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Introducing Yellowhead Institute!

Though our official launch is today, the support we've received so far has been overwhelming and motivating. I think it speaks to the urgent need for critical Indigenous policy perspectives and an organization like ours. With so many dramatic changes happening on Indigenous policy in Canada, Yellowhead can help Indigenous communities and Canadians understand it all.

Our website features important analysis and accessible resources to support this work. 

Our first piece of analysis, Canada's Emerging Indigenous Rights Framework: A Critical Analysis is an in-depth review of the federal government's proposed "nation-to-nation" relationship. As you might tell from our title, we have concerns.

There is more content to share. We have two Yellowhead Briefs, shorter
op-ed style arguments on the Rights Framework, from Dr. Judith Sayers and Dr. Sherry Pictou. We also have a presentation and user guide for community presentations on this content, and some related special features. I hope you take a look. 

Please stay tuned. Yellowhead plans to keep the analysis coming over the summer and then begin our full schedule of public education and research in Fall 2018. And if you have feedback, questions or want to collaborate, we'd be happy to talk.   

 - Hayden King,
   Executive Director
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