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De-Stress for Winter Rest

Hi friends, just checking in post lock-down with a mid winter update..
Hopefully we retained some healthy habits from our time spent at home. How well we rested, how well we ate, new recipes we had time to try, quality time spent with loved ones and having time to attend to what our bodies really need.  Did you realise how caught up you get in the details of daily life?  Rushing here and rushing there, some of us reluctantly finding we are right back on that treadmill. If anxiety has prevailed you are not alone – there's much uncertainty in our world.. 

Read on as we feature Alice, Glo, Sheila and Jan with their reassuring words of calming support and the therapies they offer..
Managing Unexpected Change in Challenging Times 

Words from Glo 
Any change is challenging, but the last 4 months have been like nothing most of us have ever experienced before.  The shock of unexpected change can create grief and fear or excitement and anticipation or a bit of both. 
Different personalities, belief systems, ideals or life circumstances determine how it affects each individual person be it toddler, child, teen, young adult, middle age or senior adult.   
The way we think, feel and express ourselves can either assist or hinder us and we each do this differently.  While we each have values, dreams, hopes and expectations, the differences of priorities & opinions can create frustration and impatience within families, friendships, groups and community members. 
Emotion can run on overload as different opinions and ideas clash and when this happens anger is never far from the surface.  The five stages of grief are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.  These stages can be activated at different times, in different ways and at different levels of intensity.   Especially when facing an overload of fear, anxiety, sadness, frustration, hopelessness, or powerlessness. All of which have been so very prevalent in these changing times.
Children can be even more affected, especially little ones, as they haven’t the ability to understand what is happening and when emotions begin exploding it can be extremely frightening and overwhelming for them.
They need support, understanding and patience at this time more than ever.   For information on how I may be able to support parents to support their children  check out my page for parents on my website.
If emotional overload is becoming a constant part of your daily life, then please do seek professional help. It is not a weakness to ask for help. It is being responsible.   Speak to your GP or Counsellor, or other trusted health practitioner. Be kind to yourself.  Nurture yourself.  Spend some time in nature.  Rest, drink water.  Breathe slowly for 10 seconds.  Recite a mantra. Play some music.  Dance.  Read some affirmations.  Read a book. Have a massage.  Boost your immune system with healthy vitamins. Eat nutritious food.  Watch a comedy on YouTube.  As a ThetaHealing™ Practitioner and Intuitive counsellor I may also be able to help with the gentle clearing some of the deeply buried  sub-conscious beliefs and blocks which can also contribute to the creation of fear and anxiety and other challenging emotions  at a deeper level and replace these with Positive Empowering Beliefs, and Creative Mindset Affirmations,  to enrich your mind, heart , soul and physical wellbeing. I invite you to visit my website for more information about what I do.

Go Gently and sending Rich Blessings, Love & Light,
Glo Ramsay – Change Catalyst
Mobile  027 363 8833 
ThetaHealer™ :  Intuitive Counsellor : Certified Parent Coach : Assertiveness Coach : Workshop Facilitator : Heal : Create : Live : Thrive : 


   Anxiety ?...

Words from Alice

We all know how anxiety feels... our heart races, our tummies churn, our throat feels constricted, our breathing becomes laboured and we find it hard to settle into sleep.  All these physiological sensations are the body's alarm bells putting us into a state of readiness against a perceived threat from which we have to either flee or fight. 

On one hand anxiety is an important human survival mechanism but on the other it can creep into our everyday experience when our physiology remains in a constant state of high alert.

Anxiety can be heightened as a result of adverse childhood experiences, financial hardship, pain, loss, trauma, relationship breakdown, workplace stress, caffeine, sugar... and this amplified physiological state of anxiety can be triggered to such an extent it leaves sufferers incapacitated.

Our bodies need help to settle our overactive nervous systems and release the tension held in our tissues and this is where Craniosacral Therapy, Chi Kung and Tension Release Exercises come in!!

Craniosacral therapy offers an opportunity to come into a safe listening space with your body. You lie fully clothed on the table and I listen with my hands.. your body guides the treatment.

Chi Kung (Qi Qong) is a gentle rhythmic form of ancient Chinese exercise that encourages the flow of chi throughout your body. I teach classes and do individual and small group sessions.

Trauma Release Exercises were developed to enable the body to release tension held in the tissues through shaking and tremoring. I teach these individually and in small groups.

If this is something you would like more info about, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

Alice Grant

021 024 80569

New Therapist

Counselling at Waipu Natural Health

Sheila Cruse MSc, PG Dip Counselling

Sessions can be for a variety of issues including
• Anxiety
• Problematic alcohol use
• Unresolved grief
• Low mood
• Sexual health
• Trauma

For more info contact Sheila
021 260 9363 or visit

Also check out Sheila Cruse Counselling on Facebook!


Ready for big change? 
Master Clinical Hypnotherapist Stefan Sageman
at Waipu Natural Health on Thursday
Call  09 432 1325
Jan's Tips: Often overlooked - food plays a vitally important role in reducing anxiety levels.  Minimise foods like coffee, cane sugar and refined carbohydrates (such as white bread/pasta) as these cause real spikes in blood sugars and ultimately in your energy and mood.  Allow vegetables, top grade protein and a little high quality fat to make up each meal or snack; this is key to maintaining stable blood sugars.

Oats make a nice start to the day – with their warming, thermal nature. Oats help restore the nervous and reproductive systems, strengthen spleen and pancreas, remove cholesterol from the digestive tract and arteries and are one of the richest foods in silicon – think hair, skin, nails, connective tissue -what a powerhouse!

Real Oat Porridge – (prepared the Scottish way, serves 2)

1 cup whole, chunky oats, water to cover.

Place oats in saucepan overnight with a wee pinch of Himalayan salt. In the morning heat gently on the element (microwaving destroys nutrients,)  you may need to add more water. Stir well, cooking for about 10-15 minutes.

Remove from the heat, add coconut or nut milk of your choice, a dash or pure Maple syrup, a large dollop of coconut yogurt (or coconut cream, or nut butter!) chopped banana, stewed apple, pear or berries, a large spoon of LSA, (linseed, sunflower, almond powder) or ground/whole linseed and a sprinkle of cinnamon – now my mouth is watering !!!

This is chocca full of soluble fibre which will keep you full for longer and will also                                                      keep you SUPER regular!!!                                                   

Do you need to check in with Jan to see how you are tracking with your daily food regime?

Call Jan 09 432 1325
Winter Warmer Hot Tip!
Had a stressful day?? A hot bath with half a cup of Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oil will ease tight muscles to help you unwind.. (Be sure to only soak for 10 minutes)

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