January 2021
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Planting ...

Planting scheme for the grassed area between Castle Road (in front of the Playhouse) and the river – invitation to help.     

The steep banks between the river and the unmade road in front of Ilkley Playhouse are among the areas which BDMC and Climate Action Ilkley (CAI) have identified for sensitive replanting to encourage wildlife. Currently, 2 large areas of grass are divided by steep steps down to the riverside path.  The land slopes away sharply from road level towards the river.  Both areas are roughly triangular in shape and are the inverse of each other as shown above.  To give an idea of size, the length of the path down to the river is about 70 metres

The area on the left closest to New Brook St is bounded by trees. Near the top, it is crossed by a path. The area adjacent to the allotments contains 2 large trees with significant spread at the upper end.  The slope faces north so the lower part won’t get a lot of sun.  In contrast, the upper area will be flooded with sunlight in spring and summer.  There is a large flat area on left-hand side marked on the map above. 

To get the project underway, we’d like to pull together a small group of people to brainstorm some ideas, assess their feasibility, and then develop a preliminary design and planting scheme to share with Land and Nature Group members.  CAI will liaise on this project with Ilkley Town Council Green spaces and Environment Sub-Committee and BDMC which owns the land.  Very preliminary thoughts are that this area is not ideal for a wildflower meadow and would be better suited to planting with small trees and shrubs interspersed with flowers to attract insects and in autumn/winter provide food for small birds.  Within the area we can ‘showcase’ plants to encourage local residents to make their own gardens more wildlife-friendly as well as injecting year-round interest with varied colours and textures.  If you are interested, please leave a message on Slack using the Nature Food Water channel.  We’ll aim to get together via Zoom in mid-February.  In the meantime, please send any ideas to Anne Eady via Slack.
Community eCargo

Bikes for Ilkley -

the first bikes are here!


Climate Action Ilkley's community eCargo Bike Project is coming together with the delivery of the first bikes - one Tern GSD, one Urban Arrow cargo bike and a Carla Cargo Trailer.

We are now getting together the Project Crew to get the project up and running. If you would like to get involved in this exciting project then please use Slack and post into the eCargo Bike channel. We will be organising an initial project start up meeting via Zoom sometime in February.

Fairtrade Fortnight

News from Ilkley Fairtrade Group 

‘Climate, Fairtrade and You’ is the theme of this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight campaign, 22nd Feb – 7th March.
To quote the Fairtrade Foundation’s CEO:  
“Fairtrade is about social, economic and environmental justice. These are built into our standards and drive everything we do. A root cause of the inability to adapt to and mitigate climate change is poverty. More money in the hands of farmers is needed if they are to adapt and survive the climate crisis. Choosing Fairtrade fights for improvements in producers’ livelihoods with collective strength through co-ops and their bargaining power, the protection of a Minimum Price and Fairtrade Premiums”.
Fairtrade Fortnight is going online this year, and there are two free festivals with a wide range of events to learn more about why a fairer deal and living incomes for farmers and workers are critical in tackling the climate crisis. There is something for everyone, from discussions between Fairtrade farmers, other experts and famous faces, to music, art, craft, poetry, entertainment, cookalongs, a family friendly Fairtrade version of Taskmaster and interactive workshops on sustainable living. Learn more about how Fairtrade helps to achieve the SDGs, and its early plans for participating in COP26.
Fairtrade Foundation 'Choose the world you want' festival. Register for details on
Fairtrade Yorkshire ‘Fairtrade Connections’ community arts festival. Find all the event details via the Campaigns tab on
All the free events will be on Zoom, and can be booked via the links on the websites.
Both Fairtrade Ilkley and Bradford Fairtrade Zone are sponsoring the Fairtrade Yorkshire festival – we all hope you find something to enjoy, inform and inspire you.
Teaching and home learning resources: find primary and secondary ‘Climate, Fairtrade and you’ education packs, and home learning resources on
If you need any further information, or want to join us in campaigning for Fairtrade (we would love some help to work with schools, and also with social media), please email, or message us via facebook, ilkleyfairtrade.

