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  • February 3: Friday, Opening Reception for Seeing Red from 5:00 - 8:00 at 68845 Perez Rd. Cathedral City, CA 92234
  • February 4: Saturday Salon topic:Seeing Red exhibition at 10:00 am Zoom
  • February 9: Board/Member meeting 5:30 pm (all are welcome) Zoom
  • February 16: Live Streaming LTA Awards honoring Linda Vallejo at 3:30 pm Streaming
  • March 1 - 5: Pick up artwork for Seeing Red exhibition (contact your transport for more information)
  • ONGOING: Join or Renew It is always time to renew! (WCA)
  • ONGOING: You can support SCWCA Scholarship Funds by purchasing SCWCA catalogs and promotional items online. See information below.
Confirm you have the correct SCWCA zoom link, for all our meetings. This is the only link we will be using for all of our events.
Dear Members,

You are amazing! You are awesome! Look what you did!!! 32 pieces of artwork were entered into our Joyful Holiday Charity Exhibition supporting LA Food Bank. And 15 pieces of artwork SOLD! 25% of proceeds were contributed to LA Food Bank totalling $375 which has the impact of creating 1500 meals! WOW and Congratulations.

Here's a double WOW - A staggering 50 works of art were selected for our upcoming member exhibition Seeing Red at the Shelley Heffler Contemporary Arts Gallery in Cathedral City. The reception is February 3 from 5:00 - 8:00 pm and the show runs through February 28. Plan your visit today.

Women’s Caucus for Art, our national organization, is honoring our very own Linda Vallejo, along with four other WCA members, as their 2022 LIfetime Achievement Awardees. The streaming program will be February 16 at 3:30pm. Keep an eye out for the email containing the streaming link.

Happy Valentine’s Day,
Susan Spector
SCWCA President

As a reminder, EVERY monthly meeting is open to all SCWCA members: Board meetings, Artist Talks, and Saturday Salons. All of our monthly zoom meetings and zoom/in-person events are listed on our website in the calendar section  Join us, please! Your voice is truly important to the future of SCWCA.
Questions? Email 
Want to share accomplishments and/or exhibitions? Email by the 15th of the month. SCWCA eNews is your news.
Saturday Salon -  Saturday February 4, 2023 at 10:00 am. The subject of February's Salon is the Seeing Red from the Shelley Heffler Contemporary Gallery on ZoomJoin us for a lively conversation about the artwork in this exhibition.

Email Karen Schifman with questions or suggestions for future Salons.
Artist Talk -  We absolutely love having our artist talks on the third Thursday of every month. This month on February 16, 2023 at 3:30 pm we will see a live stream presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Awards (LTA) with our very own Linda Vallejo as one of the recipients. This is a special event and we'd love for you to tune in with us. Click here for the link to the livestream event.

We'd love to have you participate in our artist talks. Please contact Shelley Heffler and let her know which month you are available.

Linda Vallejo creates work that visualizes what it means to be a person of color in the US. Her work reflects the experiences and knowledge gathered over four decades of study in the Latino, Chicano and American indigenous communities.
The Second Saturday Sessions are programs that were originally scheduled for the WCA National Conference which was canceled due to the pandemic. WCA has pivoted much of the programming to be offered for free to WCA members. Read about all of the Second Saturday Sessions, view recordings of past sessions and sign-up for a session on our Programs page.
Dwora Fried has an upcoming solo show of assemblages  at Cerritos College Gallery curated by James MacDevitt.
Opening Monday, February 6, 2023 from 6 - 9pm
WCA will livestream the Lifetime Achievement Awards (LTA) honoring one of our SCWCA Chapter members, Linda Vallejo on February 16, 2023 at 3:30 pm (PST). The link for the live stream can be found here and will be available on the National WCA website.
Eva Montealegre's painting, We are Stardust 2 (see below), has been accepted to the Art of Planetary Science 2023.
The Ninth Annual Art of Planetary Science exhibit: Big Worlds, Small Worlds.
Dellis Frank has a solo show at Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa. The exhibition titled Systemic examines the inequities suffered by communities of color for centuries. Opens February 1, 2023. Workshop, from 12:00 - 2:00 and reception from 2:00 - 4:00 February 22, 2023.
Runs thru March 29, 2023
This group show presented by LELA International, L'Amore and More at the Makery includes many SCWCA members. Join us and reflect on the deepest passions and higher love as portrayed by these artists.

