Hello there, <<First Name>>
Let me guess, you’re running around trying to organize absolutely everything for Thanksgiving, am I right?  Or am I right?
You’ve most probably already bought the turkey.  You’ve decided on your stuffing.  You’re a master at mashed potatoes – thanks to Rachael Ray, isn’t she a darling?  Whether you make her creamy, buttery or cheesy mashed potatoes, your family says you’re simply the best cook!
What about gravy?  Have you got a secret recipe for yours?  And don’t forget the green beans, corn, delicious dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, and my favorite – ok, everyone’s favorite – pumpkin pie!
I’m drooling just typing this message to you…
But I’m also sensing you’re feeling a little bit frazzled.  It sure seems like it used to be easier catering for the entire family at Thanksgiving.  You might be feeling a little bit tired and foggy, am I right?
Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, the holiday season is upon us.  That likely means spending more time with family and friends.
But hey, things only get busier the closer we get to Christmas, they don’t seem to slow down…
Making sure the house is in tip-top shape for the in-laws’ visit.  Or maybe it’s even your own parent’s visit that’s got you into a tailspin?  Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  Don’t forget the wrapping and bows!  And please tell me you’ve got help to decorate the house this year?

As a busy family, navigating these festive times can be so tricky.  Not everyone understands the stress and overwhelm you feel.  So, how does one stay emotionally grounded amid family dynamics during this period of the year?
I’ve got 2 things that can help you, but first, let me introduce myself properly.
My name is Elanya, and I am Managing Partner here at Titanium Living.  I’m also Editor In Chief at Health Wisdom Magazine.  And a wife, and a mum, and I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic at the age of 8.
So I hear ya!  Life!  Is!  Hectic!
But why did it get so hectic?  You’ve always followed a healthy diet, you’ve been pretty active, you work on your mind and body, you do all the things the gurus tell you to do to keep healthy…
Healthy food: ✅
A variety of food: ✅
Fresh food, prepared by you: ✅
Minimal takeouts, only on nights when things are really hectic: ✅
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day: ✅
By the way, it’s not just you.  I used to be a professional chef, and I did ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE DOING TOO!  And yet, it still wasn’t enough.
So, then what’s the problem?  Why are you feeling less than yourself these days?  Why would you rather sleep in every Saturday than go to the kids’ soccer game?  Why does it feel like you have zero value these days?  Why does it feel like… like… like you are OLD?!
There, I said it!  You feel old and tired.  Your self-esteem is shot, and confidence is a thing of the past!
That, my friend, is because you’ve been lied to!  Yep, lied to.
You see, eating a “healthy diet” that consists of mainly whole grains, cereals, breads (ahem, delicious dinner rolls), potatoes (I’m looking at you creamy mashed potatoes), pasta and rice, will leave you feeling tired and sluggish.  It will make you forgetful.  It will sap all your self-confidence and leave just a shell of who you used to be…
So, is the answer to stop eating this food group altogether?  Hell no!
Uhm, I can hear and feel your sigh of relief, even through this screen you are reading this email on…

I’m not a dietician, so I can’t give you dietary advice.  I am not a doctor, so I can’t give you medical advice either.
I can only tell you what has worked for me, a serial entrepreneur with 2 children and hubby to look after, living with an autoimmune disease for the past 32 years (am I giving away my age now? That’s ok, I don’t mind).
Thing nr 1 to help you: Start listening to your own body!
Stop listening to what others have to say you have to do to feel better.  Are they living your life?  Nope, you are.  When I decided to do this about 6 years ago – when drs and dieticians continued to tell me to follow a certain diet based on the food pyramid schmyramid, as it was considered “healthy” I decided to follow my own intuition and start eating what made me feel better.  For me, that meant fewer carbohydrates in the form of bread, pasta, wheat, and other grains.  I started eating more fresh veggies, even the carby ones like sweet potatoes and corn and green beans.
What does that mean for you?  I don’t know, only you will be able to answer that question, but if you’re not sure where to start, I would say ditch the bread and start eating more fresh veg.  If you don’t feel less tired, less bloated, less forgetful after doing this for a month, you haven’t missed out on much, have you?
Thing 2 to help you: Start supplementing your diet.
I’m afraid with the damage done from following the food pyramid, the heart-healthy diet with minimal fats, the keto diet with only fats and proteins, insert whatever diet they’ve told you would work like magic; your body will need a kickstarter towards health.
Real, optimal health.  Where you FEEL healthy, not just stand on a scale and your BMI says you’re in target.  Where you feel like you can do all the Thanksgiving cooking, all the Christmas chores, you can feel house proud again, and more importantly, you start feeling like your old self again, because my friend, it is indeed possible.
For me, that meant starting with a natural anti-inflammatory, like Titanium Living’s Joint Support.  This supplement is a daily habit that has changed my life.  Not mine only, but countless other people’s too.  Just read the reviews and you’ll see that it truly delivers on its promise.
I also drink Titanium Neural Reboot on a daily basis.  It’s a great one to deploy, especially with family, friends, and co-workers adding stress during the holiday season.  Mood swings no more, calm and collected and clear-headed for the win!
And I have a little something for outer beauty too.  But this one’s only for you if you love feeling attractive and being wanted by hubby.  You see, it’s specifically designed to help with hair, skin and nail health.
For this week only, we’ve combined them all three in a super special deal.  After all, it is Black Friday, so I know you’d like a little something special too, am I right?
You can get all three supplements, for the crazy price of $63.99 and we’ll even throw in FREE standard shipping!  Normally they would add up to $101.87!!!
Ready to reclaim your self-confidence?  Ready to start feeling like your old self again?  Ready to stand up for your own health and invest in yourself?
Then click here and let me send these to you ASAP!
And if no one has told you this lately…

You’re doing a tremendous job!  You’re working so very hard.  And often, it feels like that work goes unnoticed — like no one sees all the things you’re juggling.

Just know that *I* see you, <<First Name>>.

You’re not alone.  It’s natural to feel spent by the time late November comes around.  Which is why I’m sending you some extra love and appreciation today.  It’s an honor just to be connected. 

Wishing you a safe, joyful, and blessed holiday season. 


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