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For the love of marketing
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Cheers from Vishnu! I welcome you to the MarketingSip Sunday Newsletter—November 29, 2020 issue. Enjoy featured snippets and my notes on this week’s stories that I found most informing, educating, persuading, inspiring, entertaining, and unique for content creators and marketing professionals:
#1 Content Isn’t King. Content Is A Product.

“Content is king” – I have heard this “philosophy” countless times. I’m sure you have too. Well, Scott Hutcheson discovered a new philosophy long time back, in 2014: Content Isn’t King, Content Is a Product.

In his UX Magazine article, Scott wrote: “No one has to obey your content or even pay attention to it. If content is king, then it’s like the king on a chessboard: important but ultimately not very powerful.”

Scott said: “Content is a Product—Treat it Like One.”

I could not agree more. In the content-first world that we operate today, it’s hard to get people’s hands on your products or services without getting them engaged with an aesthetically designed, purpose-driven, and beautifully packaged “content product.” Content needs its own planning, strategy, design, production, packaging, and distribution—making it no less than a product.

Really, it’s time to bid farewell to the notion that “Content is King” and give content the well-deserved respect by treating it as a product.
#2 Content Is The Fuel For Digital Marketing.

After reading Rory Macrae’s article—The most frustrating thing about designing websites—I zeroed in on one thought: Content is the fuel for digital marketing.

No matter how good of a website (your primary digital marketing engine) you design, the content will always remain its fuel. You can design, re-design, re-design again and again, but without customer-centric content, it'll simply not work.

Why? You might ask.

When people land on your platform and all they can see is a beautiful design but very little meaningful information, they are very less likely to connect and come back.

While design can represent how your website looks physically, it's content that makes the soul. And in the long-run, people connect with the soul, not the outer version.
#3 Why Being On Google’s First Page Is Not Enough?

Have a look at this Google CTR per ranking chart from SISTRIX crafted after analyzing over 80 million keywords and billions of search results:
Google CTR per ranking chart by SISTRIX.
I was amazed to see how even the slightest change in your position on first SERP can have a massive impact on CTR and traffic, of course:
  • First organic search result CTR: 28.5%
  • Second organic search result CTR: 15.7%.
  • Tenth organic search result CTR: 2.5%.
Losing position #1 in Google SERP to competition only to have position #2 means losing about 50% of the traffic.

Key takeaway: Being on the first page of Google is not enough. The target should be #1 position, not #1 page. If you’re not on #1 position for your keywords, try to improve your position one point at a time. With each one point of improvement in your search rank, you can improve your CTR and traffic very wildly.
#4 Wave A Green Flag To Your Copywriting Experiments.

A simple change in CTA from "start my subscription" to "place order" improved subscription rate by 9% for WIRED.

A minor change can kick-in a big difference. That's the beauty of great copywriting.

Of course, you don't always know what makes a copy "great" for you unless you're done with few experiments.

That’s why you must not be afraid to test different versions of your copies for that ad, newsletter, landing page, or that important CTA you are optimizing recently! So, wave a green flag to your copywriting experiments and keep what works best for you.
#5 Does The Length Of A Blog Post Matter For SEO?

Length of an “SEO-optimized blog” is probably one of the most debated issues in digital marketing. Thanks to the firsthand article by Joshua Hardwick on Ahrefs blog—How Long Should Blog Posts Be? The ‘Truth’ About Content Length—I could get some clarity:
  • Yes, the length of a blog post matters for SEO.
  • Minimum word count for a page: 300 words.
  • Posts with around 1000 words get the best of the backlinks — Correlation, not causation.
  • Posts with around 2000 words get the best of Google traffic — Correlation, not causation.
  • 7-minute: That's the optimum reading time for a page or blog post.
Conclusion: Don't publish a page below 300 words. To me, page around 1000-1500 words does the best job. With that length, you can keep the page content concise and cover all the essential aspects of the topic you are writing about.
#6 Add To Your Wishlist: Neeva, A New Search Engine.

Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, two ex-Googlers, are building a new privacy-focused search engine with no ads: Neeva.

I already signed up for early access and very excited for Neeva launch because:
  • We’ll be getting an ad-free search engine with Neeva. We all love ad-free.
  • Neeva will challenge Google’s dictatorship in the search engine market.
  • As digital marketing pros, we’ll get to play around with something new and cool!
If you find it exciting too, feel free to join the Neeva waitlist.
#7 Linkedin Spotlight: Ditch “Hello, Everyone” In Your Emails.

Please. “Hello, everyone” is one of the worst ways to say “hello” while sending an email or message to an individual, not a group. [It’s in especial context of email marketing.]

Why would anyone want to be part of the crowd when they can have your 1:1 attention?

If you have names available, isn’t “Hello [Name]” a better option?

If names are not available, I would rather say “Hello, friend.” After all, extending a hand of friendship is always a good idea!

[What you think of this idea? Start or join the discussion on LinkedIn.]
🌱 Keep Doing Good Stuff

A timeless anecdote to inspire, empower, & ignite you to keep doing good stuff & make your life a bit better:

Italica Grondona is a 102-year old woman living in Italy. Unfortunately, Ms. Italica tested positive for Coronavirus in March and was admitted to hospital care for recovery amidst very rare hope of survival.

Well, 20 days of hospital care, and there she was — Coronavirus-free and well on her way to celebrate her 103rd birthday.

Applauding the bravery of Ms. Italica, her doctor Vera Sicbaldi has nicknamed her “Highlander — the immortal.”

I found the story of Italica one of perseverance, hope, and optimism. It re-affirmed my faith in the power of never giving up on good things. I am sure it will inspire you to make the better of your life.

No matter what life throws at us, let’s face it with all our strength. Who knows, what amazing wonder waiting for us ahead.
⚽ Beyond Work: Tune Into Life

For about three years now, probably not a day has passed by without me listening to “We Won’t Stop Dreaming” by Pinkzebra.

This track has been more than just being a favorite one. Kinda a companion with powerful words inspiring me every day to live in the moment, to dream and make plans, and just get my stuff out in the world.

Take 3 minutes 23 seconds of your time to tune into “We Won’t Stop Dreaming” on iTunes! Trust me. You’ll love it.
That’s all for now! Stay tuned for less, but worthy!

For the love of marketing
Vishnu Goyal
Creator, MarketingSip
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