. Families will be notified in at check in if pick up location changes.
  • Once performers exit their vehicle they will proceed to the check in area with Staff, maintaining at least 6 feet between others. 
  • Each performer will be required to wear a mask upon arrival.
  • Once a performer has been cleared, they are to proceed directly to the rehearsal area.
  • Directions will be given to the performer by a staff member in that area.  
  • Performers will not gather in groups and should stay at least 6ft-10ft apart from each other when not rehearsing and continue wearing their face covering. 
  • Parents are to stay in the vehicle. 
  • Performers are to go directly to their vehicle, maintaining social distancing.
  • Performers who drive are to go directly to their own vehicle, maintaining social distancing.
  • Upon returning home, students are encouraged to shower and change their clothes immediately. Students should frequently change out their face covering or wash/sanitize. 
  • Students who will be driving themselves to campus during these days should park on the band practice field on side 1 ONLY. Please do not park past the 50 yard line. 
  • All rehearsal spaces and traffic flow areas have been measured and marked with a minimum of 10ft of distance. 
  • Staff will continually wipe down all music stands and equipment used by staff and/or students. In addition, staff will consistently wipe down high contact areas such as door handles and seating areas.
  • Students must supply their own insulated water jug, minimum 1 gallon, filled at home. Refills must be conducted by staff, following sanitation protocol. Failure to bring adequate water will result in the student being sent home during check-in. 
  • Students will bring their own equipment to each rehearsal and will take it directly to their car at the end of practice. 
  • Performers are NOT to share equipment, water, or other supplies.
  • Performers are not to touch one another for any reason, maintaining the required distance at all times.
  • Multi-use restrooms will remained locked. We have two single use restrooms available in the music building. One will be designated for male use and the other for females. Only one student should use the restroom facility at a time. Sanitization equipment such a disinfectant wipes and sanitizer will be provided in both restrooms. Students should wash their hands using warm-water after using the restroom as well as sanitize their hands once back in the rehearsal space. 
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer if possible. We understand that some students may have reactions to certain brand sanitizers, therefore those students are suggested to bring a sanitizer that is safest for them. We will have multiple bottles of hand sanitizer available for student use. 
  • An alcohol / water mix solution in a spray bottle and/or hand sanitizer will be provided for performers to sanitize their hands upon entering the check in area. 
  • A staff member will observe each performer sanitizing their hands upon entering the check in area.  
  • Hand cleaner will be available throughout rehearsal. Students need only ask a staff member. 
  • Performers will not be provided towels.
  • Performers are encouraged to not directly touch their face are with their hands.
  • Performers should be taught to sneeze or cough into the inside of the elbow / shoulder area.
  • If there are any events that would naturally contaminate the hands the performer should re-sanitize their hands immediately before returning to rehearsal.
  • Performers will be asked to re-clean their hands when exiting the building during pick up times.
  • Sanitizing will be enforced upon entry to any facility, at each station, and before leaving. 
  • Facilities will be sanitized at the beginning and end of every day. Equipment will not be shared or provided, though performers are encouraged to sanitize their personal equipment at the beginning and end of each day. 
  • Equipment sanitizer will be available throughout rehearsal for performers to request as desired.
As mentioned above, the health screening form below should be filled out by any student that will be attending a sectional / camp. This screening needs to be filled out EVERY DAY and should be filled out prior to leaving the house along with a routine temperature check. You can access the form by clicking the link below or you can find it on our homepage at
2020 - 2021 Official Band Calendar:

Please reference our official band calendar for all band dates, times and locations. Students and parents are encouraged to reference this calendar often for some things are subject to change. We do our absolute best to avoid changing scheduled events. 

All ensemble rehearsals will be added and updated to our band master calendar. You may also subscribe to our charms calendar and import it onto your mobile device. Please click on the button below to view/subscribe to our calendar. 

Transfer & Freshmen Only - Text "@hrbne" to 81010

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