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  • May 7: Saturday Salon 10:00 am - Topic: Does My Art Need to be Political? - Zoom link
  • May 12: Board meeting all members welcome
  • May 19: Artist Talk with Karen Gibson Roc at 7:00 pm on Zoom
  • August 5: Juried exhibition at the Betsy Leuke Arts Center in Burbank
  • August 31: Deadline for scholarship applications
  • ONGOING: Join or Renew It is always time to renew! (WCA)
  • ONGOING: You can support SCWCA Scholarship Funds by purchasing SCWCA catalogs and promotional items online. See information below.

Dear SCWCA members and friends,

Happy Spring. It appears as if we are creating a new normalcy in our world. We are meeting in person, visiting galleries and museums and meeting together in person. Our Valley Group, headed by our director Susan Karhoody is off to a great start. They gathered at the home of Lynn Letterman to share their art. If you are not able to get to an in person meet up, we have our zoom pods; meetings are small intimate groups that vary in discussion and discourse. If you are interested in participating contact our director Cathy Engel-Marder at
All who participated in the Earth Day art share revealed their love and sensitivity of the earth and the environment. After 55 years of awareness, humans continue to deplete essential resources. Many of us have begun to use sustainable materials in our work and look for ways to improve our understanding an appreciation for the environment and planet. As artists, at times, we feel the call to respond to the political and social injustices. But, how does that place your art in the world? Do you have to be political to make art? That is the topic of discussion at our next Saturday Salon series, hosted by our secretary and treasurer, Karen Schifman. The links to our zoom events can be found on the website on the calendar. So, if you are looking to participate in our Salons or Artist Talks, you can always find the links there.
Our board is always looking for our members to join our board. Are you interested in being a part of the exhibitions, programming, social media or fundraising committees?  We are looking for members with skills in those areas who are willing to accept responsibility and work with Board members on committees or programs toward fulfilling SCWCA’ s mission and goals. Please contact Shelley Heffler or Karen Schifman  if you wish to participate or have any questions at  or .

Let’s stay connected.
Look for the events on our calendar listed on our website and join. 
 You can always reach us at  

Send information about your exhibitions by the 15th of the month to 
We are here to support and appreciate your accomplishments.

To a Creative Life,
Shelley Heffler

President, SCWCA
Saturday Salon - April 2, 2022 at 10:00 am
We are continuing our conversations with each other this year focusing on our art practice. The topic this month is Does My Art Need to be Political?. We're looking for more topics that are of interest to you. Let us know what you want to talk about.
Find all Zoom codes on the SCWCA website in the calendar section.
Email Karen Schifman with questions or suggestions for future Salons.
Artist Talk - Our artist talk this month is with Karen Gibson Roc on May19 at 7:00 pm on Zoom. Be sure to sign up for your turn. We are anxious to learn all about you! 

Karen Gibson Roc is a self taught textile artist and quilter. She is also a spoken word artist and poet! The love of what she creates keeps her days full and purposeful. Taking fabric and creating something from nothing brings her soul into play on a tactile level. Her purpose here is to give presence to what lay woven within her creative nature. Being an artist is tantamount to her very presence as a human being! 
The Second Saturday Sessions are programs that were originally scheduled for the WCA National Conference which was canceled due to the pandemic. WCA has pivoted much of the programming to be offered for free to WCA members. Read about all of the Second Saturday Sessions, view recordings of past sessions and sign-up for a session on our Programs page.
Have you signed up for an Art Pod?
Art Pods are up and running. Groups have already begun to meet, share art and have stimulating conversations If you have not joined one yet  check in with Cathy Engel-Marder to get connected.

Having a solo exhibition or curating a group show is a mutual goal among most artists we have talked to.
But then what? How do you make that happen?

We believe that artists can create their own opportunities.
One thing you can do is to put together a proposal and pitch your solo or group show.
What does a well written proposal look like?
What are the elements that make up a proposal?
Where do I send my proposal?
How do I stay organized during this process? 
We can help answer these questions and more! 

Join us for our first 2 hour Exhibition Proposal Workshop on May 12, 10am PST via zoom.
The fee is $55

The workshop is led by Kristine Schomaker and Sheli Silverio

Sign up using the google form and pay via paypal or venmo.
We will send the zoom info a day or two before the workshop.

