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Dear Barc Friends,

As we are now in September, BARC in Bali will be talking about all things spiritual, that miracles do happen when you believe, and I would like to share my story... and a part of my BARC journey.

As I was trying to explain to my friend one day after she questioned me:
Why do you not look after the people they are needing it more than dogs, and they are more important?

So I shared a story with her with this idea; we are all souls stuck together to make one big consciousness and we all need to look after each other, regardless of whether you have four legs, two legs, one leg or even none. No matter what we look like, no matter what our body’s look like, we are but one spirit! 

This event happened one day to my mother’s partner, Bruno. He was having his car towed up a mountain as it had broken down and he refused to leave it where it had stopped.  So he was in the car, and a friend was towing him. It was dusk and the light was dim, but that did not deter him. So off they went up the mountain toward home.
Well the tow rope broke and the car plummeted to the bottom of the mountain with Bruno inside. He was not breathing when they found him, lying upside down so the blood was all in his head. They resuscitated  him 17 minutes later and tests revealed he did not have any brain damage - thank god!!
Bruno was flown to a Melbourne hospital, which was about 2.5 hours drive away from our farm. At the time of the accident, I was in Thailand. Of course I was very worried about my mother , how she would deal with this tragedy  – so I was calling her everyday.
Five days after the accident she said  Bruno had still not woken up. She was visiting everyday, but nothing. I was so sad and kept thinking, “I have to do something”. But what could I do being so far away. I could not even comfort her!
That night, I decided to pray to what ever , it was ,we are part of. I asked if I could I make contact with Bruno, then I got into bed and slept.
That night I woke up , In the dream , I found myself sitting on a wooden chair with Bruno sitting in front of me.
He said, “Linda what can I do, I’m sick, how can I heal myself?
I replied, “Bruno we have talked about Chinese herbs and you know how to do that, but right now you are in a coma and mum is coming everyday. Her heart is broken. 
She is waiting for you to talk to her , please make up your mind to stay or go , but whatever you decide please ,wake up and tell her goodbye or hello”.
you see,  he did not know he was in a coma .
  But I want to stay on our farm with my beloved, I don’t want to leave yet .
I nodded OK Bruno 

I replied, “
you must open your eyes  and tell mum”. 
It was so vivid that I thought 💭 was awake until 

 My eyes popped open. I was amazed. OMG!! I had just spoken to Bruno. Was this real or imagined? 

Thinking that maybe just maybe it was real. 
I waited , like a cat on a bricks ,knowing that I was in a different time zone and that mum would not see Bruno until later that day.  
I waited and waited .
But as soon as the clock struck 6 o’clock I rang, holding my breath. 

What’s goin on mum?
I held my breath, then her reply.
Was he awake or was he dead or was he in some nowhere land?

“Oh Linda “, she cried
, “I’m over the moon”, Bruno woke up! He will be OK”. 
He said he’s staying , he’s not leaving me .


This whole experience got me thinking and looking more into the wonders of this world. I am blessed to have had that experience, and as I looked and researched I saw the common thread that we are all connected, we are all one, we are souls having an earthly experience.
I now know that I am able to offer my thanks through loving and caring for these souls here in Bali that many don't like, these dogs that are rejected and abandoned. I know that they are part of me and WE ... and I also see why I needed to help them.
Over the last 20 years I have watched as the people here begin to open their hearts to these neglected darlings, just left on the streets. And so too does the heart open to a higher spiritual power that goes on and encourages us to want to be “loving not hateful, cruel and resentful towards any living being”.
We learn to walk away from conflict and do the next right thing. To know we are the consciousness, even though we have forgotten.

It is through this believe, that myself and the BARC team move forward daily in the hopes to make a better life for our beloved Bali Dogs and therefore people too, as they learn to love a dog they learn to nurture their own hearts 
Is this not caring for people ?
Yes they are IMPORTANT 
but as bits of god perhaps not “MORE IMPORTANT “. 

As always, thank you for your support and donations,

Linda and team
Made Cipe, BARC's dog whisperer 
Meet Made Cipe, who has been working with BARC for 12 years. He is both a husband and father of 2 children. He is a Balinese man who dedicates his life to caring for our beloved Bali Dog.  Aside from working at BARC, Made spends his time doing ceremonies, praying in temples and also visiting holy places in Bali. He also does Gegendingan Bali (Mesanthi).  Gegendingan is an art of singing free texts or words, or sentences. His children are also educated to do the same. They love singing and dancing.
Balinese families usually do many kinds of art activities and that is part of their beautiful culture.
During the 12 years, Made Cipe has leant how to love dogs unconditionally, how to share his love with others in the community and how to balance his love between dogs and families.

The Never Ending Prayer, Ibu Made Sujani

Meet Ibu Made Sujani, another one of our amazing staff. Ibu Made has worked with BARC for 3 years. She is married, with 2 children.
Ibu Made is diligent in praying and offering Canang every day at BARC. Canang Sari is one of the daily offerings made by Balinese Hindu to thank God for all of the grace and peace given to the world. Ibu Made specifically offers thanks to God and prays for all of our staff, the pups, our visitors and supporters to be healthy, happy and living in harmony. 
She offers 15 canangs every day to thank God for this beautiful life. The Balinese believe that by offering Canang, God will give a blessing, happiness, health and a prosperous life. We appreciate and thank Ibu Made Sujani for her daily dedication and praying for all of us.

Tumpek Kandang 

Hinduism believes that we human shall love and respect to every creatures in this earth. And it absolutely applies to all of animals and pets. 

Tumpek Kadang is a Balinese Hindu ceremony in Bali that honors animal and livestock. In BARC, we regularly do this ceremony as a reminder for us to love, honor and respect to any kind of animal. The picture on the right shows our staff Pak Wayan doing this ceremony at our Sanctuary. The dogs always follow Pak Wayan as he prays and offers canang, barking, singing and playing excitedly. 



Meet Mama Cinta! Found near the old adoption centre in Ubud with two paralysed back legs and 5 puppies. She was a great mother and after raising her babies, her rehabilitation began. Unfortunately we weren’t able to save one of her legs, which had to be amputated and this beautiful girl remains incontinent. Therefore it is likely she will remain with BARC for the rest of her life.

Cinta is safe, enjoying her life at the Sanctuary. Having only three legs dog does not stop her from doing anything! She is such a sweet, happy friendly girl – who also loves to sing for our visitors.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger A. Caras



We are always so grateful when our puppies and adult dogs find a loving, forever home. Last month the siblings pictured below - Hope, Faith and Karma – are just three of the puppies adopted out. Thank you Mitchel. Thank you to everyone out there who chooses to adopt don’t shop!

We are also so grateful to everyone who came for a visit, offered a donation or chose to sponsor and support BARC this month. Our animals all love having visitors and we could not do the work that we do without the support of each and every one of you. So thank you everyone!

Many thanks to those who donated in August as part of our plea.
And also thank to you who are subscribing our newsletter. If you want to see our daily lives in our HQ, feel free to check our Instagram's story. We make daily stories on our Instagram and there are cute pups and they will bark beautifully at you.
Thanks again. 


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