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  • April 2: Saturday Salon 10:00 am - Topic: The Business of Art - Zoom link
  • April 14: All Members Online Meeting/Elections/Instagram Tutorial at 5:00 pm Zoom link
  • April 21: Artist Talk with Barbara Tabachnick at 7:00 pm on Zoom
  • April 23: Images due for Earth Day Land Art virtual exhibition Earth Day Land Art Dropbox
  • April 24: Zoom exhibition for Earth Day Land Art
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Dear SCWCA members and friends,

Just as we begin to venture outdoors and enjoy art and people, we are beset with another world crisis. Changes in our lives have affected our lifestyle and as artists, perhaps the way we create. Recent art exhibits have focused on the political response to current events. So, my question is, does art have to be political to be significant?

In researching this topic, I came across the podcast Dialogues, sponsored by David Zwirner, a podcast about artists and the way they think. The discussion between Jed Perl and Joshua Cohen explore the concepts behind this notion. Plagued by curiosity, I researched articles on this subject. The London Economic, MoMA and Ted Talks offer insights on this topic. As one who does not create political work, I wonder, am I relevant? Perhaps this can be a topic at one of our Saturday Salon conversations.

My thoughts and prayers go to the people of Ukraine who are strong and united. We have a lot to be grateful for as a country, as an organization and as women. We stand together and we are strong. 

On a more upbeat note I urge you to participate in our Earth Day Land Art virtual exhibition on Zoom. I need as many of you as possible to participate in our all members meeting on April 14, 2022 at 5:00 pm. We are holding elections and will have an Instagram tutorial. Here is the link to the SCWCA Board Meeting.

Let’s stay connected.

Look for the events on our calendar listed on our website and join. 
 You can always reach us at  

Send information about your exhibitions by the 15th of the month to 
We are here to support and appreciate your accomplishments.

To a Creative Life,
Shelley Heffler

President, SCWCA
Saturday Salon - April 2, 2022 at 10:00 am
We are continuing our conversations with each other this year focusing on our art practice. The topic this month is The Business of Art. We're looking for more topics that are of interest to you. Let us know what you want to talk about.
Please email SCWCA for all Zoom access codes.
Email Karen Schifman with questions or suggestions for future Salons.
Artist Talk - Our artist talk this month is with Barbara Tabachnick on April 21 at 7:00 pm on Zoom. Be sure to sign up for your turn. We are anxious to learn all about you! 

In her former life Barbara was a Professor of Psychology (statistics, research design, perception) at CSUN for 25 years and belly dancer (and costume maker) for 16 of those years. Currently she is an artist, consultant in statistics and research design, co-author of the most popular multivariate statistics book, traveler and swing dancer (on hold until virus permits). She has been in multiple juried local, national and international group shows since 2004, with some prizes along the way. Solo shows (some shared) include those at the late, lamented, Orlando Gallery; Council Gallery of the NCJWLA (National Council of Jewish Women, Los Angeles); Madrid Theatre and Artist Alley at Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center. She was twice invited to exhibit at Ontario International Airport. Current organizations include Collage Artists of America (Website and Zoom Manager and soft techie), California Art League, Southern California Women’s Caucus for Art, LELA (Zoom Secretary), and Encaustic Art Institute.
The Second Saturday Sessions are programs that were originally scheduled for the WCA National Conference which was canceled due to the pandemic. WCA has pivoted much of the programming to be offered for free to WCA members. Read about all of the Second Saturday Sessions, view recordings of past sessions and sign-up for a session on our Programs page.
Have you signed up for an Art Pod?
If not, this is an opportunity to get connected with an intimate group of artists who share similar interests, are geographically close and interested in getting to know each other a little better. Check in with Cathy Engel-Marder to get connected

For more information go to: Avenue 50 Studio

Earth Day Call for Art. Join our collaborative Earth Day Land Art project during Earth Day weekend. Create wherever you are — backyard or park— and send your images to Melissa Reischman by no later than Saturday April 23. She has created a Dropbox link for you to upload images from now through April 23, 2022. Files should be labeled to indicate the sender. Example: A_Jones_image1.jpg or AdellaSmith_nesting.jpg 
Earth Day Land Art 

Our virtual exhibition on Zoom will be on Sunday April 24, 2022 at 4:00 pm
Darlyn Susan Yee has artwork titled My Body My Choice in Made In California at Brea Gallery. 

