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          DECEMBER, 2020

The monthly meeting of the Perry-Houston County Airport Authority is scheduled for Monday, December 7, at 4 pm at the Perry-Houston County Airport terminal. The meeting will be open to the public.

If you have an extra 10% added to your hangar rent this month, then we didn't receive your updated contract on your hangar or your proof of airworthiness for your aircraft hangared there.  It only takes a few minutes to stop by, email, text or fax the documents that are required in your lease contract.  Contracts that were signed for October 2019 to October 2020 are considered terminated leases as of September 30, 2020.

Construction is continuing on the new apron area and ground clearing for the new terminal and hangar has been initiated.  With less rain than October, the dust has been a bit of a problem for our corporate hangars.  Sorry about that, guys.

Senator Kelly Loeffler made a campaign stop in Perry during the runoff election for her Senatorial seat in January.  Senator Loeffler is a great supporter of Perry-Houston County Airport and of flying in general.  She has been a visitor to PXE on several occasions. 

Another week of temporary tower operations by the 53RD ATC Air Traffic Controller Unit trainees at Perry-Houston County Airport. We appreciate the unit giving us and our pilots a taste of controlled airspace at PXE.  We would like to have your feedback on having tower operations at PXE.  Like?  Don't like?  Have an opinion?  Let us know on our Facebook page.

Occasionally we are pleased to service some larger(?) aircraft at the Perry-Houston County Airport.  A Gulfstream would count as a "larger" aircraft when compared to our normal two- and four-place aircraft.  Of course when compared to a C-130.......... 

I’m sure you are aware of violations and complications of flying that would cause you to report to the FAA, but are you aware of a situation that would require you to report to the NTSB?
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 9, Subpart B- Initial Notification of Aircraft Accidents, Incidents, and Overdue Aircraft
ß830.5 Immediate Notification
   The operator of any civil aircraft, or any public aircraft……….shall immediately, and by the most expeditious means available, notify the nearest National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) office, when:

……..(9) A complete loss of information, excluding flickering, from more that 50 percent of an aircraft’s cockpit displays known as:
                (i) Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) displays;
                (ii) Engine Indication and Crew Alerting Systme (EICAS) displays;
                (iii) Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor (ECAM) displays; or
                (iv) Other displays of this type, which generally include a primary flight display (PHD), primary navigation display (PND), and other integrated displays; ……..

So we steam-gauge, six-pack operators can sleep soundly tonight!


The annual Christmas Dinner held at the Perry-Houston County Airport will be postponed this year.  The Christmas dinner will be held in conjunction with our (planned) Open House and Welcome celebration for the opening of our new terminal and corporate hangar.  Tentative scheduling for the completion of the new terminal is mid-summer.  We regret postponing the Dinner as we do enjoy our airport family being together for the holidays, but with our ongoing construction in the area and the current health (Covid-19) issues, we thought postponing a large gathering would be prudent.  
Artist renderings of our new terminal and corporate hangar will be published in the newsletter as soon as we are furnished with updated versions.  And of course the date of our Christmas/Open House/Welcome dinner will be published as quickly as possible so you can reserve the date on your social calendar.

3rd - National Baboon Day (Send that special 'friend' a "Thinking of You" card)
4th - Cookie Day
5th -  Bathtub Party Day (Hmmm...Some images shouldn't be imagined)
7th - Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
8th - Toilet Paper Appreciation Day (Quite appropriate in this day and time)
13th - World Choral Day
17rd - Wright Brothers Day (Thanks, guys!)
21st - Winter Solstice 
24th - Christmas Eve; Eggnog Day
25th - Christmas Day; PXE Terminal Closed
28th - Chocolate Day (Finally!!)
31st - New Year's Eve



1. What animal parts were the first artificial Christmas trees made from?
2. How many gifts in total were given in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song?

3. White House Christmas trees are a tradition in the U.S.  However, one President refused to have a Christmas tree during his Presidency.  Who and Why?
4 Surely you have seen or read “The Christmas Carol”, either in live performance, movies, or the book by Charles Dickens.  So what was the name of Scrooge's dead business partner?
A. James Willcot
B.  John Mantis
C.  Jacob Marley
D.  Jimmy Booth

5.  Most Christmas songs and carols are resplendent with joy, happiness and glee.  What Christmas song is full of warnings and threats about Santa Clause?

Answers on our website:

Perry-Houston Country Airport is a public-use airport located four miles northwest of Perry, GA. Field elevation is 418 feet. The airport was activated in May of 1947. KPXE (The ICAO Identifier) is open to the public and has no permanent control tower. The airport is under Atlanta Center's  Air Route Traffic Control Center. KPXE has a single runway aligned 18/36 that is 4,999 feet long and 100 ft wide. The high-intensity lighting, including the MALSRs are pilot controlled on 122.725, the CTAF/UNICOM frequency. LPV, ILS, VOR and LOC approaches are utilized. The Airport Manager, Jim Marquardt, can be reached at 478-988-3699. Normal hours of operation are 0800-1800 and self-serve AvGas (100LL) is available 24/7. Call out service is also available. 
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