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Thursday, October 7, 2021

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Fostering a culture of security with a hybrid workforce


Over the past two years, change has been rapid and widespread in the business world. The pandemic forced a frenzied shift to remote work, and the rushed adoption of new tools, workflows, and communication methods. Now, rather than cram back into the office all at once, many companies are testing the waters of hybrid work - either as a stepping stone or an indefinite transformation.

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A guide to combat ransomware as we continue to work from home

04-Oct-21   |   By ManageEngine   |   In ManageEngine , Malware

It's no secret that 2021 has already seen a huge surge in ransomware attacks; we've seen an increase of 64% over last year. Advancements in attack strategies and the shift to remote work are undeniably reasons for this ongoing wave. With most businesses merely testing the waters with hybrid working models, completely returning to work still seems like a far-off reality indicating that these numbers are only likely to swell even further.

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Stay on top of network threats and breaches with effective third-party patch management

04-Oct-21   |   By ManageEngine   |   In ManageEngine , Networks

In the current digital age, most enterprises turn to the use of third-party applications for every requirement, from end-user applications for productivity purposes, all the way up to more complex endpoint and Active Directory utility tools. However, with more cyber-threats being identified everyday, enterprises are increasingly aware that the installation of third-party software comes with the considerable responsibility for maintaining the system's security.

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Supply chain attacks: Who's your weakest link?

06-Oct-21   |   By Egress   |   In Egress , Cyberattacks

Supply chains are at the front of everyone’s minds right now. From fuel and food to toys at Christmas – the general public are starting to understand just how finely balanced the global supply chain truly is. Events like microchip shortages in Taiwan and the Ever Given blocking the Suez canal show how interconnected modern economies are, and how dependent our huge populations are on effective supply chains. It also proves how vulnerable we are when kinks or weaknesses on these chains are exposed.

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Everything You Need to Know About Open Banking Security

06-Oct-21   |   By Harikrishna Kundariya   |   In Appknox , Mobile

Financial services have developed at a breakneck pace, resulting in fierce competition among financial technologies. These services in the digital age must be characterized by three words: rapid, efficient, and intuitive. It is no longer necessary to wait in queues to speak with a bank teller. Consumers today want to manage their accounts using their smartphones, and banks want to earn their loyalty. What is the common ground? Using modern technologies to find new methods of doing things. Open banking offers both clients and financial institutions a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the way people and businesses manage their money.

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Assessing Cyber Risk: 13 Critical Questions for the Board

06-Oct-21   |   By Kasey Hewitt   |   In SecurityScorecard , Risk Management

Boards of Directors constantly need to be educated about and aware of their organizations’ cybersecurity posture. Regulations hold them responsible for decision-making and governance. Meanwhile, increased ransomware attacks pose a financial risk to their shareholders. To enhance the risk analysis, questions like these can provide visibility into the company’s strategy.

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Are bad bots on your website disrupting your SEO strategy?

06-Oct-21   |   By Alex McConnell   |   In Netacea , Bots

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of any business’s online marketing strategy. A well-maintained SEO plan provides a low-cost, long-term stream of relevant traffic into a website. Conversely, bad SEO can be very damaging to a business. Poor visibility on search engines like Google hands revenue over to competitors, forces higher spend on PPC advertising, and can damage trust with potential customers searching for you online. This is even worse when your marketing team is actively working to improve your SEO, but malicious actors are obstructing their efforts. Bots are notorious for their negative effect on SEO.

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The Future Of Cybersecurity | 5 Reasons Cybersecurity Deserves Your Attention Today

06-Oct-21   |   By Isaac Kohen   |   In Teramind , Insider Threats

Already a significant concern before 2021, this year has revitalized cybersecurity as a top priority for every organization. Highly consequential cybersecurity incidents at companies like Colonial Pipeline, Kaseya, and T-Mobile brought front-page coverage to the issue, while cybersecurity attacks on small and medium-sized businesses soared, spreading the reach of threat actors. Collectively, many government officials, private companies, and even cybersecurity professionals are approaching the future of cybersecurity with a fresh sense of urgency. However, outliers remain. One survey of American workers found that more than half indicated their companies “have not been taking cybersecurity seriously.”