Opening Reception: Sunday, February 5, 2023 from 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Location: 260 S. Los Angeles, Street, Los Angeles
Opening reception for this SCWCA group show is Friday, February 3 from 4:00 - 8:00 pm. The exhibition will be worth the drive to the Shelley Heffler Contemporary Gallery in Cathedral City located at 68845 Perez Road Building H #14. Note: Dellis Frank has agreed to bring unsold work back to her home of the ones that she transported to the exhibition. More information to follow.


The full gamut of visible wavelengths is on display in Spectral Analysis, an exhibition re-defining the scientific term’s calculation of waves and data, often involving three Cartesian spatial coordinates (X,Y, & Z). In the exhibition’s case, the three artists Kate Carvellas, Dellis Frank and Jynx Prado, provide their bold and delightful approach to color and use of varied materials to thoroughly explore the wide spectrum of possibilities by creating wondrous abstract work.

While the human eye is sumptuously enchanted by the results, each artist possesses a unique way of bringing underlying symbolism, social commentary, and environmental concerns into their work.

The combined three-dimensional sculptures and wall assemblages provide insightful conversations about material repurposing and construction methods by using found objects, wood, fiber and industrial packaging. The reconstructed and visionary results are a resplendent tribute to color’s ability to recalibrate our frame of mind and emotions through the talent and guiding hand of the artist.

Opening at LAUNCH LA
February 25, 2023
Curated by Jason Jenn
Bruria Finkel
With Bruria Finkel time has a way of both slipping away and standing still. Artists spend time contemplating and creating from a myriad of subjects and ideas. Making art is a creative way to mark events and thoughts to share with others. Bruria Finkel has been making art for over 60 years. Over time, Bruria’s art has reflected current issues and events. Human experience as well as personal history impacts her artwork. Bruria is a multi-media artist using a variety of materials and techniques such as ceramics, acrylic painting and installations. According to Bruria, simple color and shapes help to inform each piece of art creating movement while representing a state of mind.
To explore more of Bruria’s artwork go to or SCWCA’s Artist Registry.

The Member Gallery is a free benefit for current SCWCA members. If you’d
like to create or update a page, please email Susan T. Kurland at
by Karen Schifman

Check out Karen's monthly blog for more information on what's in the galleries and the museums around town: Artful Amphora

Women Around Town
February 2022
Open your heart to lots of art!
Reminder: The Frieze Art Fair is at the Santa Monica Airport, February 16-19, 2023.  Interesting article: "10 Emerging Artists to Watch at Frieze Los Angeles 2023."


Re-iterate is the current noteworthy exhibit at Launch Gallery. It is curated by Lorraine Heitzman. The work here is by 3 distinctive artists, Raghubir Kintisch, Monica Wyatt and Lorraine Heitzman who all explore mystical, natural and psychological worlds through reiteration, and each finds meaning in the process. "The impulse to reiterate is fundamental. Repetition creates rhythms, lending emphasis to amplify and clarify; it is a way of making sense of something, just as it is a tool for learning.

In Reiterate, Heitzman, Kintisch and Wyatt show us that contrary to the common idiom, more is sometimes more. Kintisch paints vivid images on paper that can be construed as an alphabet for a spiritual language drawn from her Kundalini practice. Her process involves reimaging and reconfiguring her paintings as her understanding has evolved through introspection and reinvention. Some of her paintings honor gurus and deities, while others approach divination and mysticism in more abstracted ways, in the manner of mandalas and other forms of spiritual art. Each painting is self-sufficient, but the installation emphasizes her repeated use of religious elements, adding to an intensified, immersive holistic experience. Wyatt finds beauty in the cast-off detritus of manufacturing.

With an eye towards the idiosyncratic, she repurposes zip-ties and bobbins into elegant hanging sculptures that belie the humble origins of her materials. Her woven sculptures assume organic forms like hanging bird nests or cell structures that are devoid of color, but ooze with texture. In Wyatt’s hands, the industrial by-products and incidental hardware are given a new life. Her imaginative use of materials is both convincing and fantastical, balancing between the wonder of natural structures and inventive facsimiles." (LG)

Runs thru February 18, 2023

Wilding Cran Gallery presents Fran Siegel, Chronicle, curated by jill moniz. Siegel is a mixed-media artist using porcelain, paint, fabric, scrim, vellum, string and other materials in her three-dimensional works. Chronicle is the culmination of recent works that express Siegel’s contemplation of place, dreams and perspectives. Wonderful work and excellent essay by moniz on their website. 

