Issue #184 - January 09, 2019

In the last issue I forgot to set the questionnaire to public, so for the first hour or so nobody had access. Thanks to a few people who notified me, I fixed it, but if you didn't check back here is the link again in case you are still interested in participating in our Exercism... let's say experiment.


What is an Allocator?

(Dec 24) #cpp

Here are some great questions that can be asked during an interview: what is an allocator? What is its purpose? Can you write one? Lucky for us Vanand Gasparyan is here to help us answer those questions.

Your Friendly Introduction to Serverless (and to the Serverless Framework)

(Jan 03) #serverless

You might have been sick of reading the word "serverless" by now. It's very hot right now. And you probably already know that "serverless" systems do indeed run on servers. But how familiar are you about them? In this article by Tamas Piros we take a look at all the buzzwords surrounding this concept as well as learn how to implement a servless project of our own.

Background Sync with Service Workers

(Jan 03) #javascript

Thanks to service workers you now can have your scripts pull data from your server in a separate background thread. What's even more is that these scripts are designed to handle situations where there is jlno internet connection. In this article by Carmen Bourlon we learn what they are and how they work.

Programming language of the day: Swizzle. "Swizzle is a programming language that is all new, yet all fun. Swizzle has a syntax that is similar to other popular programming languages. It is simple to write code and simpler to run it."

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