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Introducing Snyk developer-first security into the Terraform Cloud workflow

06-Oct-21   |   By Sarah Conway   |   In Snyk , DevOps

With the rise in popularity of technologies such as HashiCorp Terraform, Docker, and Kubernetes, developers are writing and maintaining more and more configurations in addition to building the application itself. The growing use of infrastructure as code presents security complexity and the potential for risk that developers often struggle with as their workloads increase and more advanced skills are required.

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Kubernetes Security Frameworks - Quick Comparison

06-Oct-21   |   By Jonathan Kaftzan   |   In ARMO , Containers

The challenge of administering security and maintaining compliance in a Kubernetes ecosystem is typically the same: an increasingly dynamic, changing landscape, be it new approaches of cyberattacks or adhering to changing regulations. Kubernetes security requires a complex and multifaceted approach since an effective strategy needs to: Though security and compliance are often mistaken as two separate requirements, their objectives are the same. While organizations may choose how they administer security, regulatory bodies are the ones who set and enforce mandatory compliance standards. Adhering to these regulations is also crucial in terms of ensuring business continuity, protecting reputation, and determining an application’s level of risk.

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Build vs Buy for Start-ups

06-Oct-21   |   By Travis Gary   |   In Teleport , Cloud

This is the age-old question faced by so many tech teams: do we build or buy a system we need? TL:DR, Buying can save your engineer time for building the core stack and for the fun experiments needed to determine when to shake up the core stack.

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Introducing the Definitive Guide to Ransomware Response

06-Oct-21   |   By Dan Kaplan   |   In Siemplify , Incident Response

The ransomware racket has grown so sophisticated, even beginners can be successful at it. How’s that for a mind screw? Because the threat has reached epic proportions – so much so that the U.S. is urgently convening an international summit with the sole purpose of addressing ransomware – there is no shortage of blogs and articles about how you should approach the risk. But most simply scratch the surface. Security operations professionals require something more. They need a guide created by incident responders themselves.

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5 Reasons Every AEC Firm Should Care about CMMC

06-Oct-21   |   By Chris Schmitt   |   In Egnyte , Compliance

Since the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) was released in January 2020, there has been a lot of hand-wringing over what it means and who should actually care. This is especially true for AEC firms, many of which figure this regulation only applies to big system integrators and defense contractors like Northrup Grumman and Boeing. But CMMC isn’t just about large enterprises. Any organization that currently contracts with, or plans to contract with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) should be well on its way to getting CMMC certified.

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5 Trends in Ecommerce Fraud: How to Protect Your Business in 2021 and Beyond

06-Oct-21   |   By Vlada Terenina   |   In INETCO , Fraud

These days, when I cautiously venture to my favourite shopping mall on a weekend, I notice how different it is from a year-and-a-half ago, when no one had ever heard of COVID-19. It is busy, but not nearly as busy as it was back then. Sadly, I can rarely find my shoe size as merchandise stocks are low due to COVID-related supply chain issues.

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Choosing the Right Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution

06-Oct-21   |   By Martin Garland   |   In Netwrix , Access Management

Are you in the process of evaluating privileged access management solutions? Read on to learn what you should focus on to choose the right PAM solution to protect your organization’s data.

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New Survey Reveals Misalignment on Zero Trust Initiatives Between Management, IT, and Security Practitioners

05-Oct-21   |   By Forward Networks   |   In Forward Networks , Networks
Forward Networks

Executives Confident Despite Teams Citing a Lack of Visibility, and Siloed and Poorly Integrated Systems that Continue to Undermine Network Security.

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How to Detect SAP Threats in Real-Time with LogSentinel SIEM?

