Last Minute Gift Ideas:

Clean water filter: $50

Cement floor: $125

Bathroom: $375

Our bathrooms, floors and filters make great gifts for Dominican families in need -- and everyone on your list. Donate some combination of the amounts above to give directly to a marginalized family this holiday season. Make your gift in the name of a friend* and we'll send a certificate that you can slip into their card or stocking!

Below, you'll find evidence on why these gifts are so impactful... And pictures to show how much the recipients appreciate them. Start shopping now to transform lives while impressing your bosses, in-laws, grandparents, etc. this holiday season.
Make a Gift
*NOTE: to specify your gift, please include the following information in the comments section on our donation page:
  • Items gifted (i.e., 4 cement floors for $500)
  • Recipient names (i.e., Scott, Hope, Crismary & Paul)
  • Other details we should know (i.e., separate certificates for all; gifted in memory of lost loved one)
Feel free to email us ( with any special requests or questions.

Why These Gifts Matter

"Better water, sanitation, and hygiene could prevent the deaths of 297,000 children aged under 5 years each year"

Our bathrooms, floors, and filters are categorized as WASH (water access, sanitation and hygiene) initiatives. At a high level, all people need proper WASH conditions for the same reason that "all employees must wash hands" in bathrooms across the US: a clean environment reduces the risk of infectious diseases. The consequences of inadequate WASH conditions are incredibly dire, especially for residents of low- and middle-income countries like the DR:
  • 27,000 people in low- and middle-income countries die as a result of inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene each year
    • Poor sanitation (i.e., inadequate human waste disposal) is believed to be the main cause in 432,000 of these deaths
    • Better water, sanitation, and hygiene could prevent the deaths of 297,000 children aged under 5 years each year
  • Countries where open defection is most widespread have the highest number of deaths of children aged under 5 years as well as the highest levels of malnutrition and poverty
  • Poor sanitation is linked to the transmission of numerous diseases, including: cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, polio, intestinal worms, schistosomiasis, and trachoma
    • Also proven to decrease well-being, impede social and economic development, and induce anxiety
On a brighter note, investments in WASH infrastructure have enormous returns:
  • Every $1.00 invested in sanitation creates a return of $5.50 via lower health costs, more productivity, and fewer premature deaths
  • A 2007 World Bank study found that replacing dirt floors with cement "significantly improves the health of young children". Specifically, floor replacements created:
    • 78 percent reduction in parasitic infestations
    • 49 percent reduction in diarrhea,
    • 81 percent reduction in anemia
    • 36 to 96 percent improvement in cognitive development.
    • Adults also reported "increased satisfaction with their quality of life."
  • Beyond the obvious health benefits, WASH investments also increase school attendance rates (especially among girls) and promote safety and dignity throughout the community
Sources: WHO, World Bank
Make a Gift
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Finally, please help us spread the world to get more people involved in helping Dominican families this holiday season. Our social media links are below, and you can forward this email to anyone else in your network that may need last minute gift ideas.

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