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Dear EA enthusiasts, 

we hope you will enjoy our EA network's update - this issue is in the spirit of the giving season focused on how to do the most good with your career by donating effectively. Enjoy the read!

Remember our common goal: Doing good strategically! This means in the context of effective giving donating money to evidence-backed, cost-effective charities with the highest impact.


Today for you...

Ideas to digest: With a career in consulting you are in a unique position to do a lot of good by donating strategically and following the concept of earning to give

EA & community updates:  Steady growth at EACN, panel discussions, and an upcoming keynote on donating effectively next week Wednesday

Inspiration from fellow network member: Get inspired by Nils, a consultant from Accenture, who maximizes his social impact by donating 13% of his income, doing community building, and having an EA-aligned career plan

Make a difference now:
1) Share the EACN Giving Guide, a concise slide package explaining the why and how of effective giving, with your colleagues and friends 
2) Invite your friends and colleagues to our keynote with two donation experts next week Wednesday at 8 pm CET via a few simple clicks on LinkedIn to multiply the amount of money which is donated because of you
3) Fill out the survey for the US retreat in April 2022 to meet more like-minded consultants 
4) Donate to a recommended effective charity in less than 5 mins
5) Use our career advice to reflect on how to do the most good with your time during and after consulting

Job openings: Have a look at some examples of jobs highly suitable for consultants where additional work is likely to have the biggest impact

Idea to digest: Earning to give

What is it? People tend to think of ethical jobs as those with a direct positive impact such as working in the non-profit sector. However, a useful framing for comparing the social impact is to consider whether someone pursuing a lucrative career such as consulting could earn enough to fund at least one nonprofit worker as competent as him- or herself. This will often be the case and describes best the idea of earning to give.
However, while this might be the best option for you to do the most good, we also believe that is plausible to do more good with direct work in consulting or when leaving consulting. You can also combine both approaches.

Deep-Dive: Remember, with a career in consulting you are in a unique position to do a lot of good. Find out how rich you are compared to the rest of the world and see which impact you have if you donate 5% of your income.

With an annual income of €100,000 in Germany ...

How can you apply the concept? We invite you to consider donating regularly to increase your social impact.
A useful resource is GiveWell which recommends charities with the highest impact and biggest cost-effectiveness. The EACN also compiled a crisp slide deck about effective donations tailored to the needs of consultants.
Lastly, have a look at the 'Giving What We Can' pledge to donate regularly. You can sign up either for 'Try Giving' and donate only a chosen percentage of your income for a certain period or for 'The Pledge' and donate 10% of your income. If you want to have an impact with a smaller portion of your income, you can also choose to take the 1% Pledge by One For The World.

Want to learn more? Jona Glade (BCG) organized a donation keynote with 'Giving What We Can' and 'One For The World' on 15.12.2021 at 8 pm CET. Register here. Invite your colleagues via LinkedIn by filtering by your company/profession. We will also give company specific advice on effective donations.

EA & Community updates: 

Activities within the EAC-Network:
Thank you for stepping up and jointly shaping our community. Also, feel free to reach out to individuals directly if you are excited about a specific topic! 

