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Hi Fellow Athlete,

A few days ago I sent out an email to my best subscribers – those who have the highest open rate of this newsletter – and asked them to also subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

I also asked them if they had any ideas on what new videos I should do, and a few great topics came up.

They included:
  • Interviewing a vegan nutritionist who is also an endurance athlete
  • Talking about women and aging and how their training and racing may change
  • Topics around mindset and how to become mentally tougher
All this is now in the works.

As always, just ask for anything you want me to cover.

Customize your Nutrition. 

Last week I told you about how to maximize your hourly absorption of carbs for long races and efforts.

It came down to having the right ratios of glucose and fructose, and it's explained in this video.

And here’s a new video on how to concoct this at home, at a fraction of the price of the store-bought stuff.
Mix your own

Tip #63: Plug your energy leaks.

There are some things we can control and many more that we can’t.

And I’m sure you’ve heard it before, specifically regarding racing: Don’t worry about the things you have no control over.

The weather, the hills, the competition.

These worries are all energy leaks. 

Like your physical energy, you only have a finite amount of mental and cognitive energy, so don’t let it leak.

You wouldn’t cycle with flexible shoes or with your saddle slammed as low as it could go.

You wouldn’t let energy leak in such obvious physical ways.

So why would you do it mentally?

Focus on yourself and your own situation, and nothing else.

I once heard a pro - I think Craig Alexander - say he’ll do a full body inventory, from his toes to his head of how he feels and what the status of each of his body parts are. 

He suggests – when you’re in pain and struggling in the run -  you worry about your immediate self, where your pains and stresses are, and what to do to mitigate those.

And ignore everything else.

It’s the same even outside of triathlon or sports.

I try my best not to waste time and energy on trivial garbage that surrounds us. Though it can be hard, as we like to tell ourselves “it’s entertainment.”

There are so many energy leaks around us and we all fall prey to them.

Social media, gossip, office politics, and more. They do not usually enrich your lives – they only drain you of that limited amount of energy you have presumably worked so hard to build up.

Plug your energy leaks, on and off the course.

Of course.
See All Hacks

An easy performance-enhancing hack.

So many triathletes would gladly prioritize training over sleep, no matter what.

I used to do the same. I’d do hard bike intervals and a brick run at 4:15 am just to comply with my coach’s orders.

Yet it was all in vain without the ability to recover.

But the thing is, there was no green box to be ticked off in TrainingPeaks for getting a good night’s sleep.

Maybe there should be.

While I didn't have a sleep coach, apparently some US Olympic athletes do, and his name is Dr. Jeffrey Durmer.

Subscriber Mollie McGlocklin, from Sleep is a Skill, just interviewed Dr Jeffrey Durmer on her podcast.

I highly recommend this awesome interview. Dr. Durmer talks about sports-related sleep optimization. He reveals a ton of tips.

He covers things like how to optimize your bedroom, breathing techniques, cooling techniques, dealing with time zone changes, and a cool concept called “sleep banking."

If you want to up your game, think about sleep.

And while we might not all have sleep coaches, Mollie's site is the next best thing to having a sleep coach that you can get.

In Case You Missed It

What a cool guy. Born in the US to an Italian-American mom and Belgian dad, but raised in France, this top-rated pro plans on following in his dad's footsteps - and beyond.

Check it out now:
Rudy is definitely one of the sport's most promising up-and-comers

Sprint Reads

 Check out how many carbs Jan ate while racing the Collins Cup in this excellent video from James Bell at Nutrition Triathlon.

  Can you run 2.4 km in under 7 minutes? If you’re in Singapore you’ll know what I’m talking about. One of Singapore’s fastest runners seems to be challenging commandos to do it. Read about it here.

 How about beating local swimmer Joseph Schooling in 200m, with a 10-sec start? This Olympic gold medalist got in on the challenge, too, here.

 A “pocketable caffeine mist”? Try this in the second half of your run.

 Still wondering where to put those Apple Air Tags you got? So was I, until I saw this great under-saddle bike mount for them.

 Is it still a steak if it was grown in a petri dish? The USDA seems to be as confused as I am.

 As if we needed more smart devices…now there’s a smart toilet that can monitor your waste. Incidentally, it identifies you by your “anal print” which apparently is unique.

 Are you all-too used to your heart rate monitor? Well here’s a job that will pay you $1,300 to watch 13 horror movies with your HRM on.

 Vegan but miss real cheese? Here’s why vegan cheese won’t melt, but based on progress, looks like they’ll get it to melt soon.

 A guide on how to train in heat and humidity from Ben at Coached in Singapore.

Listen up.

You may have seen my triathlon book list, but sometimes listening to books fits into our schedule better than reading them.

You can do it while on the trainer or on a long run.

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Finally, check out my triathlon reading list 

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My goal is to deliver value to you. So, where possible, I choose the deal with the highest discount to you and lowest commission for me.

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