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The Student Help! Block in all Moodle shells has been added this semester to provide students with quick links to technology support, student services, and mental health/crisis support should they need it.

Please be aware that the links provide options for students to learn more about the technology they are using for learning including myCambrian, Zoom, Moodle, and more!

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Work / Life Balance

This week’s Employee Engagement Survey indicated loud and clear the need for support regarding work/life balance. We are facing even more demands on our time now than ever before. The following article provides some suggestions for helping to manage work/life balance.

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Multimodal Assessments 

What are they? 

Multimodal assessments allow students choice in the type of media they use to demonstrate learning. For example, instead of requiring all students to write an essay, allow them more options, such as creating a video, an audio recording, or a presentation. For those that still decide to write an essay, that’s okay!

The goal is for students to use their strengths when expressing what they’ve learned. We teach in a multimodal way (Zoom lectures with visual slideshow, videos, audio clips, written text, infographics, forum discussions, etc.), so why limit students to only one media choice for assessments?


Possible Limitations

Multimodal assessments may not be suitable for all courses; some learning outcomes can only be demonstrated using a specific form of media; however, if your learning outcomes are broad enough, providing students with this kind of choice usually creates higher quality work AND makes marking a lot more interesting for you. It’s a win-win! 


Get started with these 3 easy tips:

Tip #1

Evaluate your current assessments and learning outcomes to see if a multimodal assessment would work for your course.


Tip #2 

Don’t stress about mastering all tech. If your students decide to use a particular type of media, chances are they know how to use it or can learn it on their own. (e.g. you don’t need to know how to edit videos; you just need to see the final product).


Tip #3

Modify your marking criteria to eliminate any media-specific expectations outside of the course learning outcomes (e.g. a spelling/grammar criteria can be changed to Coherence of Thought or Organization of Ideas). This will likely be your biggest challenge. Essentially, your marking criteria should be general enough to consider many forms of media, but specific in terms of learning outcomes.

For more assistance on how to use multimodal assessments, please contact 

Additional Resources

Aguiar, C. (2019, November 20). Going Multimodal: 5 Tips for Making Multimodal Assignments. Faculty Focus.

Weeks, R. (2018, October 27). Multimodal Assessment - what, why and how? The University of Sydney.

Check Out These Creative LevelUp Submissions! 

Fit for All!
Submitted by Kyle Ainslie

Kyle's Level Up is all about applying fitness philosophies to the mind and body during these virtual times. Lifelong learning, who's in?

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Fun Escape!
Submitted by Tracy Love

Tracy's Level Up story is all about interactive engagement while increasing the feedback potential from students. Give it a try!

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Did You Know? / Try This!

Discussion Boards

Interested in having your students take part in discussions inside or outside of your virtual class? Here are three options for online discussion boards: 

  1. Padlet
  2. Answer Garden 
  3. Moodle Question/Answer Forum

Need help with any of these tools?
Contact with your questions.

We’re happy to help! 

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