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  • November 14: Last day of Common Ground exhibition (reservations encouraged)
  • December 4Deadline for Entries to the Members only Holiday Show (Entrythingy)
  • December 10:  Members only Holiday show - Deliver 10 X 10 work to SoLA Ga1lery (10:00 am - 4:00 pm)
  • December 12 thru 19, 2020: SCWCA 10 X 10 Holiday Show Fundraiser at SoLA Gallery (information below) 
  • ONGOING: Join or Renew if you have not already done so.
  • ONGOING: She Votes promotional items on sale now to support our scholarship fund (information below)

Dear SCWCA members and friends,

This year has been crazy for our country, yet, SCWCA members have been so resilient. In spite of all the chaos, we have managed to produce great work and exhibitions. We have so much to be thankful for and to look forward to. Do plan on renewing your membership before the end of this year as we have some amazing programs planned for 2021.

I want to send out a huge congratulations to Bonnie Smith for her She Votes book project. Additional thanks go to Melissa Reischman’s creation of the online exhibition, video and catalog for She Votes.  Kudos to Sandra Mueller and Suvan Geer for their stellar curating of the Common Ground  exhibition at Embed Gallery. To round out a very productive year, we have a members only holiday show coming up in December at SoLA Gallery so I hope you will participate.

Finally, my Community Quilt Project is growing and I hope you will submit something soon. Mail to me: 815 N. La Brea, #487 Inglewood, CA, 90302. 

As always, we stand together. We have much to be proud of as an organization and as artists. Look for our zoom meetings and opportunities to participate.
I want to urge you to send information about your future exhibitions and what has kept you sane through this stressful time to

Sharing your accomplishments is one of our priorities.
Stay well, stay safe, stay connected.
Have a safe Thanksgiving.

Shelley Heffler
We have a YouTube Channel where you can view past and current videos of exhibitions, artists talks, studio tours and more. Check it out! 
10x10 a holiday show featuring SCWCA Members. 

Hand deliver work on December 10, from11:00 am - 4:00 pm to SoLA gallery, 3718 West Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, 90043
All works for sale at $100 75/25 split between artist and SCWCA Scholarship Fund 
  • All work must be 10inches x 10inches 
  • Created in the last 3 years. 
  • Please submit high resolution images to Entrythingy 
  • Artist Name 
  • Date of completion 
  • Title of work 
  • Medium 

NOTE: There will be a cross section of artists from across Los Angeles, South Korea, and an Art installation by LaRayia Gaston of in a similar exhibition in the gallery at the same time. 

We really hope you get involved and share the Holiday Show with other artists! 

Deadline for Entries in 36 days on Dec 4 2020. Show Date in 44 days on Dec 12 2020 and runs thru Dec 19 2020.
The She Votes altered book project commemorating the 100th anniversary of the passage of  the 19th amendment ratifying a woman’s right to vote can be seen at the Common Ground exhibition  thru November 14, 2020. Read the article on the Art and Cake website. Thank you to all participants. Check out the video of each page of She Votes by clicking on this link.

Thank you Bonnie J. Smith for conceiving the project that enabled so many wonderful artists nationwide to participate.
Please support our scholarship fund by purchasing She Votes 
merchandise. The link below will take you directly to our Redbubble site where you can purchase these items.
She Votes

The She Votes Cocktails hour was fabulous and a good time was had by all who attended. 

STILL ACCEPTING QUILT BLOCKS. SoLA Contemporary, a non-profit arts organization, is reaching out to members of the community to tell you about an opportunity to participate in a project called, We Are Home: A Community Quilt Project. All citizens, living in the LA region are invited to join in this art-making endeavor. Although we are all living separately, our lives are still connected.

Our goal is to collect as many 12" blocks for the quilt as possible to be exhibited at the SoLA gallery and participating organizations.

At the end of touring, the quilts will be auctioned off. All proceeds will be donated to homeless organizations. We appreciate your donation in an effort to help heal our community.  



