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Do you know that a simple food journal helps you to reach your health goals faster?  If health and wellbeing are one of your priority goals in 2021, just like me, then it is time for you to start with Food Journaling. This is one of the best tools if you want to lose weight. 

A food journal not only shows you, at-a-glance, everything you eat, it also shows you why.

It helps you discover patterns and allows you to make tweaks to your food, water, and activity so you can change your habits and eventually lose weight.

A food journal gives you all the information you need to become your own personal weight loss coach.


  1. It tells you what you are eating, how much, when, and how regularly.  Do you think you’re eating healthy? Your food journal will help you figure out “yes” or “no.” Your food journal is a clear and exact picture of your eating habits.

  2. It tells you WHY you are eating and what events or situations trigger emotional eating.  Do you eat only when you’re hungry? Or do you eat because you’re bored, stressed, tired, or because it just tastes yummy? Your food journal will show you.

  3. It tells you how foods affect your body. Does eating a piece of chocolate make you want to eat the entire bar? Does eating pizza give you stomach upset? Do eating veggies and nuts give you energy? You won't know until you log 'em.

  4. It helps you spot unhealthy habits, like mindless eating or not having enough water.

  5. It helps you to make changes to your eating patterns and habits. When you know what your eating weaknesses are, you can make tweaks to meet your weight loss goals.

  6. It allows you to easily track your healthy habits progress and weight loss.

A food diary is only effective when you use it. I probably don’t need to say this, but it’s also only effective if you are totally honest!

So here are the 10 things that I'm writing every day in my  Food Journal - 

Date and weight - Do you have to weigh yourself daily? Not really, but daily weight without judgment helps me to be on track. 

Sleep - I realized that lack of sleep affects weight loss directly, hence it is important to track how much sleep you're getting every day. 

Meal Timings - 
Write the time of all the meals or snacks. Everything you eat throughout the day. 

Quantity of Meals - 
Be specific. You don’t necessarily have to include weights, measurements, or calorie counts, but describe - in a way you understand - how much you ate.  For Example, Vegetable Salad is not specific, but a bowl of cabbage,  spinach with lots of onions, and zucchini with 2 spoons of salad dressing is a better example.  

Reality Check - Were you hungry when you started your meal or snack? Simple yes or no is perfect to write down. 

Health Factor Check - Do you think your choices for the specific meal are healthy according to you? 

Emotional Check -  Write your thoughts or feeling connected to this meal or snack. If you ate when you weren't hungry, or if you overate or have any negative feelings around this eating, jot down your thoughts.

Water Intake - Log how much water you had throughout the day.

Movement Check - How long and what did you do? Just log your daily exercise. If you're just beginning maybe start with a daily step count. 

End of the Day Review - Add a quick summary of your day and asking yourself, how can I do better tomorrow?  


Here are some tips that helped me to make my new habit of food journal super effective:

  • try to write immediately after a meal or snack so everything is fresh in your mind

  • be honest - pretending you're eating perfectly will only hurt you

  • make your food journal a judgment-free zone - it is just a tool

  • review your day to make note of any good patterns

  • reward yourself for keeping your journal!

As you can see, keeping a food journal is a simple and effective tool to keep your eating habits on track. It gives you lots of information about your eating, sleeping, activity and your attitude. You can use this data to make simple tweaks to your food and environment to lose weight and change eating habits.

So grab a notebook and pen and start today to take control of your health!

here are my top 3 recommendations for this week...

  • ATE - Track what you ate, why you ate, and how it made you feel, with Ate — the Mindful Food Journaling app.
  • MyFitnessPal - to track the food items and calorie intake.
  • HealthifyMe - to track food and water intake. 

See you next week!

Sending positive vibes your way,

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