Sign up:

Let us know if you have any questions.

Pay $55 via Paypal using or venmo @kristineschomaker
Start planning for our next exhibition at the Betsy Leuke Arts Center in Burbank. The exhibition will run August 5 thru 25, 2022. This will be a juried show with Erika Ostander, Gallery Director from CSUN. The theme is Where Do We Go From Here? Stay tuned for more information.
Bruria Finkel was one of the featured artists at the 8th Biennial Conney Conference on Jewish Arts. 
Californians for the Arts has chosen Eva Montealegre's painting, Birth of the Universe, aka: Cosmic Dance, (pictured right) to promote their healing series. 

Secondly Las Lagunas Gallery is featuring her painting Blu Moon (pictured below).
It is an online exhibition and the official start date for this show is: May 5, 2022.
Stay tuned for information on Eva publishing a monograph of her recent works. Check out the announcement here. Announcing Montealegre Monograph 
Thirdly, FEMINA is publishing her painting titled Soma (pictured above).

Finally, Eva is now a member at LAAA Gallery 825 and is included in ADORN, the online exhibition with the piece titled Bear Spirit (pictured above).
Susan Amorde, Dellis Frank and Vivian Wenhuey will be visiting artists at Shelley Heffler's Cathedral City Gallery. The exhibition titled, It's Time delves into contemporary issues and the need to deal with them now.
On view now at Shelley Heffler Contemporary Art Gallery in Cathedral City. 

Call the gallery (number below) for an appointment or drop by for a reception during the Perez Road Arts District First Fridays: May 6 and June 3, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

Shelley Heffler Contemporary Art Gallery
68845 Perez Road
Cathedral City, CA 92234

Bonnie J. Smith has received Honorable Mention from National League of American Pen Women for her on the wall textile Pacific Ocean With Trash at the 50th Biennial celebration.

This on the wall textile is a continuation of her Pacific Ocean series.The series expresses emotions that Smith has been infused with by living close to the Pacific.

Runs through May 20, 2022
Linda Vallejo’s Objects of Opulence installation is featured at Bermudez Projects, Cypress Park, CA, and runs thru May 14, 2022. Vallejo, WCA 2022 Lifetime Achievement Awardee, has work in L.A. Memo: Chicana/o Art from 1972-1989 at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes and AltaMed Art Collection, Los Angeles, CA and runs thru August 14, 2022; Xicanx: Dreamers and Changemakers is at the Museum of Anthropology, University of British Colombia and runs May 14 thru September 15, 2022; finally, Fronteras del Futuro: Art in New Mexico and Beyond is at the National Hispanic Cultural Center Art Museum, NM and runs thru January 9, 2023.

Susan Spector  has a solo show titled Sticks/Stones                                 .

LA artist Susan Spector crowdsourced the question “What is a phrase you have in your head that has stayed with you forever?” More than 100 people from around the world responded. Sticks/Stones is Spector’s artistic interpretation of the responses incorporating bold text in each painting.

Reception, Saturday, May 14, 2022 from 5:00 - 10:00pm
Runs May 11 thru June 4, 2022  
Location: TAG Gallery, 5458 Wilshire Blvd, LA 

Pamela Benham has a solo exhibition titled Something Good’s Coming. It is in the Christ Presbyterian Church in Santa Barbara, and runs thru June 30, 2022. The reception will be part of Santa Barbara’s first Thursdays on June 2, 2022 from 5:00 to 8pm.
Benham's painting titled Jump for Joy (pictured above) is in the exhibition Salon des Refuses where all the accepted pieces had to have been entered in a juried exhibition and been rejected! This exhibition is at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, Wisconsin.
Runs thru July 2, 2022
((((ꓘɔɒᗺ ǝɔnυoꓭ))((Bounce BacK))))

There was a great response to the Calls for Submissions, for the first full ON-SITE event in 2 years!

ARTISTS participating on JUNE 4, 2022 from 7:00 to10:00 pm
at Angels Gate Cultural Center.