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash
Should we go vegan to save the world?
Tuesday 23 March at 7.30pm

The number of vegans in the UK has grown rapidly over the last few years, quadrupling since 2014.[1] One of the main reasons people eat less meat and dairy is environmental, including the need to reduce carbon emissions. But should we all go vegan to save the world?

Two of Climate Action Ilkley's trustees offer their views on this question looking beyond the carbon footprint of meat and plant-based diets to consider other issues such as what the UK’s landscape and farming might look like if we all went vegan, the health and ethical implications of eating meat and dairy, and a personal take on life after cheese. Attendees are encouraged to make their own contributions and some time will be allocated for discussion on what actions Climate Action Ilkleymight consider in this area. 

Steve Peel trained in agriculture and worked in research and consultancy, specialising in grassland for dairy and meat production. From the 1990s his work evolved towards the impact of farming on the environment: soil, water, air and particularly biodiversity. He is an omnivore but with a much lower than average meat and dairy consumption. 

Mike Daw has been vegan for around five years. He has been active in the environmental movement for over thirty years and joined CAI in 2018 after moving to Ilkley from Derbyshire. He is currently working towards a PhD in psychology examining how diet relates to parapsychological experiences.

The session will be chaired by Kath Steward, also a trustee of CAI.[1]

We are continuing to promote the CEE Bill - this includes running two further Zoom events

Both events will be open for you to join from 19.15 and the event will start promptly at 19.30.
  • why is the CEE Bill important?
  • what actions can you take?
  • writing to your MP
  • what about COP26
  • what is a Head Fake?

We have produced an initial CEE Bill information pack which explains in more detail the action we can all take to promote the Bill as widely as possible. You can access this here. We will be adding to this as we develop the campaign so please check back for updates.

Please contact our MP Robbie Moore and ask him to support the CEE Bill.  You also might look at the Scientists for Extinction Rebellion site - especially their publication Emergency on Planet Earth.

Please sign this petition calling on the Prime Minister to implement the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill here.

We want to create Ilkley wide support for this - please get involved - join the Slack channel #proj-ceebill.

And here is a Newsflash from the CEE Bill Alliance

Newsflash: We’re in a Climate and Ecological Emergency! OK, this probably won’t come as news to you, but unfortunately too many MPs didn’t get the memo.

Friday sittings in Parliament have been cancelled, which means that the ‘second reading’ of the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill won’t take place. These sessions are the only opportunity for private member’s bills such as ours - i.e. laws proposed by MPs who are not in Government - to be debated. We had a second reading of the CEE Bill booked in for Friday, 12 March, which was pushed back to Friday, 26 March, and now we have this cancellation. So much for Fridays for Future - this feels more like Groundhog Day.

Second readings for these kinds of bills are always a bit of a damp squib. Placed at the end of the agenda, they are rarely actually debated. Of course, we knew this already, and there has always been campaigning method to this parliamentary madness. Having the Bill on the books gets our foot in the door. It means we can ask MPs to table debates, put forward questions in Parliament, raise the profile of the Bill within Westminster and around the country - and eventually convert this groundswell into ground-breaking legislative change. This is exactly the logic that led to the Climate Change Act 2008, which started life as a private member’s bill backed by a mass movement of grassroots campaigners.

So, really, the cancellation of Friday sittings is just a blip in the great scheme of things: our campaign is now backed by nearly 100 MPsdozens of organisations and over 8000 campaigners like yourself. With this much momentum behind us, reintroducing the Bill in the next parliamentary session in spring will be a doddle. And as we grow, we become harder and harder for the Government to ignore. However, we can’t let this kind of prevarication pass without comment. We need MPs to know that they can’t keep putting us - and, you know, THE ACTUAL PLANET - on the back burner. We have to kick up a fuss.

Turning a damp squib into a firework

We want to mark the date when our second reading would have taken place with a Twitter storm that MPs won’t be able to ignore. On Friday, 26 March we’ll be asking you to record a video and tweet your MP asking them to back the CEE Bill (or thanking them if they already do). You can find out if your MP supports the Bill here. Campaigners are also planning a banner drop in support of the Bill on the same day. We’ll let you know more about this in due course.

