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 2019 Election 
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Despite a rejection by First Nation leadership and youth, much of the federal government's Rights Framework has proceeded, even without legislation. 

Building on our June 2018 report, Canada's Emerging Indigenous Rights Framework: A Critical Analysis, we continue the conversation with a series of multi-media tools: videos from our launch event panel discussion on the Trudeau government's record; a podcast answering crowd-sourced questions on the Framework; and a comic explainer that breaks down why the Framework was shelved and possibilities for the future.

As the 2019 federal election looms, this is an opportunity to hold the federal government accountable for the commitments made and any progress (or lack thereof) over the past 3-4 years. 

ICYMI: Additional 2019 Releases and Updates

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Does Bill C-92 Make the Grade?
Yellowhead collaborated with five legal scholars to release an analysis of Bill C-92, An Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and Families. Read the report for their findings and grades they assigned to these 5 key areas: National Standards, Funding, Accountability, Jurisdiction and Data Collection & Reporting.
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Community Resource Library

Yellowhead has created a searchable Community Resource Library on our site that houses all of our downloadable resources, such as factsheets, infographics and presentations. This library will be continuously updated with accessible tools that accompany our research and publications. 
Recently Published Briefs

Yellowhead has released over 25 briefs on topical and pressing issues affecting Indigenous communities. Recent topics include an analysis of the Indigenous Languages Act - Bill C-91 by Karihwakeron Tim Thompson and 21 tips from Sandra Inutiq on racism, public government and allyship in Inuit Nunanga. 
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