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Rock Revival is Available for Pre-order!

Y'all! Rock Revival is almost here! I know, I know. There isn't a monster to be seen in this book. But, funny story, I've never just written speculative fiction. This book happened to me right after my daughter was born, which happened to coincide with the release of Keane's album, Strangeland. My son, Liam, is a huge, huge, HUGE Keane fan, and that album played pretty much on nonstop for the second half of 2012.  

And, lo and behold, one day while driving around the whole book just fell straight into my head. I knew the three main characters: Kate Styx, James Vayne, and Tom Chesley. I didn't know Kurt Bastian yet, or Sara Plummer, but I knew that Kate had a drinking problem, that the band was falling apart, and that it would be set in Atlanta, New York, Nashville, and London. I knew it was about love, and loss, and music. Music most of all. Music because it's always been there for me. It runs in my veins.

Okay, so here's what you can do. The eBook releases on the 12th of July, but you can preorder it here. Print editions will quickly follow suit. If you're looking for a summer read that's part music memoir/part family drama/part rock drama, it's a good fit. It's about rock music, religion, and relationships. Not necessarily in that order.
Listen. I’m not a romantic at heart; what romanticism I possess is clothed in cynicism and pessimism. The gushy stuff in our lyrics, it’s almost never from me even though everyone assumes the girl must be the one with the heart. That’s usually stuff James insists on adding. “Lost and Loving” was originally “Lost and Losing” because, well, that’s how I think about things. I want to love people. I want to fall in love and be happy. But I’m always so focused on how it’s going to end I fuck everything up on my way toward the goal like Godzilla walking to the sea. I’d already broken up with Tom before we’d been dating a week. In my head, anyway. Which might as well be my heart.

I fell in love with Tom the first time I saw him, which is cliché and pathetic and totally unsustainable. Back in our early New York days, when I was with The Blue
Trixies, we played the same circuits as the original lineup for October Revival. I’d heard their name a thousand times it felt like before I actually saw them perform the first time. I think some article I read once misquoted me saying they were rubbish —but that’s not what I meant. I’m not even sure they quoted me correctly. Rubbish sounds a lot more like what James would say.

The original band was rough, really rough. But it was less about technical skill and more about a sense of things being really off balance. Fred and Kent, the original bassist and drummer, came from a metal background, and you could feel it behind every thrum. They were holding back so much that the entire rhythm section was strained, like the musical equivalent of blowing through a closed straw. From the first few chords of “Move My Way,” you could sense an underlying current of 
offness. And for someone like me, it made it almost painful to listen to.

Until Tom Chesley started singing.

The Sound of October Revival: Kate Styx's Playlist

Current 4th of July feels. 
On Feminism and Women Who Rock
This article is from a while ago, but I think it pretty well encapsulates some of my greatest loves all in one place. Plus, it was written while I was researching Rock Revival
My all-time favorite episode.

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