Performances and installations by:
Abacus, Akari Komura, Alex Hawthorn, Amabelle Aguiluz, Annette Heully, Ashton Phillips, Brandon Bollinger, Chris Brian Taylor, Clowns and Fetuses, Conchi Sanford, Dillon Bastan and Alina Kano, Don't Touch, Dylan Ricards, east village caravanserai, Henry Delargy, Jeremy J. Quinn, Jeremy Rosenstock, Karena Massengill and many, many more. Karena's installation will be in the space pictured above. 
The second issue of Art IDEAL magazine includes the work of 100 contemporary artists from around the world and Olivia-Patricia O'Neal is one of them. The magazine looks at a variety of practices; from painters working in traditional oil on canvas, contemporary realism and abstract expressionism, photographers capturing on film and digital in the studio and outdoors as well as a variety of unique techniques in 2D, 3D and digital media. This diverse anthology provides an opportunity to discover mid-career and established artists and explore a wide spectrum of contemporary aesthetics. To find out more about each artist, visit their website and inquire with us or them directly to collaborate or purchase a featured artwork. Art IDEAL
Karen Hochman Brown
In a continuance of celebrating nature, form and color, this month we are featuring Karen Hochman Brown. Karen Hochman Brown is a photographer. Karen uses math and computer technology to create her artwork. She photographs an image as either a still impression or a video. Often taking photographs from nature, Karen experiments with form and color. While manipulating shapes within the image, it takes on a kaleidoscope effect with symmetrical arrangements. Images take on a variety of patterns creating a rich visual texture. Karen also develops animated videos from either digitally altered shapes or human forms. In her video animations, images are fragmented and then reordered into a new visual experience. As a viewer, we are transported into an endless realm of colors, shapes and space. To view more of Karen’s artwork, go to

The Member Gallery is a free benefit for current SCWCA members. If you’d
like to create or update a page, please email Susan T. Kurland at
by Karen Schifman

Be sure to read Karen's monthly blog  at ARTFULAMPHORA or check out our Facebook page to see her insightful musings.

Women Around Town
In my column from July 2019 I wrote about the wonderful Hotel Figueroa. So, I was especially delighted to see the April 21st article in LA Weekly by Shan Nys Dambrot about the hotel's amazing art program focused on women artists. You can enjoy the article here.

Betty Brown has curated a fascinating assortment of artists in her Aviary exhibit at Loft at Liz's. Among some of the outstanding examples of bird-related imagery are L. Aviva Diamond's Bird Heart. This looks like graphic work however it is a large photograph of two birds in mid-air silhouetted against the sky. Other striking examples are a collaboration between Cheryl Dullabaun and Linda Parnell. Their Volaries, Adieu include 2 antique photo albums filled with vintage photos, drawings and collages of extinct birds some of them dating back to the 1500s and through the early 1800s when only descriptions or drawings were available.

The albums themselves are over 100 years old, popular at the same time the feather millinery trade was in full swing. This work is the result of a lot of research about the bird trade. A large screen of black-dyed turkey feathers are a further reminder those birds that may have escaped or more often fallen to the whims and ignorance of humans.

These artists have serious concerns about all animal species and here they remind us that "today 2/3s of North American birds are on the verge of extinction due to climate change."

Other notable artists in the show include Nurit Avesar, Jodi Bonassi,  Deena Campbell, Bibi Davidson, Cynthia James, Joanne Julian , Debbie Korbel, Laura (&  Dean) Larson, Samuelle Richardson, Jill Sykes and more. 

Runs thru June 7, 2022
Monica Wyatt: c u r i o u s e r  is the current exhibit at moryork gallery in Highland Park. "The title of the exhibition, c u r i o u s e r, whimsically hints at Alice in Wonderland. Entering MorYork’s kaleidoscopic 7,200 square foot space, visitors will be immersed in a showcase of Wyatt’s creations cohabiting with gallery owner and artist Clare Graham’s. 'I’m deep down the rabbit hole with my exploration of materials, where I can take them, and how they converse in concert with Clare’s,” said Wyatt. “I hope to entice viewers to plunge into this wonderland of the imagination. 'Most of the pieces in c u r i o u s e r were created during the pandemic, when both Wyatt’s children were concurrently college bound. Among the most recent work is a series of suspended assemblage sculptures made out of sewing machine bobbins and wire, their curved contours hollowed out with gleaming openings redolent of nests and maternity. Another prominent work, The Far Side of a Cloud, suggests a floating intricate winterscape composed of acrylic tubes and hemp cord that interlace with a graceful network of refracted light." (moryork).

