Issue #198 - January 31, 2019


C# Deadlocks in Depth - Part 1

(Jan 17) #csharp

Deadlocks can be a scary thing. Not only because they can crash your app, but because, in many cases, they can happen at random. In this first part of a 2 part series Michael Shpilt shows us what they are, how to solve then, debug them and avoid them.

SRE: Resiliency: Retries in Action — Using JS

(Jan 03) #javascript

What do you do when an external call fails? Retry! But that is easier said than done in some cases. In this article we learn by example how to add resilience in our webapp.

Empty Thoughts: Working with NULL

(Jan 10) #databases

From the article itself: "Whether or not to have NULLable columns in a table can be a religious debate, and how missing data is represented should be carefully considered during database design. In this article, Joe Celko considers the ways that SQL Server handles NULLs in several situations."

Programming language of the day: Fanx. "Fanx is a dialect of Fantom programming language. It is an object oriented, functional programming language designed to cross compile to JVM, .NET, and JavaScript. It provides a concise syntax along with elegant, cross portable libraries."

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