February 2020

 Ilkley Sustainability

We have organised a public event on Saturday 14th March 10.30 - 12.30 at the Clarke Foley Centre to talk about the Ilkley Sustainability Plan.

The plan has been developed with the support of Ilkley Town Council and many other local organisations. We face two existential crises 

  • the Climate Emergency
  • the Ecological/Biodiversity Emergency
The Climate Emergency has rightly got a lot of attention but it has overshadowed the Ecological Emergency - you can read more here.

The Ilkley Sustainability Plan suggests projects that we locally can act on to play our part in tackling both the Climate Emergency and the Ecological Emergency.

The plan sets out ideas grouped by each aspect of the One Planet Living framework about how we can act together to move toward a more resilient, sustainable future.  

In order to become an effective plan it now needs support and engagement with the wider community. The proposed developments require discussion, raising awareness, and agreeing on common goals.

The sustainability plan is organised around the ten aspects of the One Planet Living Framework - you can find more about One Planet Living for individuals here and for communities here and here. At the event, you will be able to have a conversation with others about any or all of the aspects which most interest you.

This is an important meeting and we hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend demonstrate your support and find out more about the kinds of actions we can take together.  It will be arranged as a ‘market stall’ event. There will be an introduction to the plan and then attendees will be able to choose which of the ten aspects of the plan they wish to consider in more detail and visit the relevant stalls. This is a participative event where we will be able to talk together about how we can collectively collaborate to create a sustainable and resilient future which will address the climate and ecological emergency locally.

We would love to know 
  • what you support
  • what you want to get involved with
  • what your best hopes are
If you would like to be involved in organising this event then please get in touch.

You can register to attend this event using this Eventbrite link. It is not essential to register with Eventbrite but it would help us to have an indication of the number of people that are planning to attend.

You can read the Ilkley Sustainability Plan here.

What can we do to demonstrate that we want to be good ancestors?

Please promote this event as widely as you can within your own network.

 New website...

New Membership system


Climate Action Ilkley has now launched its new website - you can access it here.

In conjunction with the new website we have introduced an online membership system that will enable us to manage our membership more effectively.  This should make it easier for you to join or renew as well.

If you haven’t joined or renewed your membership yet this year please consider doing so.  It’s £10 a year or less and you can do so by going to our website - existing Members please note: Details of your existing membership have not been passed to our new membership system so you need to complete the new membership application form to set yourself up on the membership system.

We would love everyone who receives this newsletter to consider becoming a member of Climate Action Ilkley - it will enable you to be fully involved in the development of our projects.

The recent storms and floods have brought home the potential impact of climate change and this has coincided with a busy period for environment groups in Ilkley and for our workgroups.  Projects our members are working on include a Community Solar Panel Scheme, Orchard Planting, Cycle Greenway and the Ilkley Sustainability Plan.

To see more detail or get involved visit our website      

Your membership fee and any extra you might donate will make a big difference to our finances.  We are a community organisation and rely on your support.

Thanks for your support.

Kath Steward

Membership Secretary

 Ilkley Community


The Community Orchard will become a reality in March. Bradford Council has given us the formal go-ahead to plant the orchard at Ben Rhydding and East Holmes Field.

We have ordered our trees and they will be delivered for the planting session on Saturday 7th March at Ben Rhydding Playing Field, starting at 9:30 am. We have chosen a selection of Yorkshire apple varieties: Ribston Pippin, Flower of the Town, Acklam Russet, Fillingham Pippin and Northern Greening, plus 2 pear varieties: Concorde and Onward, and 2 plum varieties: Marjories Seedling and Opal.

We will be planting at East Holmes Field from 9:30 onwards on Sunday 8th March. The choice of trees is similar with apples: Ribston Pippin, Flower of the Town, Acklam Russet and Yorkshire Greening, pears: Concorde and Catillac, and plums: Laxton’s Cropper and Laxton’s Delicious.

Not everyone will have to dig holes, we need people to put the stakes into the ground and others to make the tree guards and lastly people to spread the mulch around the trees once they are planted.

Everyone is welcome to come and help with the planting. Please bring along a spade or a fork if you can.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to get this project off the ground. Great work.

 Liberating Structures
Does anyone have any experience in using Liberating Structures? Is anyone interested in finding out more about how to use these facilitation tools - we want to experiment with using different styles of participatory meetings can you help us with this?
 Positive news stories ...
Firstly there is a podcast with Prof. Katharine HayhoeYou can listen to the podcast here

Secondly, an article called '
Climate Denial by Any Other Name' by Mary Annaïse Heglar - you can read it here.

And finally a Fabian Policy Report - Powerful People, Powerful Places. Read it here.