Runs thru May 7, 2022
The Future is Female at Bermudez Projects is part of their 5-part  FAST FORWARD series. This series is determined to offer a glimpse of the future – "one where white male artists no longer dominate the art world."  Here a diverse  selection of multigenerational women artists whose artistic practices have broken new ground for their originality and mastery of their respective media. They are responding also to this statistic: According to the National Endowment for the Arts," female visual artists still earn 20% less than male artists. And it’s even worse at auction, where works by female artists are rated lower by wealthy men, leading to a 50% pay gap when the gavel falls."  The  roster here includes Marina Abramović, Amanda Beckmann, Francesca Bifulco, Ann Diener, Camille Rose Garcia, Yolanda González , Kenyatta A. C. Hinkle, Louise Nevelson, Leticia Maldonado, Blue McRight, Erynn Richardson, Leigh Salgado, Kristine Schomaker, Ana Serrano, Clarissa Tossin and Linda Vallejo.

Runs thru May  14, 2022
Lois Lambert gallery  will be exhibiting KYONG BOON OH: On the Path. Oh creates sculptural pieces out of metal wire. She constructs life-size figurative pieces, as well as smaller abstract sculptures. Alongside her wire compositions, Oh presents a second body of work, in which she meticulously hand-carves 2-foot columns of limestone. Each one is hollowed out and shaped with organic twists and curves.  For Oh, these carvings are about getting to the core of things unseen.

Opening Reception Saturday, May 14, 2022 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Runs May 14 thru July 9, 2022
Walter Maciel Gallery presents Fierce Women and Their Flowers featuring new work by Katherine Sherwood.  The show includes paintings on the backsides of found Art History reproductions from her ongoing Venuses of the Yelling Clinic and Brain Flowers series as well as a distinct group of early figurative works. The new acrylic paintings include large female nudes juxtaposed with small to mid-sized still-life paintings.

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 14, 2022 from 3:00 – 7:00pm.
Runs May 14, thru July 2, 2022
There is always something compelling at the Craft Contemporary. Right now, it is Flower-Headed Children, the first comprehensive museum survey of New York-based artist and curator Jaishri Abichandani’s varied creative production. Over her 25-year career, Abichandani has utilized folk and vernacular aesthetics and craft-based materials to create intricate figurative sculptures and painted portraits. Her works open traditional devotional iconography and narratives to contemporary anti-racist, feminist, queer, and politically radical possibilities. The exhibition is curated by writer, independent curator, and educator Anuradha Vikram.

Runs thru May 8, 2022
Currently at LACMA are 3 noteworthy exhibits to enjoy. The first is the massive and overstimulating Barbara Kruger: Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You. Text abounds in your face, some with accompanying sound and narration. This exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive presentation of Kruger’s work in 20 years. As an active consumer and vigilant viewer of popular culture, Kruger grapples with the accelerated ways pictures and words instantaneously flow through media. 

Runs thru July 17, 2022

Next is Lee Alexander McQueen: Mind, Mythos, Muse. This exhibit contextualizes the designer’s imaginative work within a canon of artmakers who drew upon analogous themes and visual references. Exploring imagination, artistic process, and innovation in fashion and art, the exhibition examines the interdisciplinary impulse that defined the designer’s career. I was mesmerized by his irresistible and luscious designs.
Runs thru Oct. 9, 2022

Finally, a lovely surprise was the exhibition, City of Cinema: Paris 1850-1907. The exhibit explores how film emerged amid a wave of social, political, artistic, and technological developments. The exhibition brings together paintings, sculpture, posters, prints, photography, and film to reflect the range of artistic experiments that culminated in cinema as a mass medium. Among the paintings were 2 outstanding works by noted 19th c. women artists, Mary Cassatt (pictured above) and Berthe Morisot.

Runs thru July  10,  2022
Continuing at the Getty Center  is a retrospective of the photography of Imogen Cunningham.  The Getty: "In a career that spanned seventy years, Imogen Cunningham created a large and diverse body of work — from portraits, to nudes, to florals and to street photographs. In a field dominated by men, she was one of a handful of women who helped to shape early modernist photography in America. This exhibition seeks to acknowledge her stature as equivalent to that of her male peers and to reevaluate her enormous contribution to twentieth century photographic history." I had the pleasure of viewing this exhibit just last week, and I found it to be quite thorough with so many outstanding examples of Cunningham's work and I highly recommend it.