Strength in numbers 

From the Green Economy Coalition to the Permaculture Association, January has seen a host of new organisations come out in the support of the CEE Bill. Click here to see a full list and sign up your organisation (more logos to be added in the coming days!). We’d like to give a special shout out to new ally Students for Global Health, who are running a series of webinars on climate justice. The series started this evening, but you can still catch the 2nd, 3rd and 4th webinars over the next three Thursdays, from 18:00 to 19:00 GMT. Join the event series here.

Share and share alike

Many of you have been getting in touch about your activities on the CEE Bill up and down the UK - whether it’s engaging directly with your MP or promoting the Bill within your community. Check out this brilliant video by Greener Henley, for instance. And in Camden, campaigner Marianne Sheehan wrote to her local paper about the Bill, using the hook of a recent issue on climate.

If you’d like to share your ideas or ask questions of other campaigners directly, why not join us from 15:00 to 16:30 on Wednesdays for one of our Campaign Shares? The next session is on 3 February 2021. These gatherings are for everyone, whether you’re interested in joining the campaign or have been actively working on it for a while. Register here.

Past, present and future events

If you missed our Meet the Lib Dems: Supporters of the CEE Bill event last week, you can catch up on it here. For campaigners in Scotland, do take a keek at the ongoing The Future Speaks series. At each event in the series, high school students from a different region in Scotland ask local MPs and candidate MSPs questions about climate change obligations, education and action. This is a great opportunity to bring up the CEE Bill and make sure the MPs in attendance have declared their support! Finally, on 11 February from 18:00 to 19:00 GMT, the UK Youth Climate Coalition, who recently joined the CEE Bill Alliance, are organising an event about how young people can talk to their MPs. Members of the UKYCC team will be providing tips on engaging with MPs and introducing viewers to their tool for checking MPs’ voting records on climate.

Imagining our future in the face of the Climate & Ecological Emergency...

How might we start a public conversation about the future of our town? If you are interested in how we might answer this question then find out more here


 Reasons to be

Cheerful ...
Check out this inspiring collection of positive news stories - curated by David Byrne
Find out more about the Imagination Sundial - here

Some other stuff ... 

Read the BBC report on Climate change: Biggest global poll supports 'global emergency' and here is the UN report on the The People's Vote - worth noting that an amazing 40% supported moves to a plant based diet.

Really interesting report from the UN Environment Programme - Emissions Gap Report 2020 - especially Chapter 6 - Bridging the gap – the role of equitable low-carbon lifestyles. 

You can get the full report here and you can also just select Chapter 6.

Here is an interesting series of Climate Talks running as part of the Manchester Science Festival 

Check out this collection of stuff from this month here  - (if you have any free time and energy).

Dates for your diary ...

Tuesday 9th February at 7.15 pm - CEE Bill meeting - register here via Eventbrite

Tuesday 16th February at 7.00 pm - Climate Action Ilkley All members Welcome - a bit like a chat in the pub - also in Slack
here is the Zoom meeting link  (sorry we had to move this to 16th  because of the CEE Bill meeting)

Monday 22nd February - 7th March - Fairtrade Fortnight - 'Climate, Fairtrade and You' - see above for more details

Tuesday 2nd March at 7.15 pm - CEE Bill meeting - register here via Eventbrite

Tuesday 9th March 2021 at 7.00 pm - General Meeting - All members of Climate Action Ilkley - details for registration to follow in an email to all members

Tuesday 16th March at 7.00 pm - Climate Action Ilkley All members Welcome - a bit like a chat in the pub - also in Slack - Zoom meeting link will be in February newsletter

Tuesday 23rd March at 7.30 pm - Should we go vegan to save the world - register here via Eventbrite

Thursday 22nd Earth Day  - check out the website - and let us know what you think we should do to mark this day

and looking ahead to ...
1st - 12th November COP26 - let's start thinking about how we would like to mark this globally significant meeting. All ideas welcome! Check out the cop26coalition website here
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