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All New Flyer FR Advanced Foiling Sail

Coming March 1, 2022 in sizes 3.4m² - 10.0m²

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Top down, left to right:

  • Colson Zack, Bruce Peterson and Sam Bauer testing the Flyer FR’s and riding their SABfoil 671 and 800 wings.

  • Alex Laudon and Teresa Brady out for an adventure on the Flyer FR 3.4m² and 3.9m².

  • Bruce Peterson and Dale Cook patrolling the Corridor on FR 6.0m² and 5.2m².

  • Rob Mulder on the Flyer FR 8.5m² on English Bay, Vancouver.

  • Alex Laudon shredding the Hatch on the Flyer FR 3.4m²

Flyer FR Design Concept

Created from over two years of continuous development with some of the best windfoilers in North America, the Flyer FR is our power foiling sail for windspeeds from 6 to 35+ knots. It features a unique combination of tension and shaping characteristics that are specifically optimized for higher speeds and wind loads for advanced hydrofoil windsurfing.

The design begins with a higher aspect ratio outline, featuring a larger foot, with additional battens and camber stabilization - now a 6-batten 3-cam layout in the larger FR sizes, and 5-batten 2-cam layout in the smaller FR sizes. Rig tension in the the FR sails is increased from the legacy Flyer sails, as is the shaping profile, to enhance the power and stability of the FR. The same Flyer narrow sleeve and camber system remains to maintain an easy handling, but precise, articulated draft profile. The leech is tighter with less pre-twist for good pumping response, while the subtle spiral twist still maintains clean aerodynamic release. Want to foil fast the way you used to fin-windsurf? The Flyer FR is that sail.

Flyer FR prices start at $659 for the 3.4m² up to $889 for the 10.0m²

Flyer FR Colors and Specs

Photo of Sailworks windsurfers

The Flyer FR sails are ideally paired with faster foils that have higher-aspect wings like the SABfoil 1000, 800, 740, 671, 607 wings.

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Paparazzi capture a future Revolution sail…ETA April 2022

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