  • Vasco Grillo (Deloitte), Julian de Georgia (Bain), Matt Kaufman (Bain), Tim Arnold (OW), James Walker (OW), Simon Asbach (BCG), and Maximilian Negele (BCG) stepped up to run and grow their respective workplace groups. Feel free to reach out to them if you want to do community building, work on high impact projects in your company, get career advice among other things.
  • Jakob Graabak (McK), Alexandre Lichy (McK), Jona Glade (BCG) and Vaidehi Agarwalla (EA Hub) conducted research on how EAs in consulting can leverage their consulting careers to have more impact. Feel free to have a look at and share the articles on whether to enter consultinghow to do the most good as a consultant, and high impact opportunities after consulting. The articles might be the perfect input for your yearly reflections. Thanks to the 15 interviewees who provided input.
  • Jona Glade (BCG) and Anneke Pogarell (Ex-BCG, CEA contractor) make the case why doing community building for the workplace and professional EA groups might be one of the best ways to increase your impact and also get a lot of personal benefits (WIP version of EA forum post as a good Christmas read). They look at the theory of change and three case studies: the EACN, the EA and finance network and the UK civil service group. Reach out to Jona Glade, if you want to get involved in building the EACN community.
  • Charlotte Festa (BCG) and Lisa Soder (BCG) updated the Giving Guide. The guide is currently being shared within Accenture, BCG, McKinsey and Bain among others. Feel free to share it with your colleagues as well. Align with the EA nodes of your company before, if applicable.
  • Simon Asbach (BCG), Sabrina Kuespert (BCG) and Maximilian Negele (BCG) have thought about how to do the most good in the public sector and prepared some slides about improving institutional decision making. Reach out to them, if you are interested in working on the topic.
  • Sara Eberhart (BCG) and Charlotte Festa (BCG) won the BCG Green Team "Best New Project Idea" award and got funding to create a guide to showcase the most impactful climate donation options incl. a budget for doubling the donations. The guide will be shared across BCG.
  • Sarah Pomeranz (ACN) launched the US Chapter of the Accenture workplace groups and will also organize a retreat in the US in April 2022. Express your interest and preferences about the retreat by filling out this survey or reach out to her if you want to support her.
  • Jakob Graabak (McK) and Konstantin Sietzy (McK) launched several EA work streams through their workplace community, working on e.g. helping colleagues donate to effective charities, introducing colleagues to concepts of effective altruism, and positively influencing EA-adjacent client work.
  • Pascal Scheven (SK) developed a donation strategy for Simon-Kucher influencing €2 Mio. in donations.
  • Bowen Shi (BCG) and team set up an internal donation microsite resulting in an increase of donations of about 100% across ANZ offices (from $50k/year to $100k/year) and an increase of consultants donating from 7% to 11% in his local office.
  • Sarah Pomeranz (ACN) and Nils Völker (ACN) have pushed EA at Accenture impressively by organizing events (giving campaigns for One for the World, Effective Giving Week event series, Responsible AI event), influencing the donation matching scheme in the US and presenting to ~ 200 public service consultants on how to have more impact on a governmental level.
  • Sabrina Kuespert (BCG), Lisa Soder (BCG), and Marie Kionka (BCG) organized a retreat for 13 consultants in Berlin resulting in new friendships built and several changes in career plans (see picture below).
  • Jona Glade (BCG) organized a gathering for 15+ consultants and EACN members during the EA Global conference in London for “wine and dine”. Anneke Pogarell (Ex-BCG, CEA contractor) organized an Airbnb so consultants could hang out together during the EA Global conference. It was great to finally connect in person. To be repeated. 
  • Nils Völker (ACN) and Alexandru Igna (WU Wien) conducted an EACN Pulse Survey. The EACN already defined several measures based on the feedback and put them on the new Trello board. The results will be summarised in an EA-Forum Post.
  • Pascal Scheven (SK) and Jona Glade (BCG) talked to Habiba Islam (Ex-PWC, now 80, about how to improve career advice. They also networked with several EA orgsanizations that are interested in recruiting consultants (e.g., OpenPhil, CEA, Charity Entrepreneurship). Reach out to Jona Glade, if you want to get personalized advice.
  • Surbhi Bharadway (BCG) helps to grow the EA community in India.
  • Friederike Grosse-Holz (Ex-BCG) transitioned to the VC Blue Horizon to fund alternative protein start-ups.
  • Rob Gledhill (McK) transitioned to the Centre for Effective Altruism and is now in charge of city and national effective altruism groups. Thus, he joins the team of the Head of Groups and former Bainie Joan Gass.
  • Alexandru Igna (WU Wien) created this newsletter – thank you! Reach out to him, if you want to volunteer for the next one.
  • Jona Glade (BCG) set up this EACN Trello to have more transparency on ongoing activities within firms and the EACN. Let us know if you want to volunteer on any of the open to-do's.
Two panels were conducted:
  1. Jona Glade (BCG) and Anneke Pogarell (Ex-BCG, CEA contractor) consult the Centre for Effective Altruism on supporting workplace and professional EA groupsHave a look at their panel discussion about how workplace and professional groups can have the most impact with Joan Gass (CEA), Meg Tong (EA & Finance Network), and Devon Fritz (High Impact Professionals)
  2. Maximilian Negele (BCG), Jakob Graabak (McK) and Jona Glade (BCG) organized and gave a talk on “How to do the most good as a consultant” in Berlin

Topic of our upcoming virtual event:

Further news from the broader EA community:  

Inspiration from a fellow EACN member: How Nils maximizes his social impact by donating strategically among other things

What do you do as a consultant to have social impact?

