Magnet JQS Newsletter, March 2023

This month's newsletter covers the following topics:

  • Important announcement: New partner for delivery of credit and business information
  • Important announcement: Updates to UNSPSC categories in Magnet JQS
  • Reminder: Capability Assessment
  • Reminder: Help Center
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New partner for delivery of credit and business information
Magnet JQS has changed its partner for delivery of credit and business information for companiese registered in the system. Due to this change, some information will not be available for certain periods, as specified and detailed below;

Financial Key Figures:
  • From March 25th until late April this information will not be available.
Credit Score:
  • From March 25th until late April this information will not be available.
  • From March 25th until late May this information will not be available.
API endpoints:
  • From March 25th until late May might notice that certain elements are unavailable due to the above-mentioned.
This process could also potentially affect certain aspect sof the the supplier search functionality related to availabiltiy of some data in the compare function and in the downloadable report(s)
Updates to UNSPSC categories in Magnet JQS
The latest version of UNSPSC is now available in Magnet JQS. Official UNSPSC categories are marked OFFICIAL, while temporary categories are marked TEMPORARY with a 0 (zero) prefix to it's corresponding category ID
(e.g., 0-73181025 Additive manufacturing / three dimensional 3D printing).

Categories marked OFFICIAL are official UNSPSC categories and are linked to a UNSPSC version.

Categories marked TEMPORARY are available in Categories Library, but potentially temporary. When a new UNSPSC version are available, the temporary category name and description may be changed to the new official name with associated description.

Change History
The Change History page shows the most recent and historic changes made to UNSPSC Categories in Magnet JQS.

See example of a change history for the categories containing the phrase "ball valve" below:

Reminder: Capability Assessment
In January the Capability Assessment was updated and some of the changes requires your company to score certain sections again to maintain your status as active in Magnet JQS.

Please note that all questions and tables in a sub-element must be answered to be able to save. This also includes the Capability Assessment score at the end of each sub-element.

In section 9.2 Statistics you can use a dash sign (-) in the rows that are not applicable to your company. To be able to save, you may use the dash sign as a temporary placeholder if you need to gather more information and then revisit the section.

See the Help Center for more information.
Reminder: Help Center
The Help Center is continuously updated. To see the latest updates in Magnet JQS, go to the "What's New?" tab to see the latest release date and information about our latest releases.

You can reach the Help Center by using the question mark symbol in the top right corner, or by clicking on your name in the top right and go to Help Center (the red dot indicates that there has been updates since your last visit).

Wherever you are in within Magnet JQS you can press the question mark, which makes the Help Center pop up on the right side of the page you are on. Depending on which page you are on, relevant topics in the Help Center will be shown first. From there, you can either find what you are looking for in the side bar, or open the Help Center in its own tab.
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