Hello Friends,
We are so excited to be getting some warmer weather as Spring slowly but surely rolls on in.
Getting outdoors becomes more inviting as does getting the laundry dry!  Spring  also means an abundance of fresh produce for us, it would be rude not to indulge in it's goodness! Some fresh produce to look out for is:  Asparagus, Strawberries, Cucumber, Courgette, New Potatoes, Avocado, Rhubarb, Tomato, Basil and nearly all the herbs ..just to name a few!

However, Spring can also mean allergy season for many of us. But luckily Jan, our Clinical Nutritionist is here to help. Jan explains a bit more about the different types of allergies and various tests and the relationship between your environment, diet and presenting symptoms.  Removing the offenders can achieve a transformative resolution to problems which otherwise evade diagnosis and treatment.

Pollen counts are at their highest during spring and summer when large amounts of super-fine pollen particles become airborne. Pollen allergies lead to the unpleasant symptoms of hay fever and allergic rhinitis. In our area of Northland - pine, privet and field grasses make up the majority of pollen we are exposed to.
A food allergy or sensitivity may exacerbate a pollen allergy. Once a food sensitivity is addressed it often lessens the general ‘allergic response’ to other environmental factors. 
A true allergy (often called a fixed allergy) causes an IgE-mediated immune reaction. The first time a person with an allergy is exposed to the allergen (a substance the body perceives as dangerous,) no symptoms occur. However, this first exposure primes the body to respond next time. When the person comes into contact with the allergen again, the allergen is recognised and a cascade response is mounted. In brief the immune system releases many chemicals to try and destroy or neutralise the substance that has been recognised. Histamine is the best known of these chemicals and when released it causes the familiar allergic symptoms that may include itchy skin, watery eyes, wheezing and often lowered blood pressure. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid onset and requires immediate medical attention and monitoring.
Standard allergy tests such as blood and skin prick tests (RAST) are best for determining fixed allergies (immediate response) but are not effective for detecting Masked Allergies. A masked allergy or sensitivity tends to have delayed consequences that occur one to three days after exposure, this is why these sensitivities are tricky to detect. Symptoms that may be experienced are many and varied; asthma to arthritis, circulatory, digestive, (commonly IBS,) hormonal issues, energy, sleep, mood behavior and weight challenges to name a few.
Over decades a hair analysis test (one that is performed by a specialist institution,) has dependable accuracy in checking for masked allergies. 90 foods and environmental factors are tested against – using magnetic resonance – the technology MRI scans utilise. Results are also accompanied with a read-out on vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Contact Jan if you would like more information. Feedback from clients over many practice years is consistently positive with results of long-lasting relief and flourishing health.

Jan uses Active Elements Mineral Therapy as part of her treatment protocol. For rapid, effective relief 7.1 is a formula prescribed for acute symptoms of hayfever.
How does 7.1 work?
7.1 is a clever combination of multi-minerals formulated to reduce all stages of inflammation. It is also anti-fungal, anti-septic and boosts immunity. It is ideal for reducing acute hay fever symptoms -keep some in your pocket or purse and take every hour until symptoms improve, then take once or twice a day. Natural and Safe for all ages. Stocked at Waipu Natural Health.

Glo’s Reflection
It’s Never too Late to Follow Your Dreams!

Looking out the windows, having just come in from a brief drive up to our local Four Square, I am feeling really grateful that my partner has lit the fire.  It is cold, windy, almost bone chilling when outside.  A far cry from what the weather was doing just 2 days ago when I was sweltering in a tee shirt. 
I am reminded of the word adaptability.  Our ability to be adaptable, and flexible, is certainly  being tested currently as we find ourselves facing so many changes in our world, especially around our climate.    
As a Change Catalyst, I have had to learn to embrace change myself over the years in many different ways, but I have to admit it has never been easy and it has been something I  have needed to work hard on to really embrace.  I am far more comfortable when sitting in my comfort zone and I’m also very aware that I’m certainly not alone with that experience.  I suspect that the biggest reason for that is the discomfort with the thought ‘But what if I fail?’ produces. 
When asked how it felt when he failed 10,000 times to succeed in creating the light-bulb Thomas Edison replied  “ I have not failed.  I just learned 10,000 ways that it would not work”. And then he invented the light bulb.  We may not fail as many times as Edison did to invent the light bulb but failing is still a part of how we learn.
The fear of failure itself can hold us captive and stop us from doing the things that we really long to do.  It can keep us stuck in procrastination which can then leave us feeling less than we truly are.  Our inner critic can then start giving us a really hard time by reinforcing that we are failures. That can then affect what we believe, think, and feel  about ourselves and our abilities and affect our emotional well being which in turn can affect our physical health.
But what if we choose to break that cycle?
We are just 2 months away from beginning a New Year which give us an opportunity to begin to think about - What would life be like if I made some changes for myself? To do something different?To learn something new? Finish those guitar lessons? Write a poem? Paint a picture?  Volunteer at the SPCA?  Pull out those old dancing shoes? Try Yoga? Have a massage? Travel? Redecorate? Get a new funky hairstyle?  To choose to Love and respect myself? To take really good care of myself because I deserve it? Whatever it is, why not try it, practice your adaptability and enjoy the process at the same time.  Replace the fear with a different message and say “But what if I really succeed?" 
Blessings Love, Light, Rainbows and Sparkles,  
Namaste’   Glo 
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