This annual exhibition has been a signature event of the Brea Gallery for 36 years and continues to explore artistic movements happening in California by featuring artists working in a huge array of mediums and styles. The artwork in Made in California is selected by a panel jurors, including Gallery Director Heather Bowling and guest juror Juliana Rico. This show is a diverse cross-section of creativity from across the state and always surprising.

Opening Reception: April 30, 2022 from 5:00 to7:00 pm
Runs April 30 thru June 24, 2022

Dwora Fried has a solo exhibition titled Curate/ Cure Hate: Fairy Tales, Flashbacks and Collages in a Box at the Gallery at Glendale Community College.

Runs through April 29, 2022.
1500 N Verdugo Rd, Glendale
Dellis Frank has two works in Peace Together an exhibition curated by Won Sil Kim. This show is in response to the 1992 LA riots and the affect they had on the Korean and African-American communities.

Opening Reception: April 29, 2022 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm
Runs April 29 thru May 7, 2022

Karen Gibson Roc, one of our new members and scholarship awardee, is now in the TOP 15 in their group of the DIY Hero campaign whose mission is to help the American Lung Association. It is a voting competition and will narrow to the Top 10 this week. They are competing to be featured in Make Magazine, and they can't do it without you! We should support our member as best we can by sending in a vote for her. There is a free daily vote and an impact vote which is a minimum of $10.00. You will be able to meet Karen at the artist talk in May.

To vote go to this site

Bermudez Projects presents The future is... Objects of Opulence Work by Linda Vallejo, appropriates culture and history from the Gilded Age of great wealth in the US and symbolically return it to the “brown” Latino/x essential workers who helped to build American business and wealth. These works examine the politics of color, class, culture, and power through the themes of cultural identity and awareness, and pop culture. Objects of Opulence examines and interprets the politics of color, class, culture, and power through the themes of wealth and power, cultural identity and awareness, and pop culture. For more information: Bermudez Projects

Runs through May 14, 2022
The Long Beach Creative Group and Rod Briggs Memorial Gallery presents Painting Long Beach. Karena Massengill is one of a multitude of artists featured in this exhibition. 

Runs thru April 30, 2022
Opening reception: Sunday April 3, 2022 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Location: Long Beach Creative Group Gallery
2221 Broadway, Long Beach, CA
Ada Pullini Brown
As we spring forward into the year, to prepare for warmer weather, we shed the heaviness of the previous season. In doing so, we are able to reassess and discover what comes next for us. This month’s featured artist is Ada Pullini Brown. Ada is a painter who studies figures, landscapes and still life. She uses a variety of materials such as gouache, graphite, charcoal and chalk in her art. Ada uses color and line to define her subjects. Patterns create texture to delineate the space surrounding the subject. While occasionally the figures are in outline, the expression of movement and background convey urgency toward the unknown. According to Ada, her approach to studying the female figure is to explore the myths, religion and cultures as they impact women lives. She considers women’s strengths as well as struggles. To view more of Ada’s artwork, go to: 

The Member Gallery is a free benefit for current SCWCA members. If you’d
like to create or update a page, please email Susan T. Kurland at
by Karen Schifman

Be sure to read Karen's monthly blog  at ARTFULAMPHORA or check out our Facebook page to see her insightful musings.

Womanhouse at Anat Egbi aims to situate the landmark installation from 1972 within a larger conversation about this "underhistoricized and productive experimental period of Southern California Feminist Art History".  I do recommend visiting this new vast gallery space on Fountain Ave. in Hollywood. 

It was interesting to see examples plucked from the original Womanhouse space out of their original context. However, for those unfamiliar with the original installation, there was a nice "taste" of the past interspersed with other works all by women artists keeping with the very feminist theme.  Some of the highlights here were the videos including Faith Wilding's Waiting, and works by Judy ChicagoKaren Le Cocq (pictured above), Miriam Shapiro and  Nancy Youdelman.