Runs thru June 12, 2022


When joining or renewing your membership online at WCA, at the new member portal under the chapter membership dropdown menu at the bottom of the page, please select “CAS Southern California” for your membership to become active with our chapter. You can also select a national caucus and provide additional information about your background. Please note if you do not select “CAS” that you will not have local Southern California chapter membership and will not be eligible for member only programs and exhibitions.

To Join/Renew and pay by check, please contact Treasurer, Karen Schifman at:
Networking and Resources

Artist Pods 
Local artists Lori Markman and Cathy Engel-Marder have been meeting monthly on Zoom to help each other stay focused and get things done, both in the studio and the business arena. They would love to welcome new members. Contact
Lori or Cathy

- Wishing you had partners for an art vacation?
- Trying to develop a community project?
- Looking for or need a mentor? Want to start or join a critique group?
- Looking for framers, shippers or photographers with great references?
- Want to collaborate with another artist?
- Have an idea for a curatorial proposal and want to learn about next            steps?


Start the new year with a plan. Linda Vallejo offers artist career development Zoom workshops through the Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP)
 and The Southeast Center for Photography (SEC4P). 
Sessions include “The Artist Toolkit” that teaches artists how to create a “digital toolkit” presentation package and communication tools aimed at expanding exhibition, press, and publication opportunities “A to Z Grant Writing with Linda Vallejo” for emerging and established artists who want to advance their careers through fellowships and residency opportunities and “Artist Working with Art Organizations” where artists learn how to work with nonprofit organizations to raise funds for exhibitions, publications, classes and workshops, and special projects.

Artist Linda Vallejo offers one-on-one coaching sessions for artists who wish to move their career forward. These sessions are meant for serious artists who wish to move from competition group exhibitions to small group and solo exhibition opportunities. Message Linda via Facebook or LinkedIn to schedule an interview. Limited spaces available.

We make it easier for you to link with other artists. If you have an idea, a wish or a helpful resource including, but certainly not limited to the ones listed here, help us get the word out. 

Email your name, contact information and what you have or hope to share to: Cathy Engel-Marder at by the 23rd of the month. Subject line "Networking and Resources."
Thank you to all our members who have already renewed for the upcoming year. If you have not already done so, please renew your SCWCA 2021 membership online soon at Remember to choose CAS for our local chapter. 

To renew by snail mail, send a $75 check payable to SCWCA to Treasurer Karen Schifman at 16795 Monte Hermoso Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

SCWCA has a YouTube Channel where you can view past and current videos of exhibitions, artists talks, studio tours and more. Check it out! 

You can support SCWCA Scholarship Funds by purchasing SCWCA catalogs and promotional items online.

The Common Ground Exhibition catalog is available for purchase on Amazon.
To share an upcoming exhibition or accomplishment in SCWCA eNews, send the information to by the 15th of the month prior to the month of publication.

Personal Voices / Cultural Visions: Conversations in the Visual Arts Community, Los Angeles 1994 - 1996 is available on

The She Votes altered book project that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the passage of  the 19th amendment ratifying a woman’s right to vote.
The catalog of the book can be purchased on Amazon.

Check out each page of She Votes by clicking on the above link.
The SCWCA Scholarship Award is open for applications. The purpose of this award is to boost membership, support  women artists and provide opportunities for diverse ideas and discourse. The application for this award can be found on our website under the tab Join or Renew. There are ongoing opportunities to fund this program.

Opportunity to donate comes in the form of promotional items for sale connected to the S
he Votes altered book project   
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You can click on the She Votes link to purchase merchandise that displays the She Votes logo or the Art Matters link for merchandise that displays that logo.
SCWCA's  Position on Equality
SCWCA’s mission is to create community through art, education, and social activism. Hate and bigotry have no place in our organization. We condemn these racist, violent acts in the strongest possible terms and encourage our members to do so as well. We stand in solidarity with all those who suffer from fear, harassment, and violence.

Part of our mission as an organization is activism, so we stand with the Black Lives Matter and Stop AAPI Hate movements because we believe that all humans are connected. 
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