Puente 2020

$30,000 Fundraising Campaign to Expand Our Impact

Short Summary

We are bringing bathrooms, cement floors, and water filters to 200+ families in need. Help us expand our network to find these families and deliver transformational solutions that will keep them healthier and happier for years to come.

Donate today and your contribution will be matched to provide twice the impact!
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Last year, we came to you with a vision for data-driven community development, powered by local volunteers who assess the needs of their communities and work with outside organizations to meet them. Our goal was to create a network capable of powering rapid, efficient change in marginalized communities. Hundreds of you believed in our vision, and we're eternally grateful for your support.

As the calendar flips to 2020, we're thrilled to report that Puente's model is working -- and ready to scale. Our network now includes four partner organizations, 20+ volunteers, and 7,000+ needs assessment surveys. We've leveraged that network to provide new bathrooms, cement floors, clean water filters, and more to over 180 families since May -- and our work is just beginning. Hundreds more families across Constanza lack basic WASH (Water Accessibility, Sanitation & Hygiene) infrastructure, and we need to increase the reach of our network to find and help them.
We are now raising $30,000 to expand into more marginalized communities and connect with 200+ additional families in need of bathrooms, floors or filters. Our goal is to extend Puente's network across the Constanza valley, training 48 new volunteers and surveying 12 new communities that can benefit from these solutions. Right now, donations are being matched, so every $1 you contribute results in $2 for Puente. 

The bathrooms, floors and filters are just a starting point: once Puente has surveyed a community and trained volunteers on-the-ground, anything is possible. In Los Gajitos, for example, we began by building bathrooms and have since brought medical missions, water filters, cement floors, rainwater entrapment systems, and educational seminars to the same community. Your donations help us bring more communities into the fold so we can meet their immediate needs and set them up for rapid, continuous development going forward.
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3 Reasons Why We Love This Initiative

  1. Massive, Lasting Impact: our bathrooms, floors and filters reduce the risk of diarrheal, respiratory, and parasitic diseases that kill hundreds of thousands annually (for real). Children are the biggest beneficiaries, as they are most prone to these diseases and exhibit better cognitive and physical development in a sanitary home environment.
  2. High Probability of Success: we have reached over 180 families with these exact projects since May. We have a proven process in place and are ready to extend it into more marginalized communities.
  3. Scalable Impact Model: bathrooms, floors and filters are just the beginning. By surveying 12 new communities and training 48 new volunteers, we are positioning Puente to serve as a continuous force for good across Constanza going forward.
Learn More Our Campaign Goals & Impact

How You Can Help

If you're lucky enough to drink clean water while sitting on a porcelain throne with your bare feet resting on a tile floor, please consider helping those that lack such luxuries. We cannot help these families meet their basic without your support. As you'll see below, any donation makes a big difference -- our projects don't cost much to implement, but their impact can be lifesaving.

Give the gift of a new bathroom, floor, or water filter this holiday season by donating one of the amounts listed below. Right now, all donations are matched, so you can give two bathrooms (or floors, or filters) for the price of one.
  • $375 per bathroom
  • $125 per floor
  • $50 per water filter
Please also consider sharing this message, and our campaign overview materials, with others in your network who may be interested in supporting a great cause this holiday season. And as always, our team would love to hear from you: email to learn more about our work and discuss how you can help.
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