Issue #186 - January 14, 2019


What is Merkle Tree?

(Dec 24) #data-structures #python #blockchain

A Merkel Tree is a tree data structure which is built using cryptographic hash functions. It is also a very integral part of blockchain. In this article the author explains how to built one both in theory and in practice.

Understanding Kotlin contracts

(Jan 07) #kotlin

Kotlin 1.3 introduced Kotlin Contracts. As the name suggests, it's a contract between a function and a caller to ensure certain conditions are met. For example, you can enforce that a method can only be called once. Marcin Moskala explains more.

Generating License Keys in 2019

(Jan 08) #python

If you're working on a Desktop application and are in need of generating license keys that work offline, Michael Herrmann is here to help. In this short article we go through the basic concepts one needs to be aware of when creating keys and end with a rather straightforward solution.

Programming language of the day: SuperCollider. "An audio server, programming language, and IDE for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition. "

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