05-Oct-21   |   By Denitsa Stefanova   |   In LogSentinel , SAP

When it comes to the security of SAP systems, SIEM products often fail to meet companies’ expectations as they couldn’t fully interpret the SAP logs. LogSentinel Next-Gen SIEM solves this problem, eliminating the blind spots, as well as all SAP threats, and successfully parsing every log file in a human-readable format. LogSentinel SIEM helps companies to identify and prevent cyberattacks by gathering and analyzing log files from both SAP and non-SAP applications, correlating actions in real-time, and alerting for anomalies.

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It's CyberSecurity Awareness Month: 5 Areas to Prioritize to Be Cyber Smart

05-Oct-21   |   By Rezilion   |   In Rezilion , DevOps

October is CyberSecurity Awareness Month, an ideal time for organizations to take stock of their security programs and look for ways to make improvements. The effort was launched in 2004 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), as a collaborative initiative between government and private industry to ensure that all Americans have the resources needed to stay safer and more secure online. The government also aims to ensure government and industry have what they need to increase the resilience of the Nation against cyberattacks.

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Data Exfiltration: What It Is and How to Prevent It

05-Oct-21   |   By Reciprocity   |   In Reciprocity , Data Security

Protecting your data is an important component of your cyber risk management plan, and one that involves a certain level of preparedness for an event like a data breach. Even the best cybersecurity efforts, however, will still fail at some point — when attackers abscond with your organization’s confidential data, either to resell it on the dark web or to post it for all the world to see.

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Leveraging National Cybersecurity Awareness Month to Reduce Insider Threats

05-Oct-21   |   By Dr. Christine Izuakor   |   In Veriato , Insider Threats

October is a month that generates much buzz amongst the cybersecurity community. It’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) – a time when security professionals work around the clock to raise awareness of growing cyber risks amongst general user communities.

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What are Threat Intelligence Feeds?

04-Oct-21   |   By Sarah Daily   |   In SecurityScorecard , Risk Management

Threat intelligence feeds enable organizations to stay informed about indicators of compromise (IoCs) related to various threats that could adversely affect the network. These feeds also help to inform tools like SecurityScorecard’s Security Data by providing a source of information to collect, analyze and share with customers.

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What is Cyber Resilience?

04-Oct-21   |   By sarslani   |   In Cyphere , Cyberattacks

Since the covid-19, the cyber incident ratio has drastically increased and shows no signs of settling down. In just one year, cyber-attacks have targeted big enterprises, government agencies of the world’s leading countries, educational institutes, non-government organisations (NGOs), and small to mid-sized businesses. It is estimated that threat actors carry out cyber attacks every 39 seconds, which is relatively faster than before. In contrast, the average cost of a data breach has been driven to $3.86 million globally. In the first quarter to 2021, numerous businesses, including large software companies to government nuclear agencies, have been affected by the cyberattack in which ransomware is quite significant.

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Big Data challenges in tele-healthcare

04-Oct-21   |   By Grace Cao   |   In SecureAge , Data Security

Covid-19 pushed the boundaries of both healthcare and technology providers, and nudged people to finally embrace telehealth services. In fact, telehealth has proven to be the next frontier for the healthcare industry as it minimizes the need for in-person patient, clinic, or hospital visits which prevents overwhelming our healthcare systems. A McKinsey report shared that the use of telehealth in the US in 2021 surged 38 times compared to pre-pandemic levels. Big Tech companies (Amazon, Microsoft, Google) have all started expanding to service this segment. Amazon alone has many telehealth models includingAmazon Care, Amazon Dx and Amazon pharmacy.

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How to better secure user authentication protocols

04-Oct-21   |   By Devin Partida   |   In AT&T Cybersecurity , Security
AT&T Cybersecurity

In March 2021, cybersecurity researcher Le Xuan Tuyen discovered a security bug in Microsoft Exchange Server. The vulnerability, dubbed ProxyToken, lets attackers bypass the authentication process to access victims’ emails and configure their mailboxes.