And of course the fantastic news about Heathrow Airport - read the Guardian article here  and Friends of the Earth reaction here.
 Storms, Rain

and Flooding ...

Let's not forget the flooding in Peru and Indonesia and in the United States

We are experiencing global weirding. And so it begins and continues ...

Why has it rained so much in the UK this month - well this is part of the explanation. Normally the polar vortex is broken up by Rossby Waves creating a mobile wave-length pattern - not at the moment. Another consequence is a high Arctic ice maximum this year.

This winter, stable polar circulation has mostly kept the coldest Arctic air bottled up within the Arctic. Watch the animation here.

Let's not forget the Pitt Review either and this Guardian article too. Floods will only get worse in the UK as climate change intensifies. At the moment, the policies of successive governments have only made the ensuing crises worse - here is an article by Professor Hannah Cloke Professor of Hydrology at Reading University.

Extinction Rebellion 
XR Keighley 
XR Bradford 
XR Leeds 
XR Harrogate 
XR Skipton and the Dales

 Heading for Extinction and what to do about it | Dr Emily Cox | Extinction Rebellion

 Ilkley Real Food Market
We would like to have a regular presence at the Real Food Market which is held on the first Sunday in the month on Grove Ilkley - next on Sunday 5th April 2020 (the market has had to be cancelled on Sunday 1st March because of the forecast of high winds)

To do this we need to have volunteers at our stall from 9.30 to 3.30 on these Sundays. We have been doing this in pairs in 1.5 hour sessions ie
  • 9.30 - 11.00
  • 11.00 - 12.30
  • 12.30 - 14.00
  • 14.00 - 15.30
If you would like to help us with this then please email

We hope that in the coming months, with the support of Ilkley Town Council and the other environmental groups within Ilkley, we will be able to develop a regular sustainable environmental stall at the Real Food Market. Please support us.

Pura of Ilkley

retailer of kind, sustainable, simple products

As the country braces itself for more flooding and travel disruption, IPSOS Mori announce that voters are more concerned about the environment than any time in the past. Nicky Hopwood launches Pura. Pura of Ilkley is currently a pop-up shop with stalls at a number of environment hubs and Real Food Ilkley. Pura has plans to open a shop shortly.

Pura stocks loose dry food that shoppers can take home in their own reusable containers, locally sourced, refillable cleaning and laundry products,  sustainably-produced, recycled products for the home, gifts and beauty and cleansing products.

Nicky and her team also support Climate Action Ilkley.

The first stall is on Sunday 5th April (10am-3pm) on The Grove.
Nicky hopes that her shop will provide the residents of Wharfedale and Airedale support in cutting unnecessary waste out of their lives.

Nicky Hopwood @ Pura of Ilkley on 07828 641849
Dates for your diary ...
  • Saturday 29th February - Ilkley Fairtrade Group members will be at Ilkley Manor House on 29th February, 1st March and 7th and 8th March from 11am – 4pm - more details here
  • Sunday 1st March - 10 - 3.00 Real Food Market the Grove Ilkley [CANCELLED - HIGH WINDS]
  • Saturday 7th March - 9.30 Ben Rhydding Playing Field (behind the Esso garage) planting fruit trees
  • Sunday 8th March - 9.30 East Holmes Field by Skate Park planting fruit trees
  • Monday 9th March - 7.00 pm People and Traffice Ilkley Town Council meeting at All Saints Church
  • Saturday 14th March 10.30 - 12.30 - Ilkley Sustainability Plan - Clarke Foley Centre
  • Sunday 5th April - 10 - 3.00 Real Food Market the Grove Ilkley 
  • Sunday 10th May - 10 - 3.00 Real Food Market the Grove Ilkley 
  • Wednesday 13th May 7.30 - 9.00 Outstanding Home Insulation - Public Meeting - Clarke Foley Centre - details to follow

You can access and subscribe to our calendar here.

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By becoming a member you will be able to influence the development and activities of Climate Action Ilkley. 

Membership is open to anyone who:

  • is aged 16 years or over; and
  • lives, works or has a significant stake in Ilkley, and
  • supports the aim of Climate Action Ilkley

We ask everyone who wants to become a member to consider making an annual payment to Climate Action Ilkley. We suggest the following guidelines

  • Adult membership - an annual payment of £10
  • In education -  annual payment of £5

You can, of course, make any payment and we welcome all donations to support our work.

The payments and donations we receive are all used to further our aim - which is:-

To promote community-wide action to tackle climate change and make a just transition to a sustainable zero carbon community for Ilkley.

You can become a member of Climate Action Ilkley by using the button below. If you are a member of Climate Action Ilkley please ask your friends, neighbours, family and colleagues to join as well. 
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Thank you
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