Issue #189 - January 17, 2019


Rendering of Rise of the Tomb Raider

(Dec 31) #graphics

If you are into graphics programming then this deep dive by Emilio López Riñón will be certainly of interest to you. The author goes through the high level stages of Foundation, the engine used to develop the game. From depth passes, shadows, tiled map prepass (one of the engine's highlights), and more, the article is chuck full of information.

How to Linear-Fit a Noisy Signal with Regular Discontinuities

(Jan 01) #math #javascript

Problem: "Assume that you are in an room with only a clock and a light-bulb. You know that the clock is malfunctioning. It may be running either faster or slower than normal and you are to determine by how much. To aid in this, the light-bulb will blink once a minute. During this time, you can record the time shown on the wall-clock. To make this harder, the clock is far away. And only has an hour-hand." Essentially it is a problem of noisy information combined with the fact that the value we are observing (hour hand) wraps around. Probably not an interview question, but the solution provided includes TensorFlow, Fast Fourier Transformations, and Vector Operations.

Initialization in C++ is Seriously Bonkers

(Jan 03) #cpp

Simon Brand wrote the post Initialization in C++ is bonkers in which he presents a tricky code and then proceeds to explain why the result is the way it is. Well, Mike Lui, the author of this article, agrees and goes through a lot more examples of tricky initialization in C++.

Programming language of the day: Enact. "Enact is a new programming language that's not designed to be unique or groundbreaking. Instead, Enact takes already established technologies and paradigms and just makes them nicer."

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