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  • "Teachers' Corner" open-ended discussions happening Oct-Dec 2020
About Teachers' Corner: 
  • Are you facing challenges in your teaching?
  • Do you have successes that you would like to share with colleagues?
  • Are you feeling isolated and missing hallway chats?
Check out the Hub’s new virtual drop-ins! In these sessions, you decide on topics for discussion, chat whole-group or in smaller breakout rooms, and can choose to debrief your discussion with the larger group.

Helpful resources will be also be shared. No pre-registration required. Click the Zoom link in the event description of the session you wish to join at that date and time. 
Teachers' Corner: Let's Talk It Out
More of What's Happening

Semester SOS: At-Risk Students 

Screenshot of Moodle Reports showing activity completion
  • Do you know how to check if your students are at-risk of missing important academic information?
  • Do you know how to check Moodle to see whether or not students have accessed your course and activities? 
  • What might you do to support at-risk students?
Activity Completion Report is a feature in Moodle that helps you see if your students are accessing your course materials and if they are on track academically as you progress through the semester. 
Learn More

5 Digital Activities to Try in Your Course

Screenshot of Identify activity showing H5P hotspot

Are you looking for digital activities that tie into the learning outcomes of your course? Try these 5 activities! 

If your learning outcomes begins with: 

  1. "Discuss" - Create a Padlet activity to foster brainstorming
  2. "Identify" - Use H5P image hotspot to highlight certain features
  3. "Apply" - Have students submit a video in Moodle 
  4. "Compare/Contrast" - Have students create an infographic
  5. "Analyze" - Create case studies using Moodle forums 

Learn More (View PDF)

Digital Accessibility Tips

Accessible PowerPoint Presentations (YouTube Link)
How to create and revise PowerPoints to be accessible using the Accessibility Checker tool (3:18 mins)
Accessible YouTube Videos (YouTube Link)
How to save a text transcript from a YouTube video and make it available in your course in Moodle (2:43 mins)

Stages of Group Formation: Student Group Work

Effective group work. Get to know the process.

Are you having your students work in groups or teams this semester? 

It is likely that you will observe them moving through four common stages of group formation: 

  1. Forming: everyone is polite, not strong with their opinions, some anxiety, but doing ok
  2. Storming: an expected and necessary stage where group members have conflict and disagree
  3. Norming: the dust settles, roles are formed, the group gets into the task at hand, progress is starting
  4. Performing: group starts working together as one, strong progress is made
Many students wish to avoid conflict in their groups but moving through these stages (including the dreaded "storming" phase) is a necessary step to ensure that everyone's voices are heard and acknowledged.

The short video below explains these stages of group formation and may help students understand the process as they work through their group assignments.

Stay tuned for Virtual P.D. in the Hub Fall 2020 Study Week to join a session about effective virtual group work. 
Phases of Group Development: Video to Help Students (5:02 mins)
Want to find out right now from your students how their group work is going?

Click the button below to copy an anonymous Google Form that will allow students to provide you with feedback. 
Group Check-In Google Form
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