1. Cut a piece of fabric, any kind, overall size, 12”x12”, leave a border around your design for quilt assembly.

2. Expressively, create and cut from fabric your design based on the theme.

3. Paint, glue, hand or machine stitch your design to the 12” x 12” block.

4. Send your completed quilt block to Shelley Heffler or we can collect it.

5. If you do not have materials, we will provide them for you.

6. Be creative. This is your time to shine.
Please include your name and contact information.
Send completed block to: Shelley Heffler at 815 N. La Brea #487, Los Angeles, CA. 90302 Questions: Call


Call and Response is a project organized by Kristine Schomaker, Sheli Silverio, S. Vollie Osborn, Emily Wiseman and Susan T. Kurland of Shoebox PR/Art and Cake. Drawing on the tradition of Jazz, Exquisite Corpse and ping/pong, this project is meant as a way for us to stay connected, to check in with each other and to support each other.

This is collaboration at a distance. Many of our SCWCA members are participating in this event.

Round 8
Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance

Opening Reception - Online
Saturday, November 7, 2020 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm PST

Round 9 is coming up. Click this link to participate in Call and Response Round 9
Look for a Facebook announcement regarding a closing panel discussion for the Common Ground exhibition.

Please note that the November 7 Common Ground Words & Pictures Workshop for SCWCA Members has been cancelled.
Eloisa Guanlao
As an artist and ecologically-minded humanist, Eloisa Guanlao is interested in performing history and historiography through visual means, giving careful consideration to the materials she uses (see digital still from video documentary above). Concerns about the unexamined expansion of technology and the unrestrained use of natural resources inform her art practice and historical inquiry. This includes a scrutiny of the impact of technological innovations on labor migrations, colonial acts and socio-cultural development. Her work traces the creation of institutional and symbolic systems as different factions scramble for control and the ways these systems contribute to or disrupt community relations. More broadly, she wants to reveal the link between compassion and environmental justice, and specifically, to identify who benefits and who suffers.
To begin a dialogue regarding her concerns, she has experimented with spatial structures combined with photographic imagery that become performance spaces for the public. Within these structures the public enact and reflect upon their role as producers and consumers of culture and society. She reconsiders space as subjective sites to be reclaimed for socio-political interaction and creative engagement. Her approach to art comes from the perspective that our cultural environment shapes our socioeconomic and political history and identity, but this perspective should not come to the detriment of the natural environment. As a human made product, culture can be unmade and transformed for the welfare of circadian cycles and natural biological systems.

The Member Gallery is a free benefit for SCWCA members. If you wish to create or update a page, please email Ann Isolde at

You must be a current SCWCA member for your Member Gallery page to remain on the website.
Artist Karena Massengill was highlighted in an article in Random Lengths News titled
"Welding Ideas In Constant Motion"
by Melina Paris.
Click on the link to read the article.

Her work will also be featured in an upcoming exhibition titled Creative Practices
Opening November 14,2020 at  SoLa Gallery
Dellis Frank is participating in the Art Against Racism nation-wide virtual exhibition of art by artists, community activists and organizations created in response to the murder of George Floyd. This exhibition documents the power of this moment and will serve as a living archive for preserving the breadth of art inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Her piece begins about thirty minutes in the exhibition.


Works by Linda Vallejo have been acquired by the AltaMed Art Permanent Collection, the City Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Department (image above selected by Santa Monica Datos Sagrados: 43.3% of US Farming Forestry & Fishery Workers are Latino 2017) and the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA). Her work was recently featured in Frontier Journal, a publication of the Women's Studies Department, University of Nebraska Press, 2020. Vallejo’s Artist Archives 1969-2020 are available with over 10,000 entries including art images, published materials and articles and historical ephemera in PDF Format.  For more info visit

Vivian Wenhuey Chen has been accepted to participate in the following physical and online art exhibitions.

She Votes - Online, Runs thru November 14, 2020, show link   A book of artwork, organized by Bonnie J. SmithThis show is to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment ratifying  a woman’s right to Vote.
Crisis Mode - Online, Runs November 1 thru December 30, 2020 at o
rganized by Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) This show is about our current crisis. The Year 2020 (image above)

Creative Practice
exhibition p
hysical exhibition November 14 - 21, 2020 at Sola Contemporary Gallery  3718 W Slauson Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90043

Opening Reception: November 14, RSVP only and Covid protocols required.

by Karen Schifman

Read Karen's monthly blog  at ARTFULAMPHORA

Women Around Town

Catch this article written by Betye Saar in Town and Country magazine, "Betye Saar: Art and Motherhood Are 'Both About Creation'.

The Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena and the Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College, (formerly Pomona College Museum of Art) in Claremont are partnering to present Alison Saar: Of Aether and Earthe. This work is connected to myths and archetypes, invisible bodies, hidden histories and timeless paradigms of grounding and transformation.

Highlighting the dualities that are woven throughout her art, Alison Saar: Of Aether and Earthe
explores and complicates the binaries of body and spirit, earth and air personal and universal. This is a survey of Saar’s sculptures, installations, paintings and drawings.

The Armory will showcase work that suggests elements of fire, air and aether, while the Benton will highlight work that emphasizes grounded, earthly and watery qualities. Saar has created a new public artwork at Pomona College’s Benton Museum. The sculpture, a 12-foot-tall figure, represents Yemaja, a Yoruba deity, the goddess of all waters and mother of all living things. The exhibition of sculptures and paintings will also include studies and maquettes related to this new work, providing insight into Saar’s research practice and artistic process. I attended the Zoom launch of her new monograph/catalogue which is filled with images, amazing essays by invited scholars and wonderful poetry. Some of this was read at the launch and I can only say, like so much of Saar's work it is spellbinding.

The book is available on the Armory Website or on Amazon.

Exhibition at the Armory opening in 2021. Benton Exhibition thru 2020.

If by chance you are driving down Wilshire Blvd. disgusted at the destruction of  L.A.C.M.A , turn your head in the other direction and catch the new work by Barbara Kruger on the exterior of Spreuth Magers Gallery. Untitled (Who?) will be on display thru January 15, 2021.

Launch L.A. on La Brea presents Logical Mutations, an exhibition featuring new work by Colin Roberts and Elizabeth Folk. Folk’s work investigates the visual language of privilege, power and whiteness in the United States through problematizing the aesthetics of mid-century furniture, home décor and landscape design. The clean, utilitarian lines that notoriously embody mid-century design are disrupted with hairy silicone forms and kinetic elements. The silicone forms are manufactured using materials and methods prevalent in the reborn doll community – an Internet-based grassroots DIY culture that produces hyperreal newborn baby dolls. These forms offer a meditation on the fraught relationship between modernism and corporeality and present material practices identified with post-modern domesticity and female innovation. References to the Salton Sea (California’s largest lake, an accidental and booming vacation oasis in the 50s, and now an environmental disaster) throughout the work serve as a metaphor for the inevitable and necessary decay of enigmatic American myths. Mid-century design champions an understanding of materiality and an appreciation of craftsmanship but is born of a history and ideological era occurring before the Civil Rights movement, before the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and before the victories of second-wave feminism. As art, design, social ideology and politics are inextricably linked, Folk asks us to consider what it means to continue to curate these objects into our built environments and online identities. Runs thru November 21, 2020.
Thanks: Collage Works from the 1970s by Rachel Rosenthal (1926-2015) is the current exhibition at Roberts Projects. The exhibition features never before exhibited collage works from the 1970's documenting Rosenthal’s autobiographical reflection of a pivotal time in her early artistic development. The show takes its title after the artist’s second performance at Wilshire Plaza West, Westwood, California (1975), in which she thanked those who had actively done something important for her, with the audience participating in the familiar roles of “father,” “mother” and “friend.” The performance marked the year of her mother’s death, twenty years after her father’s. At the end of the performance, each of the participants received a small box containing a unique miniature collage work from the artist. “Thanks was a piece that also used people and animals that I had known and with whom I had had dealings that required gratitude, both sincere and ironic, and that for one reason or another I had never had a chance to thank. And so I used people in the audience—gave them a lit taper and turned them into the particular recipient of my gratitude and then I explained what the reason was for the gratitude and I thanked them and I gave them a little present each. And with each instance, of course, some relationship or some event in my past surfaced.” (Rosenthal). Runs thru December 12, 2020.
The Lancaster Museum of Art and History is highlighting the work of Debbie Korbel (pictured above) in the exhibition The Sum of Its Parts. The finished sculpture has more value and meaning than the many disparate components that comprise it — this is what Debbie Korbel hopes to achieve when she sets out to create her assemblage sculptures. Korbel creates her sculptures by combining her original sculpted elements with an assortment of objects she has collected. Often the initial impetus for the sculpture occurs when she finds an interesting fragment of metal or wood and then the idea takes root and evolves from that single catalyst piece. Every sculpture is like a puzzle for which Korbel finds and fits each seemingly unrelated piece together in its more expressive form to create something new. Thru December 6, 2020.

