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Issue 37

Hello <<First Name>>,

Listen, to the Spirit calling you...

How can that be? Who knows how the Spirit enables us to listen?

Let's listen this week and hear that calling, what ever it may be...

This link to a musical piece, might guide and inspire us.

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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

How often do we meet people whose words and deeds match? Sometimes at least, but it may be rare enough. In the old expression, when all is said and done, more is said than done.

Jesus is a teacher with authority — not the authority of position or force but power from within. This is suggested by the Greek word for authority exousia, from within (my) being.

Even today, there are religious leaders who speak from within, whose word is genuine, whose deeds match what they say. These are the ones we listen to; these are the ones we would love to be like.

Loving God, you love us wholly and your desire is that we become both whole and holy. Help us to take the Good News to heart. May we become fully mature in Christ, so that our inner and outer selves are one.
(adapted from reflections on the Gospel by Kieran O’Mahony OSA, )
Tune in to the webcam before 11:30am Mass to hear the welcome.
The Scripture readings are available daily and for Sunday.
Take time to check out our resource: Breaking Open the Word in Prayer


St. Brigid's Day / Lá Fhéile Bríde
Monday February 1st

We celebrate Feb 1st as the feast day of St Brigid and forms the trinity of the country’s Patron Saints along with St Patrick and St Columcille.

The cross is traditionally associated with St. Brigid.
Brigid's cross is a small cross usually woven from rushes. It has four arms tied at the ends and a woven square in the middle. Traditionally they were set over doorways and windows to protect the home from any kind of harm. 
View this short video on the making of a cross by parishioners in Blanchardstown Parish. This year while they cannot gather they can still make crosses and pray for each other.
Other Feasts This Week
For centuries, February 2nd has been celebrated as Candlemas, a Christian Feast Day. Candlemas is also called the Feast of the Presentation, because it honours the day that Mary and Joseph presented the infant Jesus at the Temple.

You might like to take out some candles at home and join on Tuesday at 10am Mass, where candles will be blessed. 
Image: Presentation of Jesus in the Temple by Fra Angelico, 1442.
On February 3rd the Church gives a "Blessing of the Throats" in honor of St. Blaise. He is invoked for all throat afflictions, and on his feast two candles are blessed with a prayer that God will free from all such afflictions and every ill all those who receive this blessing.
You are invited to join 10am Mass on Wednesday where this blessing will take place. You might like to use the blessed candles from the Feast of the Presentation. 
is available at 11.30am from
St. Anthony's Church
is available at 10am Mon - Sat from
The Holy Rosary Church
Mass is also available at 10.30am weekdays on the RTE News Now Channel
Further details of our togetherness are here.
Each weekday night we have Night Prayer at 8pm on ZOOM.
Mass Intentions
As weekday and Sunday Masses are online and from one church, please phone or email the office to have any intentions included in these masses during lockdown.
Parish Office
Due to the current restrictions, the office is closed to the public until further notice. You may leave a message on the answer machine as calls will be answered daily. 
Our Alpha Programme continues this Wednesday
We were delighted with the turnout for the Alpha programme for the parents of those registered for Confirmation on Wednesday night. 
Some 60 people in conversation on the topic, Is there more to life than this?  
We continue this Wednesday in opening up Who is Jesus?  All who have registered will receive details, by email, each Monday.
We are grateful too, to all those who have contributed to the Christmas Offering at this time.

For anyone wishing to make a donation, this can be made by post; by phone to the office or by making a contribution online through the Greystones or Kilquade Paypal pages on the websites.
Thank you.

As we are unable to gather in community, there is the opportunity to make a prayer request through here or on the websites.
These prayers will be included in our night prayer online gathering.
You are welcome to join us for Night Prayer at 8pm each weekday.
See the website for full details. All are welcome.

Missed something?
Watch and listen back again...

Our goal is to make our liturgies meaningful celebrations of a community of faith, worshiping God in all of God’s ways.
It is possible to view Sunday Masses from the past month and a number of homilies.
The Christmas Liturgies and Carol Service are also available here.
Let us pray for those who have died recently.

Joe Clifford, Gerald Daly, John Kavanagh,
John Bergin, Tom McKeown

We offer our sympathy to their family and friends.
May they rest in peace.


In the coming weeks, look out for information here on the following:
Ash Wednesday and Lent


Installation of Dermot Farrell as Archbishop of Dublin
The installation of Dermot Farrell as Archbishop of Dublin will take place on Tuesday 2 February in St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral at 10.30. Due to restrictions, this will not be a public Mass.  
However, you are invited to participate in the Mass which will be livestreamed on the cathedral webcam Watch & Listen Live | Archdiocese of Dublin as well as on the Facebook page of the Archdiocese of Dublin.

COVID-19 & Church-21: New survey
Last May, a survey called “Coronavirus, Church & You” was launched at the Mater Dei Centre for Catholic Education, DCU – nearly 1,500 responses were gathered.
The institute would like to bring news of a new survey to your attention. This version of the survey is open to all churchgoers over 18 years in Ireland, priests, religious and lay people. The survey takes 20-30 minutes to complete and should be a worthwhile experience in itself. 
Please follow this link for further information.

Brigit: A Day for Renewal and Healing

A one-hour event on Brigit as Agent of Renewal and Healing with Dr. Mary Condren, Nandini Gupta, Artist, Rita Duffy and Professor Katharine Simms. Click this link for further information. This is a free event but registration is required.


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