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Automating Vendor Risk Management

04-Oct-21   |   By Reciprocity   |   In Reciprocity , Risk Management

Modern supply chains are highly interconnected and complex. Today’s organizations leverage numerous third-party relationships to cut costs, speed up operations, and scale their businesses. But along with these benefits, organizations have to contend with the risks, particularly cybersecurity risks. One study found that in 2020, 44% of businesses suffered a data breach caused by a third party, and a data breach can cost $3.92 million on average. Often, breaches happen because third and fourth-party vendors have access to organizations’ critical systems and data and lack strong cybersecurity controls to secure these assets. To protect themselves, organizations need to minimize their risk exposure. For this, they must adopt vendor risk management (VRM).

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What is Digital Risk Protection and Why Do You Need it?

04-Oct-21   |   By Reciprocity   |   In Reciprocity , Risk Management

The growing use of digital assets within a business delivers all sorts of operational benefits to the organization in question. These technology solutions, however, also come with numerous associated risks and an increased overall threat landscape. You can address these risks by investing in digital risk mitigation and remediation activities as part of a digital risk protection initiative.

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Best Practices for Securing Your Cloud Service

04-Oct-21   |   By Reciprocity   |   In Reciprocity , Cloud

The popularity of cloud services has soared in recent years, as ever more companies move towards a remote or hybrid workplace model. While cloud computing comes with many benefits, it can also create new vulnerabilities that might give criminals access to your sensitive data. If your company is using cloud technology, you need to make sure that your data is secure. Keep reading to learn what threats affect cloud services and what you can do to keep your cloud safe.

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Top Threat Modeling Methodologies

04-Oct-21   |   By Reciprocity   |   In Reciprocity , Risk Management

Find out how different threat modeling methods can help your business catalog potential threats and find solutions for threat mitigation. The most important element of the risk management process is the ability to identify and prioritize threats to your organization’s cybersecurity before any damage occurs. How rapidly you can identify these threats will determine how quickly you’re able to find solutions for mitigation.

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Don't Procrastinate. Go Passwordless.

01-Oct-21   |   By Ben Goodman ·   |   In ForgeRock , Digital Identity

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) points out that password-based authentication is no longer keeping us secure. To prevent password theft, modern platforms use familiar tactics such as requiring “complex” passwords that are frequently changed. Unfortunately, these cumbersome tactics backfire. Users work around them. They select passwords that are easy to remember and guess. They reuse the same passwords. And they write them on sticky notes.

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What is advanced persistent threat? Explaining APT security

01-Oct-21   |   By Mark Stone   |   In AT&T Cybersecurity , Cyberattacks
AT&T Cybersecurity

As the threat landscape evolves faster than we can keep up with, organizations must be aware of the type of threats they may face. Certain threat types, like ransomware and malware, are more prominent and therefore must be fought with the appropriate resources. On the other hand, some threat types are not prevalent and pose significantly less risk. However, just because a specific threat isn’t as widespread does not mean we shouldn’t take it seriously.

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Cybersecurity in Higher Education: Understanding the Threats & Adopting A Zero Trust Approach

01-Oct-21   |   By Emma Rantanen   |   In Veriato , Education

While there’s no real way to prevent them all, understanding vulnerabilities, common types of cyberattacks and how to prevent them can help college and university leaders prioritize their security strategies to help keep institutional data and students safe.

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Low Latency Identity-aware Access Proxy in Multiple Regions

01-Oct-21   |   By Kevin Nisbet   |   In Teleport , Cloud

A multi-protocol access proxy is a powerful concept for securing access to infrastructure. But accessing numerous computing resources distributed across the globe via a single endpoint presents a latency challenge. Today we are announcing that the hosted edition of Teleport Access Plane is now available in 5 regions all over the world. In this blog post we’ll tell you how we’ve built it and it should be helpful for anyone working on a globally distributed SaaS system if latency is a concern.

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1Password and SSO - a perfect match

01-Oct-21   |   By Megan Barker   |   In 1Password , Password Management

We’re often asked about single sign-on (SSO) solutions here at 1Password. We get questions like ‘Can we use 1Password and SSO?’ and ‘Why do we need 1Password if our organization uses SSO?’

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What is a Proxy Server?

