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This month's meeting will be hosted on Zoom. If interested in attendance please reply to get link for meeting this coming Wednesday at 7pm. Agenda for this week's meeting can be found below.
Wednesday, January 6, 2021, 7 PM-9 PM

7:00 PM Call to Order

Approval of Agenda

Brief introduction of any guests and community members (names and district of residence: South Waterfront, Lair Hill and John’s Landing). Board members, please raise hands, but please also identify which districts you live in.

Approval of Minutes (and corrections if any) of Wednesday, December 2, 2020 (minutes prior to December can be found on SPNA web site)

Treasurer’s Report, Caryanne Conner

Public Comments, if any, on NON AGENDA topics: 3-to 5 min. maximum per individual and 10 min. maximum for all public comments

Announcement on use of “Chat” function via ZOOM

7:15 PM 1. Recommendation to board to vote regarding addition of Michael Sammler to board
       2. Discussion of up to two other possible potential board members

7:30 PM- 8 PM Discussion of City Club of Portland February 3 presentation on Charter Reform: Abdul H. Amin (Content of Presentation), Michael Kaplan (Publicity for February 3 presentation) and Fielding Questions on February 3, Abdul H. Amin, Marc Mucatel and Michael Kaplan

8 PM- 8:10 PM Land Use Committee Report, Jim Gardner, Chair

8:10 PM-8:20 PM Transportaion Committee Updates, Pete Collins, Chair (Future of SW Corridor Project and/or any other Transportation issues)

8:20 PM- 8:30 PM Greenway/ Parks Recreation Committee Report, Jeanne Galick, Chair

8:30 PM -8:50 PM SWNI Audit Updates, Anna Friedhoff

8:50 PM-9 PM Former Synagogue, Barbur Blvd. Updates, Jeff Lang (including, but not limited to Tri Met position on synagogue preservation)

9 PM Adjournment
February 3rd's meeting will have a presentation regarding Charter Reform by representatives from the City Club of Portland. For more information make sure to also follow the links.

> On Wednesday, February 3, 7:15 PM, representatives from the City Club of Portland will deliver a brief presentation including questions from our audience on Charter Reform. The enclosed LINKs discuss in greater depth Charter Reform and the City of Portland. Among the topics that may be covered at February presentation are the following:
>> 1.What Prompted the City Club’s Commissioned Report: Broad Outlines of first report (New Government for Today’s Portland- Rethinking 100 years of At-Large Commissioners System), Important sub topics include limitations of At-large representation in providing equitable representation and inefficient and/or ineffective government; 2. Second City Club  Report; Rethinking How Portland Votes including a discussion of At-large vs. District Representation and Multiple Members Districts as well as the role of a City Manager; and 3. Electoral Voting Method Reforms including the elimination of primaries, rank choice voting and cumulative or limited voting.
>> Members of the community and the board are encouraged to read what is available on City Club Links and draft questions in advance of the February 3, 2021 SPNA board meeting. Board members are requested to forward questions directly to me, while community members are encouraged to submit questions to:  Given time constraints, questions should be concise and brief.
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