I am currently following a three-fold approach to social impact.
First, I invest my time and energy to build an EA workplace group at my firm to multiply my impact by helping others. Second, I donate money to highly effective charities. Third, I used 80,000 Hours to develop a career plan.

You signed ’The Pledge’ to donate regularly a share of your income. What was your motivation behind it?

My motivation to take the GWWC pledge was that I feel morally obliged to give a significant amount of money to the people with the greatest need.
This motivation was strengthened by reading Peter Singer's argument that it is morally wrong to spend money on unnecessary products and services as long as humans are dying from preventable causes.

The OFTW pledge I took together with my girlfriend. I signed up to OFTW in addition to GWWC, because I think that the "less-demanding" OFTW approach is sometimes more helpful to inspire talks about effective giving with colleagues (by not having to jump the high GWWC hurdle of committing to +10%).

To which organizations did you donate and why?

I have a portfolio approach to giving. As a health economist by trade and a rather risk-averse investor, I am attracted by the cause area Global Health & Poverty (e.g. AMF).
A smaller portion of my portfolio goes to Global Catastrophic Risks (particularly Clean Air Task Force). This is because I also want to support the achievement of long-term goals. 
For the future, I am considering diversifying my portfolio with the cause areas of Bio-Security, Improving Institutional Decision Making, and AI Safety.
For this decision, I still need to do more research on these cause areas and associated charities.
Feel free to reach out in case you have recommendations. :) 


Make a difference now: Consider donating and introducing EA to colleagues and friends

1) Donate to Against Malaria in less than 5 mins to improve the health outcome of millions of people - one of the most cost-effective charities worldwide. With a donation of €1.000 you can protect 500 people for 3 years from malaria by buying 250 mosquito nets.

2) Invite your colleagues to the EACN LinkedIn Group and the keynote on donating effectively on 15.12.2021 at 8 pm CET to multiply your impact.

3) Fill out this survey for the US retreat in April 2022 to express your interest and preferences.

4) Informe your colleagues about how they can do the most good by sharing the Giving Guide. We already prepared an e-mail that you can use and this is probably the easiest way to multiply your impact x100. Think big to reach as many people as possible and, if applicable, align with your company EA nodes before. 

5) Use Christmas time to reflect on the past year and get inspired by how to do the most good as a consultant by reading our career advice on how to do the most good with your time during and after consulting.

Let’s maximize our impact together!

Job Openings 

See the 80,000 Hours job board for interesting roles with a focus on global problems, where additional work is likely to have the biggest impact. Very suitable opportunities for consultants are, among many, the following:

  • Open Philanthropy has currently multiple roles in grants, finance, operations, and recruiting open. You can reach out to former Bainies Zachary Robinson (Chief of Staff), Paige Henchen (Recruiter), or Lewis Bollard (Framed animal welfare program officer) if you want to get more insights about the work at Open Philanthropy
  • Centre for the Governance of AI is looking to fill the position for the Chief of Staff role based in Oxford (UK)
  • CEA is seeking a Finance Associate to assist in managing $42m in turnover across five major EA organization
  • Wave, an African fintech, has currently multiple remote jobs in business development (e.g., launch business operations lead) or product
  • Effective Altruism Funds is looking to fill positions for the Executive Director, Associate Director, and Product Manager role
  • GiveDirectly, an end-to-end platform providing direct cash transfer, is looking to fill the position of VP in business development
  • Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment firm, is looking to fill the Principal role in the Strategic Engagement and Research department based in Washington, DC (USA)
  • Effective Giving is looking to expand their Hongkong operations and want to fill the Senior Associate position
  • European Artificial Intelligence Fund is hiring a new Fund Director in Belgium
  • The EACN is always looking for volunteers to either work with workplace group organizers or on the meta-level with the EACN itself. Check out the Trello or reach out to Jona Glade, if you want to shape our community
Feel free to share any of those jobs within your private and professional circles! 

Reach out to Jona Glade if you want to have a career 1-on-1 to get free advice and insights on how to maximize your impact as a consultant.

Learn more

Join our Facebook, members directory, and Linkedin groups.

Are you currently working on an exciting topic you would like to share through this newsletter, do you have a refreshing event idea or would you like to become a member of the core group? – Contact us via e-mail

Lastly, we hope you enjoy the read as much we enjoyed our Berlin retreat!

© Raisa Galofre

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