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Over the past year we've been working to provide communities with accessible and evidence-based analysis on federal and provincial/territorial policies affecting First Nations.

As we approach another federal election, we have created a series of multi-media tools that further the discussion on the "nation-to-nation" relationship. We shared these tools with you last month; maybe you've had a chance to check them out! Titled "From the Rights Framework to the Federal Election" we hope they can help contribute to the national dialogue on Indigenous issues and ensure First Nations are a priority heading into the election.

Please take a look at what we've been working on. And if you do, please let us know if it is helpful by filling out this short survey! We'd appreciate your thoughts and ideas on topics or resources we can produce that would benefit your community governance or youth work. 

Anyone who completes the survey will be entered into a draw to win one of two $100 Visa gift cards. We look forward your feedback. 


Hayden King
Executive Director
Yellowhead Institute  
From the Rights Framework to the 2019 Election

So what exactly has been undertaken since the election of Justin Trudeau and the forming of a Liberal Government? What is the legacy of the Rights Framework? 

We addressed these questions (and more!) by creating a series of multimedia tools and resources: videos featuring a dynamic panel discussion on the Rights Framework, a podcast where we answer crowd-sourced questions on what the Federal government has been up to, and a comic explainer that offers alternatives for the future.

Let us know what you think by filling out this quick survey!

Check out the Videos, Podcast and Comic Explainer!
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