Runs thru March 4, 2023

I am anxious to see the New work by Alison Saar: Uproot, the current exhibit at L.A. Louver Gallery. In this presentation, Saar employs historical memory and media as a lens through which to view the contemporary and delves deeper into the realities, histories, and layers of Black womanhood in the United States. "Titled Uproot, this exhibition excavates the intersection of racialized gender inequity and reproductive rights, taking as inspiration images of the Sable Venus and the use of herbal abortifacients as a means of resistance and revolution." (LA) Here is a link to a video of Saar at work in her studio.

Runs thru March 11, 2023

Luis De Jesus Gallery. is exhibiting Mimi Smith: Head On. Sculptures, paintings and drawings by the Feminist Artist demonstrative her experimental foray into a variety of media. "For nearly six decades, Smith has created objects that simultaneously engage the personal, domestic sphere and the larger socio-political context of our time. Smith is often regarded as a feminist artist avant la lettre—ahead of her time—creating work that forecasted the Feminist Art Movement of the 1970s. Here she navigates womanhood, identity and history and the use of her body as ‘the armature for a worn environment.’”

Runs thru March 4, 2023


Janet Werner: Call Me When You Start Wearing Red is the current exhibit at Anat Egbi Gallery examines ideas of being divided, dualities of human nature, and inner multiplicity. Werner externalizes these psychological splits within her ‘broken pictures.’ Side-stepping narrative, her subjects present more as ideas—vessels for viewers to pour themselves into. We relate to them through their disruptions—shrinking heads, contorting bodies, flipping figures upside-down or partial obscuration.

Runs thru February 25, 2023

Walter Maciel Gallery presents Newtro by Los Angeles artist, Dana Weiser. This new body of work includes large-scale ceramic vessels with surfaces ranging from traditional glazes to fitted silk coverings with handmade embroidery. The show will also include a series of drawings made from scratched surfaces on black coated holographic paper. Newtro culture was derived in South Korea and combines modern trends with retro eras, creating new cultural constructions within media, music, food and fashion. For this body of work, Newtro acts as a paradigm for Weiser’s identity as a Jewish Korean adoptee and Asian American with a focus on conventional techniques, Hanbok fabrics and historical ceramic vessels inspired by the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392 AD) pottery." (WM)

Runs thru February 25, 2023
Whitney Bedford: Vedute is a continued exploration of the affective possibilities of historical landscapes at Vielmetter, L.A. She uses scale and repetition to mine the experiential possibilities of painting the land in the twenty-first century. A monumental painting by Bonnard via Bedford is repeated four times. Each repetition refers to a time of day: mid-morning, mid-afternoon, evening. The passage of time is reflected in a shifting palette, the compositions and confrontations between present and past in each work changed only in their color. Ink and oil on linen.

Whitney Bedford and Jori Finkel will be in conversation about Bedford’s recent works at the gallery on Saturday, February 18, 2023

Runs thru February 25, 2023
If you have not seen Joan Didion: What She Means at the Hammer Museum,
note that it closes February  19,2023

Next up at the Hammer is Bridget Riley Drawings: From the Artist's Studio. Drawing has remained a crucial part of Riley’s practice for more than six decades. This is the first and most extensive museum exhibition dedicated exclusively to the artist’s drawings in over half a century and the first major exhibition of her work at a West Coast Museum. This exhibition presents approximately ninety sheets and covers the full range of Riley’s career, from her student days in the late 1940s, when she dedicated herself exclusively to drawing courses at Goldsmiths College in London, through her groundbreaking black-and-white optical works of the early 1960s, to the innovative color studies she has undertaken from the late 1960s to the present day.

Runs February 4 thru May 28, 2023
Craft Contemporary is featuring works by Alicia Piller in an exhibition titled Within curated by jill moniz. This exhibit features an installation of multimedia works that investigates the relationship between macro and micro perspectives of knowledges, meaning, and bodily form. Piller uses resin, latex, xeroxed imagery, dried plants, stones, and found objects to create cosmic and biological landscapes that are an invitation for viewers to visually connect abstracted form with the complexities of human experience. The artist pulls apart and reconfigures mundane materials into a rich and deep form of visual storytelling that bridges time and place, reminding us that internally and externally we are part of fantastical worlds shaped by necessity, emotion and wisdom.

