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  • Winter seems to have arrived! Come into the Hub for a hot coffee or tea to do your lesson planning and marking. 
  • Thank you to Danielle Provencher for all your great work these past few months. Wishing you the best on your placement and see you back in the Hub in January!
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Semester SOS: Planning for Final Assessments

Are your students doing final presentations or a culminating major project? Need to create or refresh a rubric for this type of assessment?

Check out Quick Rubric, an online rubric generator that can get you started today. Add rows, columns, scoring criteria, and levels, then save it to an account where you can store all your created rubrics in one place. 

Why Use Analytic Rubrics?

  • Allows learners to plan their assessment according to the descriptors in the rubric
  • Gives learners a clear picture of why they achieved the grade they received
  • Allows instructor to grade more fairly; free of judgments 
Learn More: Visit our website for more information about rubrics and other grading methods 

Get Help: Contact Mel Young for assistance with rubric creation

Check Out This Level Up! 

Bit By Bitmojis
Submitted by Laura Killam

Laura introduced Bitmojis into her course this year to help build better relationships with her students.

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Ideas for Assessment: Single-Point Rubrics

Single-Point rubrics outline the success criteria for an assessment; however it leaves room on either side of the criteria for written feedback about meeting expectations and areas for improvement. 

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Teaching With Tech

The Royal Roads University Open Educational Resources site is a series of courses built in Moodle that can be freely accessed online, and can even be downloaded for viewing in our Moodle. The project was funded via BC Campus and utilizes a CC BY-SA license throughout.

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Try This! Google Slides + Nearpod

Sarah Wendorf demonstrates how you can create engaging lessons using Google Slides + Nearpod (5 mins)

Do you like using Google Slides for presentations? Have you tried Nearpod for interactive games and quizzing? Well now you can have both, together! 

Take your live in-class lessons or asynchronous online lessons to a whole new level! The Nearpod add-on for Google Slides allows you to seamlessly integrate quizzes, drawing activities, open-ended questions, fill-in-the-blanks, polling, graphing, matching games, online content, PDFs, videos, and so much more.

Students love participating in interactive lessons and can even do so anonymously. Get ready for greater participation and richer, more engaging discussions. 

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