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It's that time of year again when the Hub team is planning an action-packed calendar of events for Reading Week for our faculty and staff.

More details to come in our next newsletter but if you want to save your spot visit our events calendar as many sessions have limited seating. 
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Semester SOS: Gathering In-Semester Feedback 

There are many ways to gather feedback from your students during the semester. Now is a great time to consider checking in. 

One easy method is called "Stop-Start-Continue":

  • Stop: What should we stop doing? (ex: what's not working?)
  • Start: What should we start doing? (ex: what is worth trying?) 
  • Continue: What should we continue doing? (ex: what's working well?)
You can gather this type of feedback in-class or online: 
  • Write "Stop, Start, Continue" on the whiteboard as a chart. Give students sticky notes and have them stick their suggestions to the board (or write with dry-erase markers) while you step out of the room. 
  • Distribute a paper feedback form that can be placed in a folder.
  • Create an anonymous online form using Microsoft Forms or Google Forms like Nathan did in his class.

Check Out This Level Up! 

Broccoli Pizza (8:26 mins)

Broccoli Pizza: Incorporating Humorous Videos to Make Connections
Submitted by Sidney Shapiro

For a final project with his students, Sidney created a video called "Broccoli Pizza" to add humour into the content and to make it more relevant for his students. 

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Teaching With Tech: Microsoft Office Lens

How to use Office Lens to submit written work electronically on Moodle (2:46 mins)

Do you require your students to: 

  • Send you hand-written or hand-drawn work? 
  • Take photos of work and email or upload to Moodle?
  • Write out equations and complex drawings?
  • Complete printed worksheets? 
If you answered yes to any of the above, then Microsoft Office Lens is a great tool to consider for your classroom.

This free mobile app allows students to use their smartphones to take a photo of their work (even if the lighting is dark or the document is crooked) and submit a clear image to you. It's much better than just the camera app!

Office Lens helps clean up the document, makes it brighter and legible, and even allows students to export their work as Word Docs, PDFs, OneNote files, PowerPoint files, and more. 

In the above how-to video created by Meghan Corcoran (Faculty, Business), she walks students through the process of submitting their work electronically to Moodle using Office Lens. Meghan has offered to share this video should you find it helpful to use with your own students. 
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Is your textbook out of date, not relevant to current events, or do you need more flexibility to be able to customize your content? 

One idea to consider is using podcasts to replace your textbook. Most are free to access, up-to-date, released on a regular schedule (weekly, biweekly, monthly) and available on mobile devices through a podcast streaming app such as Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts.  

Check out the recent webinar delivered by Audrey Wubbenhorst of Humber College (see video and slide links).

Audrey teaches Public Relations and found that podcasts allowed her to stay on top of current events in the news as they happen. Her students didn't have to purchase an expensive textbook, took more interest in the course material and found new voices and perspectives around topics. She also mentions that podcasts helped her English-as-a-Second-Language students learn the language better through listening and reading the transcripts. 

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