Issue #185 - January 11, 2019


Reading Ur/Web signatures, part 1

(Jan 07) #ur-web

Ur/Web is a functional programming language designed for the web that promises, among other things, your page won't "Suffer from any kinds of code-injection attacks, Return invalid HTML, Contain dead intra-application links". However, according to this article's author, documentation and tutorials are not very beginner-friendly. And so the author shares with us a number of core functions that can help us kick start our project.

Swift Import Declarations

(Jan 07) #swift

Swift has import statements that allow one to include libraries into their code, just like many languages. The simplest form is import <#module#>. But there are a lot more tricks that you can do with imports as we learn from this article.

TypeScript 2.8: Conditional Types

(Jan 09) #typescript

In TypeScript, a Conditional Type, as the name suggests, is a type that can have one of two possible types based on a condition. Its syntax is very similar to a ternary operator: T extends U ? X : Y. In this article Marius Schulz goes into detail on how to use them as well as taking a look at various techniques.

Programming language of the day: CX. "CX is a general purpose, interpreted and compiled programming language, with a very strict type system and a syntax similar to Golang's. CX provides a new programming paradigm based on the concept of affordances."

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