Video of Judy Chicago discussing Womanhouse. Click here.

Runs thru April 16, 2022
Genevieve Gaignard  is an L.A.-based artist whose work focuses on photographic self-portraiture, sculpture and installation to explore race, femininity, class and their various intersections. Strange Fruit at Veilmetter Los Angeles features her photographs and mixed-media pieces many of which address America's relationship to racial violence. This exhibition marks her most extensive and provocative body of work to date, focusing on historical and modern-day acts of lynching. The title, borrowed from Billie Holiday's iconic song, interfaces a range of unapologetic commentary on the American psyche, simulating its inseparable tie to the horrors visited upon black people. This work emerges against history's recent spate of calls for racial justice and draws attention to this country's racial progress—or lack thereof. "Strange Fruit asks: Do you only want to see what you believe?"

Runs thru May 7,  2022

With Earth Day just around the corner, of special interest may just be a site-specific mural on the façade at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA),  Minerva Cuevas: Female Earth. This mural was commissioned as part of the exhibition Witch Hunt, the Mexico City-based artist has created Female Earth, (2021) which reflects upon ideas of ecofeminism, informed by Carolyn Merchant’s 1980 book, The Death of Nature, which explores how the exploitation of both women and the earth expanded during the scientific revolution. The female body is a focal point amidst imagery of the landscape, pointing to ecological movements that link women directly with nature. A call to action in a state experiencing rising temperatures, fires and drought because of climate change, Female Earth is in keeping with Cuevas’s longstanding interest in intervening in public spaces to agitate for change. (ICA).

Later this month, a group show titled Aviary curated by Betty Ann Brown will be featured at Loft at Liz's Gallery. The "bird" theme will be explored by a wide range of artists including Nurit Avesar, Jodi Bonassi,  Deena Campbell, Bibi Davidson, Aviva Diamond,  Cheryl Dullabaun  &  Linda Parnell, Cynthia James, Joanne Julian (image above), Debbie Korbel, Laura  (&  Dean) Larson, Samuelle Richardson, Jill Sykes and more.

Opening Reception: April 23, 2022 from 3:00 - 5 pm
Runs April 23 thru June 7, 2022

Shulamit Nazarian presents Low Relief, an exhibition of work by New York-based artist, Wendy White. The artist will present two new bodies of work: the After Calder series and a group of new epoxy resin floor sculptures. Also on view will be a large-scale mobile situated at the entrance to the gallery.
The exhibition’s title, Low Relief, takes on a double meaning as an art term, it relates to low relief in sculpture, yet it also suggests a release from anxiety or distress. In confronting these two concepts at once, White lays out a visual landscape that is both peaceful and jarring, foreign and familiar. 

Runs thru May 7, 2022

One of the current exhibitions at the Getty Center is a retrospective of the photography of  Imogen Cunningham.  The Getty: "In a career that spanned seventy years, Imogen Cunningham created a large and diverse body of work — from portraits, to nudes, to florals and to street photographs. In a field dominated by men, she was one of a handful of women who helped to shape early modernist photography in America. This exhibition seeks to acknowledge her stature as equivalent to that of her male peers and to reevaluate her enormous contribution to twentieth century photographic history."

Runs thru June 12, 2022
The California African American Museum  (CAAM) presents Debra Roberts: I'm, curated by Heather Pesanti. Deborah Roberts critiques notions of beauty, race and identity in contemporary society through the depiction of Black children through collage. The artist’s mixed-media works on paper and canvas combine found images, sourced from the internet with hand-painted details in striking figural compositions that invite viewers to look closely and to see through the layers. CAAM will display a large-scale mural by Roberts installed on the walls of the Museum’s expansive lobby. Titled Little man, little man (2020), the mural features collaged images of a young Black male figure in animated expressions of joy. The artist titled this work after author and civil rights activist James Baldwin’s Little Man, Little Man (1976), a children’s book articulating the triumphs and struggles of Black childhood through the adventures of a four-year-old boy in Harlem, New York.