Samantha Greenfeld: Odds & Ends is the current exhibit at James Wright Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. Comprising three sculptures and six works on paper, the exhibition chronicles Greenfeld’s ongoing investigation of our relationship with and definition of “trash.” The artist utilizes discarded objects to create arrangements that are both a celebration of human production and a forewarning of materialistic collapse. Runs thru November 21, 2020.
Corey Helford Gallery presents Chie Yoshii: Myths (image left) The Japanese artist's oil paintings are painted meticulously reminding me of traditional Flemish paintings in which the details are so carefully rendered. However, this is a series of portraits of female archetypes embedded with symbolism. These images embody contradicting elements such as novelty and nostalgia, innocence and sensuality and strength and fragility, mirroring the complexity of our psyche. Runs November 14, 2020 thru January 9, 2021. 

- Wishing you had partners for an art vacation?
- Trying to develop a community project?
- Looking for or need a mentor?
- Want to start or join a critique group?
- Looking for framers, shippers or photographers with great references?
- Want to collaborate with another artist?
-Have an idea for a curatorial proposal and want to learn about next steps?

Financial Relief for Artists During COVID-19:

Artwork Archive is a website with a variety of resources for survival and career building.  Among other things, they have a list of grants, loans and other financial aid opportunities from local, national and international sources. 

Rising from the COVID Ashes   

As many of us know, the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center did not survive the pandemic and had to close its physical exhibit space.  The organization has regrouped online and continues to offer exhibits, courses, workshops, sales opportunities and more.


Cathy Engel-Marder is looking for inexpensive packing and shipping resources. Who besides UPS and FedEx sells supplies? The items to be shipped are small-but-delicate mixed-media sculptures. At least one is on its way to Mexico, so any international shipping advice would be appreciated.  (

This newsletter would like to make it easier for you to link with other artists. If you have an idea, a wish or a helpful resource including, but certainly not limited to the ones listed here, help us get the word out. 

Email your name, contact information and what you
have or hope to share to
Cathy Engel-Marder at by the 23rd of the month. Subject line "Finders and Seekers."

Thank you to all our members who have already renewed for the upcoming year. If you have not already done so, please renew your SCWCA 2020 membership online soon at Remember to choose CAS for our local chapter. 

To renew by snail mail, send a $75 check payable to SCWCA to Treasurer Karen Schifman at 16795 Monte Hermoso Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.

To share an upcoming exhibition or accomplishment in SCWCA eNews, send the information to by the 15th of the month prior to the month of publication.

Personal Voices / Cultural Visions: Conversations in the Visual Arts Community, Los Angeles 1994 - 1996 is available on
The application for this award is in development and will be available soon. We are calling it the SCWCA Professional Development Award. The purpose of this award is to boost membership, support struggling women artists and provide opportunities for diverse ideas and discourse. The first opportunity to fund this program comes in the form of promotional items for sale connected to the She Votes altered book project. You can click on the  She Votes  link to purchase merchandise that displays the She Votes logo.

A portion of the proceeds from the SCWCA 10 X 10 Holiday show at SoLA will also go to fund this program. Get those 10" X 10" pieces ready for December!
Black Lives Matter
We believe that Black lives are equally entitled to liberty and justice. We think the stains of racism and sexism must be cleansed from the fiber of every society for the world to live in peace. To achieve this, individuals must take responsibility alone or with others, seek solutions and take action.
Part of our mission as an organization is activism, so we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement because we believe that all humans are connected. 
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