Issue #212 - February 27, 2019


Life of a SQL query

(Jan 29) #databases

Have you ever wondered what happens 'under the hood' when you run an SQL statement? Developers may be familiar with the conceptual model of how SQL queries work, but it can be a fun learning experience to trace the path of all the bytes of information involved in the task. In this fascinating article, Eric Feng reveals in precise detail the life of an SQL query in the Postgres database management system.

Using the Little-Known CSS element() Function to Create a Minimap Navigator

(Feb 05) #css

The element() function in CSS takes a page element and presents it as an image to be displayed on the screen. It's fun to use, but developers may not be aware of how useful it can be for certain kinds of tasks. In this article, the author demonstrates how the element() function can be used to create a minimap, which is a mini-sized preview of a larger document that aids user navigation.

"Stack Walking" in the .NET Runtime

(Jan 21) #dotnet

Stack walking, or stack crawling, is used by the CLR runtime to iterate the sequence of call frames for a particular thread right back to the base of the stack. It's a feature that is essential for garbage collection, exception handling, debugger operation and more. In this blog post, Matt Warren goes in-depth into how stack walking works and provides a fascinating look at what happens behind the scenes.

Programming language of the day: Lumi. "Lumi is a general purpose programming language that is good for all needs, specially for long-term projects, or where resource efficiency is needed.

Lumi aims to be safe, efficient, flexible, easy to write, and easy to maintain. "

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