01-Oct-21   |   By Catherine Chipeta   |   In UpGuard , DevOps

A proxy server is an intermediary server that retrieves data from an Internet source, such as a webpage, on behalf of a user. Proxy servers have many different uses, depending on their configuration and type. Common uses include facilitating anonymous Internet browsing, bypassing geo-blocking, and regulating web requests. Like any device connected over the Internet, proxies have associated cybersecurity risks that users should consider before use.

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Alice in Windowsland: 3 ways to escalate privileges and steal credentials

01-Oct-21   |   By Liatsis Fotios   |   In Outpost 24 , Hacking
Outpost 24

Read how our red team used different attack techniques to hack AppLocker restrictions by implementing escalated privileges and reusing the Credentials Manager to extract stored data and Azure information.

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Introduction to SAST

30-Sep-21   |   By David Balaban   |   In AT&T Cybersecurity , AST
AT&T Cybersecurity

DevSecOps means countering threats at all stages of creating a software product. The DevSecOps process is impossible without securing the source code. In this article, I would like to talk about Static Application Security Testing (SAST). As development fluency is growing every year, many companies are introducing DevSecOps. Its main message calls for ensuring continuous safety control at every stage of product creation. At the same time, DevSecOps processes are automated as much as possible.

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"Chain"ging the Game - how runtime makes your supply chain even more secure

30-Sep-21   |   By Dan Papandrea   |   In Sysdig , Containers

There is a lot of information out there (and growing) on software supply chain security. This info covers the basics around source and build, but does it cover all of your full software supply chain lifecycle? Is your build env at runtime protected? Is your application post deploy protected at runtime? This article will not only discuss what these concepts are, but provide additional discussions around the following: Read on brave reader…

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Fostering DevSecOps: Tool orchestration enables AppSec to keep pace with DevOps

30-Sep-21   |   By Synopsys Editorial Team   |   In Synopsys , Application Security

Learn how tool orchestration empowers AppSec to keep pace with DevOps, providing a union of security and speed. Many organizations have advanced from the DevOps methodology to DevSecOps, and it is expected this trend will continue throughout 2020 as more enterprises leverage the cloud. A DevSecOps approach promotes collaboration between software application development teams and application security teams.

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Investigating GSuite Phishing Attacks with Splunk

30-Sep-21   |   By Splunk Threat Research Team   |   In Splunk , Cyberattacks

Malicious actors are constantly finding new ways to deliver their malicious payloads. With the recent migration of businesses moving to web application-based services, file storage, email, calendar, and other channels have become valuable means for delivering malicious code and payloads. In some instances, these services are abused as Command and Control infrastructure since many enterprises trust these services by default.

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Using Zero Trust to Mitigate Supply Chain Risks

30-Sep-21   |   By Alfrick Opidi   |   In WhiteSource , DevOps

Software supply chain attacks have been on the rise lately. With the current pervasiveness of third-party and open source libraries, which presumably developers cannot control as strongly as the code they create, vulnerabilities in these software dependencies are causing serious security risks to applications. Supply chain attacks abuse the inherent trust that users have with a software provider. When a vendor uses a vulnerable dependency, a miscreant can penetrate the vendor’s system and plant malicious code. When the vendor distributes their software downstream to a wider audience, the attacker uses the trusted vendor’s software to stage attacks.

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Supply Chain Security, Compliance, and Privacy For Cloud-Native Ecosystems

30-Sep-21   |   By Girish Bhat   |   In Sumo Logic , Compliance
Sumo Logic

Think of the software supply chain as every software element in your organization—from software development of internal systems to open source or third-party enterprise software to vendors, partners, and even past suppliers who still hold access to company data or IT systems. Attacks on this software supply chain can damage individual departments, organizations, or entire industries by targeting and attacking insecure elements of your software fabric. At the Modern SOC Summit, George Gerchow, Chief Security Officer at Sumo Logic, and John Visneski, CISO at Accolade, dove into this hugely important topic of supply chain security.

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.NET 5, Source Generators, and Supply Chain Attacks

30-Sep-21   |   By Mateusz Krzeszowiec   |   In Veracode , .NET

Attacks executed through builds abuse trust we have in our build tools, IDEs, and software projects.

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