Runs thru August 20, 2022
Daisy Hightower: An Installation by Rosalyn Myles  is one of  the current exhibitions  at The Contemporary Craft  In this exhibition, Los Angeles-based artist Rosalyn Myles uses the traditional epicenter of family gatherings – the table and tablecloth – as a vehicle to tell her maternal grandmother’s life story. Through a range of fabrics, wall treatments and domestic wares, Myles creates a visual narrative of Daisy Hightower’s life (1904 – 1980), encompassing her grandmother’s impact on Myles’ own family and reflecting on the shared experiences of many Black American families through those decades.

Runs thru May 8, 2022
Opening later this month at  LACMA  is the long-awaited retrospective of works by Barbara Kruger titled Barbara Kruger: Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You. Spanning four decades, this exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive presentation of Kruger’s work in 20 years. It spans her single-channel videos from the 1980s to digital productions of the last two decades and includes large-scale vinyl room wraps, multichannel video installations and audio soundscapes throughout LACMA’s campus. As an active consumer and vigilant viewer of popular culture, Kruger grapples with the accelerated ways pictures and words instantaneously flow through media. "A visually compelling gathering of groundbreaking artwork that is resonant, courageous and crucial."

Runs thru July 17, 2022

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To Join/Renew and pay by check, please contact Treasurer, Karen Schifman at:
Networking and Resources

Artist Pods 
Local artists Lori Markman and Cathy Engel-Marder have been meeting monthly on Zoom to help each other stay focused and get things done, both in the studio and the business arena. They would love to welcome new members. Contact
Lori or Cathy

- Wishing you had partners for an art vacation?
- Trying to develop a community project?
- Looking for or need a mentor? Want to start or join a critique group?
- Looking for framers, shippers or photographers with great references?
- Want to collaborate with another artist?
- Have an idea for a curatorial proposal and want to learn about next            steps?


Start the new year with a plan. Linda Vallejo offers artist career development Zoom workshops through the Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP)
 and The Southeast Center for Photography (SEC4P). 
Sessions include “The Artist Toolkit” that teaches artists how to create a “digital toolkit” presentation package and communication tools aimed at expanding exhibition, press, and publication opportunities “A to Z Grant Writing with Linda Vallejo” for emerging and established artists who want to advance their careers through fellowships and residency opportunities and “Artist Working with Art Organizations” where artists learn how to work with nonprofit organizations to raise funds for exhibitions, publications, classes and workshops, and special projects.

Artist Linda Vallejo offers one-on-one coaching sessions for artists who wish to move their career forward. These sessions are meant for serious artists who wish to move from competition group exhibitions to small group and solo exhibition opportunities. Message Linda via Facebook or LinkedIn to schedule an interview. Limited spaces available.

We make it easier for you to link with other artists. If you have an idea, a wish or a helpful resource including, but certainly not limited to the ones listed here, help us get the word out. 

Email your name, contact information and what you have or hope to share to: Cathy Engel-Marder at by the 23rd of the month. Subject line "Networking and Resources."
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The She Votes altered book project that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the passage of  the 19th amendment ratifying a woman’s right to vote.
The catalog of the book can be purchased on Amazon.

Check out each page of She Votes by clicking on the above link.
The SCWCA Scholarship Award is open for applications. The purpose of this award is to boost membership, support  women artists and provide opportunities for diverse ideas and discourse. The application for this award can be found on our website under the tab Join or Renew. There are ongoing opportunities to fund this program.

Opportunity to donate comes in the form of promotional items for sale connected to the S
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SCWCA's  Position on Equality
SCWCA’s mission is to create community through art, education, and social activism. Hate and bigotry have no place in our organization. We condemn these racist, violent acts in the strongest possible terms and encourage our members to do so as well. We stand in solidarity with all those who suffer from fear, harassment, and violence.

Part of our mission as an organization is activism, so we stand with the Black Lives Matter and Stop AAPI Hate movements because we believe that all humans are connected. 
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