Issue #225 - March 18, 2019


Implementing a Regular Expression Engine

(Feb 17) #regex

A regular expression, or regex, is a sequence of characters that represent a search pattern within a larger set of data, for example in 'Find' or 'Find and Replace' operations in text. Although conceptually simple, actually implementing operations with regular expressions, such as parsing and recognition, can be difficult for developers to grasp. In this article, Denis Kyashif teaches through practice by creating a simple, efficient regex engine, explaining how it all works and providing valuable insight and guidance along the way.

Cracking a weak hash function

(Feb 20) #challenges

Hash functions are used extensively in programming, and they are a fundamental skill for developers. One way to approach learning about them is by cracking one, which provides useful practical insight into how they work. In this fascinating article, the author takes the reader through the steps of cracking a weak hash function, working from back to front to uncover their key characteristics.

Dealing with absence of value in programming languages

(Mar 02) #programming-language-theory

The null reference is widely seen as a problematic concept in programming, even described by its creator as a 'billion dollar mistake'. However, there are still many reasons why programmers might like to represent an 'absence of value' without the exception hell of nullable types. In this article, Roman Elizarov describes two methods for achieving this, Tagged Unions and Untagged Unions, that help preserve type safety.

Programming language of the day: Euluna. "Euluna is a minimalistic, performant, safe, optionally typed, meta programmable, systems programming language with syntax close to Lua language that works either dynamically or statically by compiling to Lua or C."

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