Runs thru May 7, 2023
What portends to be a fascinating exhibit, Portraits, a juried exhibition of artist from Women Painters West at the California Heritage Museum. 
Runs thru May 7, 2023

(Portrait of John and Monica by Nancy Goodman Lawrence above)
Due to unpredictable weather a 'Rain Date' is scheduled for February 4, from 3:00 - 5:00 (just in case). Viewing is Wednesday - Saturday 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

(Portrait of A Black Queen by Dellis Frank above)

At the end of this month, Barbara T. Smith: The Way to Be opens at the Getty Research Institute at the Getty Center. "Since the 1960s, Barbara T. Smith (b. 1931 in Pasadena) has been at the forefront of artistic movements in California. Her work explores concepts that strike at the core of human nature, including sexuality, physical and spiritual sustenance, technology and death. This autobiographical exhibition with an accompanying publication explores the artist's first 50 years, which were marked by dramatic upheavals in her personal life as well as the development of her most pioneering works, including her Xerox art and radical early performances." (GM) 

Runs February 28 thru July 16, 2023

We have very active pods. They meet monthly, either on Zoom or in person. They meet for art-shares, friendship and all-around supportThey are really having a great time! Want to join a Pod or create one of your own? Contact Cathy Engle-Marder at

New Membership Portal: WCA changed its membership platform to give easier access to your membership benefits and each other. Membership orientations are underway and we want you to take full advantage of them.

Membership Orientations for the general membership are available now. Workshop dates will be announced in the following weeks. Check the WCA or the SCWCA websites for information.

When joining or renewing your membership online at WCA, at the new member portal under the chapter membership dropdown menu, please select CAS (Southern California) for your membership to become active with our chapter. You can also select a national caucus and provide additional information about your background. Please note if you do not select “CAS” you will not have local Southern California chapter membership and will not be eligible for member only programs and exhibitions.


- Wishing you had partners for an art vacation?
- Trying to develop a community project?
- Looking for or need a mentor? Want to start or join a critique group?
- Looking for framers, shippers or photographers with great references?
- Want to collaborate with another artist?
- Have an idea for a curatorial proposal and want to learn about   next steps?


Linda Vallejo offers artist career development Zoom workshops through the Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP)
 and The Southeast Center for Photography (SEC4P). 
Sessions include “The Artist Toolkit” that teaches artists how to create a “digital toolkit” presentation package and communication tools aimed at expanding exhibition, press and publication opportunities. Another Zoom class is “A to Z Grant Writing with Linda Vallejo” for emerging and established artists who want to advance their careers through fellowships and residency opportunities and “Artists Working with Art Organizations” where artists learn how to work with nonprofit organizations to raise funds for exhibitions, publications, classes and workshops and special projects.

Artist Linda Vallejo offers one-on-one coaching sessions for artists who wish to move their career forward. These sessions are meant for serious artists who wish to move from competition group exhibitions to small group and solo exhibition opportunities. Message Linda via Facebook or LinkedIn to schedule an interview. Limited spaces available.

We make it easier for you to link with other artists. If you have an idea, a wish or a helpful resource including, but certainly not limited to the ones listed here, help us get the word out. 

Email your name, contact information and what you have or hope to share to: Cathy Engel-Marder at by the 23rd of the month. Subject line "Networking and Resources."
Thank you to all our members who have already renewed for the upcoming year. If you have not already done so, please renew your SCWCA 2022 membership online soon at Remember to choose CAS for our local chapter. 

To renew by snail mail, send a $75 check payable to SCWCA to Treasurer Karen Schifman at 16795 Monte Hermoso Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

To share an upcoming exhibition or accomplishment in SCWCA eNews, send the information to by the 15th of the month prior to the month of publication.

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The She Votes altered book project that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the passage of  the 19th amendment ratifying a woman’s right to vote.
The catalog of the book can be purchased on Amazon.

Check out each page of She Votes by clicking on the link.
The SCWCA Scholarship Award applications are always available. The purpose of this award is to boost membership, support  women artists and provide opportunities for diverse ideas and discourse. The application for this award can be found on our website under the tab Join or Renew. The deadline for the application is June 1. Feel free to promote this all yeaer long!

There are ongoing opportunities to fund this program.

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SCWCA's  Position on Equality
SCWCA’s mission is to create community through art, education, and social activism. Hate and bigotry have no place in our organization. We condemn these racist, violent acts in the strongest possible terms and encourage our members to do so as well. We stand in solidarity with all those who suffer from fear, harassment, and violence.

Part of our mission as an organization is activism, so we stand with the Black Lives Matter and Stop AAPI Hate movements because we believe that all humans are connected. 
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