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 Happy New Year... or...

Herbie Hancock's "Imagine", featuring Pink, Seal, India.Arie

 Electric Car Club

Enterprise Car Club has just in the last couple of weeks expanded its car club to Ilkley. A car is now available to hire by the hour at Priestley Court, Railway Road.  There are different membership packages and prices though Enterprise plans to offer a discounted £10 first year membership and £10 drive time credit. Hire rates depend upon your package, but are in the region of £5 per hour, plus a mileage charge.

Car clubs are great for people who don't own a car but would like occasional access for them or people who are low car users. The typical household car costs nearly £300 per month to own, and that's without driving it anywhere. So if you just need a car 2-3 times per week, a car club can be an awful lot cheaper. Similarly, households with 2 or more cars can benefit where the 2nd car is used very infrequently by making the car club their second car.

Enterprise Car Club is available nationwide, so join in Ilkley and you can access cars throughout the UK, as well as throughout West Yorkshire. This means, if you're travelling afar, you can potentially "let the train take the strain" and jump into a car club car at the other end, a more relaxing and productive way to travel. Furthermore, your car club membership also entitles you to a discount on Enterprise Car Hire - for when you're perhaps needing a vehicle over a longer period.

Enterprise are keen to expand their car club further. Climate Action Ilkley, would, in the longer-term, love to see electric car club vehicles available next to the rail and bus station as part of a 'Mobility Hub'. For this to happen, we will need to get dedicated car club bays and charging points which we'll have to work with Bradford Council to acquire. But, fundamentally, before this happens, we the community need to demonstrate that there's demand for the car club, so please think about whether you could benefit from joining the car club, either personally, or perhaps for your business, and spread the word to others you think could be interested. A late Christmas present for yourself perhaps? Or a New Year's resolution!  At least one CAI committee member has already joined!

You can find out more about how the car club works on Enterprise's website: In the New Year, CAI will be promoting the car club on-line and at community events and we can help answer questions and even demo the car.

 Hope ...
My wish for 2020 is for people to stop asking climate activists what gives us hope and start asking “how can I help?”
Mary Annaïse Heglar

Read the whole twitter thread here

We Need Courage, Not Hope,
to Face Climate Change

Read the article here 
 A poem ...

The climate 

September 23, 2019

It was like watching a wave approach
from a great distance, so great

that at first it is not a wave at all, but
a mere horizon, static and singular,

so that one, it being possible, presumably,
to avail oneself of the diversions

of the beach, might turn one’s back
on the ocean altogether, might turn instead

to the sand, heaped and tunnelled,
the sunscreened hand that fumbles

for a book, indeed, the book,
the sentence, the syntax, the sun

blanching the page, stained, perhaps,
with sweat, the creamy pleasure

of not-laboring, when one would otherwise
labor, the pleasure of wasting

oneself, of decadent uselessness,
though one might, of course, always alarm

to some emergency, a child caught
in the undertow, say, who must be

dragged to shore and breathed into
like an empty balloon, an empty balloon

on which everything depends, might,
bent over the small body, waiting for it

to rise, to float, casting a shadow
the size of oneself, not even see,

though one was, of course, warned
it would come, and soon, the shadow

of that wave, like a new sky, already
overhead and even now descending.

Check out the original here and listen to the poem being read by the author

Published in the print edition of the September 30, 2019, issue of the New Yorker

  • Annelyse Gelman is the author of the poetry collection “Everyone I Love Is a Stranger to Someone.” Her collaborative EP “About Repulsion,” with samples from Max Ritvo, Brigit Pegeen Kelly, and Carl Phillips, will be out in October.

 Positive news stories ...
Six positive news stories about #ClimateChange 2020 must be a turning point in global emissions.

Read them here.

But remember "targets are cheap; real progress is harder"


2020 must be the year of climate action - read more from the Committee on Climate Change here

 Zero Emissions ...

You can read the interesting UKFires report on getting to zero emissions here


Greta Thunberg and

David Attenborough

For Greta Thunberg's guest-edit of the Today programme, she met Sir David Attenborough (via Skype as they didn't want to add to their carbon footprints) to discuss the climate crisis and their hopes for the future. You can read more about their discussion here.

 Robbie Moore

our new MP
Congratulations to Robbie Moore on being elected MP for our constituency.

Robbie signed the Friends of the Earth Climate Pledge at the General Election hustings in Ilkley and we will be making contact with Robbie in the near future to ask him how he plans to act in support of this pledge. You can sign up to get email updates about Robbie Moore's record in parliament using this link
 Ilkley Real Food Market
We would like to have a regular presence at the Real Food Market which is held on the first Sunday in the month on Grove Ilkley - starting again on Sunday 2nd February 2020.

To do this we need to have volunteers at our stall from 9.30 to 3.30 on these Sundays. We have been doing this in pairs in 1.5 hour sessions ie
  • 9.30 - 11.00
  • 11.00 - 12.30
  • 12.30 - 14.00
  • 14.00 - 15.30
If you would like to help us with this then please email
Dates for your diary ...


  • Thursday 30th January - 7.30 Woodland Trust Meeting Clark Foley Centre - "Trees - the answer to the climate and wildlife crises?"
    • get your ticket for this event here
  • Sunday 2nd February - 10 - 3.00 Real Food Market the Grove Ilkley

You can access and subscribe to our calendar here.

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Something to end with ....


Queen - Somebody To Love (Apartment Sessions)

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