This album was quite a journey and one worth taking.

After writing for many years, just because I loved to write, I began to pay more attention to singing, something else I truly loved to do, and I thought, hey, why not write songs!

So in late January 2018, I took my poems and writings to Lloyd English, the producer of my first album of covers, When it Rains. I spoke to him about my desire to write my own songs and he agreed it was a great idea and so we began reviewing my writing.

We did a few rewrites where needed, threw some stuff out (learning to park my ego by the door) and many times we just started over to get it right. Other new ideas emerged for songs through conversations about the human condition and life experiences I’d had.

Without Lloyd’s analytical mind, his sublime musical sense and innate ability to understand what I wanted to express, these songs would not have been possible.

We had an easy simpatico; moving ideas into words, molding melodies into songs that eventually came out pretty great! Once we got to work recording, we knew we were on to something. (Big thanks to Lloyd for the production and arrangements and to his son Myles English who mastered the album. A lot of talent in one family! )

In the process of writing, I noticed a common human thread that clearly showed people are all the same, which sounds like an overused term but it is the truth.

Life can be unfair and challenging, taking us to places we don’t want to go and then the sun comes up once again and there is light and new found hope as we do our best to learn something from our experience.

We all win and lose is the lesson learned with love and kindness being the glue that holds us all together. To me, it is the most important survival gear humans should embrace to evolve into a better species for this planet. To quote Einstein: “Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the planet. However, each individual carries within them a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released”.

A new friend wrote a comment after attending my CD release party at Hermann’s Jazz Club in Victoria, he said; “My ears had a wonderful time with your soulful medicine music”. I am so grateful for that response because it nailed the essence of this new music coming from my heart with a direct route to yours, bringing us all a little closer.

Elena is my other name, given to me over a quarter century ago, by my Dominican friends. Elaine is not a Spanish name, so they converted it, which sounded pretty and felt right, so I happily adopted it. Elena danced a lot with her friends, and some days she sang barefoot on the beach at her favorite bar, with an extra long microphone chord, giant speakers, with her good friend Chelo managing the sound as the sun dropped into the ocean. She did this for a few years, any time she could get away from a grueling business back in British Columbia.

When the business sold, I decided to do what I really love here in Canada, because singing and telling stories turns me back into who I was as a kid, a person who loves to perform for no reason other than it feels like the natural thing to do. There is love inside this process and I had forgotten that, so thanks Elena!


Note: This music is only possible because of years of dedication to a beautiful art form which is struggling for the recognition in the world as it once was. Just a friendly reminder that music is not free; it takes money, time and a very concentrated effort to produce something this good.

I am eternally grateful to the following musicians for their work on this project: Lloyd English, Kaitie Sly, Buff Allen, Brett Ziegler, Danielle Lebeau Peterson, Diana English, Rey Kruz, & Amauri El Swing.
 *If you would like a physical CD please email me at for details.
Elaine was born in Edmonton, Alberta and began performing
and singing
as a child. 

Her endless energy and need for a stage was often answered by her mother locking her in her room, which didn’t deter Lainey from attending Grant MacEwan College in the theatre arts & dance program.

This new and larger venue not only gave her the opportunity to perform on stage and dance without knocking things over but it also likely contributed to saving her parent's marriage.

After graduating from Grant MacEwan, Elaine moved to Montreal where she became a member of the Actors Studio. This connection landed her several parts in American films as well as some local professional theatre productions. In turn, this led to a European tour with a theatre group that entertained troops overseas. Upon her return to Quebec, Elaine continued to act and perform in local theatre and film. Exhaustion and family eventually pulled her back home to Edmonton where she continued to do commercial work and soon landed a lead actress part in the film Sentimental Reasons. The smell of ocean air eventually called her to the British Columbia coast where she continued to work as an actress and got a supporting role in an American/Canadian film called Honeymoon while at the same time continuing to do commercials.

Over the years Elaine developed a special relationship to the Dominican Republic where she has become a Dominicanado. This adoption has led her to perform on many occasions with local professional musicians in a number of diverse local venues and events including television. Locally Elaine has rededicated herself to singing, writing and performing as a chanteuse in local venues. Her recently released album When It Rains, recorded in Victoria, has received an enthusiastic response locally and internationally.

Currently, her second and this time all original album Elena has been recorded by some of the most respected musicians on the west coast, and now available for purchase.

Copyright ©2019 Elaine Lakeman, All rights reserved.

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