Issue #188 - January 16, 2019


Exposing Floating Point

(Jan 01) #computer-science-theory

Bartosz Ciechanowski is the owner of (yes, that is a real top level domain), an online tool where you get a breakdown of all the elements in a floating point representation. But for most of us that don't have such a deep understanding of floating point representation, the author was kind enough to be into incredible depths explaining everything in this article. Buckle up, this is a crazy ride!

An Overview of Just-in-Time Compilation (JIT) for PostgreSQL

(Jan 01) #postgresql

I was not aware that databases compiled SQL ahead of time (AOT) to speed things up, although, in retrospect, it makes sense. Well, it turns out you can also Just-In-Time (JIT) compile. In this article Viorel Tabara shortly talks about the history of this feature and the whys, whens, and hows.

Cross DSO CFI - LLVM and Android

(Jan 01) #cpp

Control Flow Integrity is a method of protecting your software from exploits that attempt to redirect the control flow away from your program. There are many techniques, some more mature than others. In this article, Chris Rohlf talks about Dynamic Shared Object (DSO), a technique that focuses on objects that live in shared memory between your software and an external calling software, an area that has room to be improved.

Programming language of the day: Huginn. "Huginn is a computer programming language with following traits: interpreted, imperative, functional style, object oriented, introspective, non-reflective type system, strongly typed, dynamically typed, duck typing, no quirks guarantee, support arbitrary precision calculations per built-in type, interpreter/executor trivially embeddable in C++ code"

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