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Don't quit when you're in pain, like this guy.
Hi Fellow Athlete,

As an endurance athlete you definitely know a thing or two about grit.

Grit is the perfect term to describe one of the main traits we all need for both racing and training.

It’s also the name of the bestselling book by psychologist Angela Duckworth, which outlines many principles that apply to triathletes.

We’ve probably all wanted to quit a race, or at least it’s crossed our minds.

But according to Angela, you should never quit anything simply to alleviate immediate pain.

Don’t do it on impulse.

Only quit after you have endured that pain and had a chance to reflect on it.

Think about second-order desires and whether you really want to quit, or if it’s just an emotional heat-of-the-moment reaction.

Rather, if you ever quit, do so on a good day.

If you’re not in love with your racing, training, or the sport on a good day, and you choose to quit then, you know it’s the right decision.

A decision not in haste.

Grit = passion + perseverance.

Passion hints that we love what we are doing, and that we get value out of it.

And perseverance suggests that we have challenging goals to attain, and that once we reach them we may set even higher goals.

So, within perseverance, we also have the struggle of not seeing immediate results.

Therefore, you might want to quit when you are plateauing, which could mean that you do not have the perseverance.

However, I feel this may be the point where you are in the ‘valley of disappointment,’ as articulated by James Clear in Atomic Habits.

That’s the point where, after a lot of work, you still have not improved, and likely haven’t stuck with it long enough.

So whether it’s a plateau or valley, it’s still flat.

Also, it’s interesting to note that grit is one thing that makes us different from other primates and indeed other animals.

So, next time you want to quit, stick it out, and reflect on it later when you're feeling better.
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Interview Triathlon Taren With Me.

First it was Dave Scott, then Mark Allen, now Taren Gesell.

You want to get on a Zoom call with us? You can, if you email me.

There are a few people who didn't make it to the Mark Allen interview, which will get first dibs, however.
Here I am (L) with Taren (R) at the 2018 70.3 World Champs in South Africa.

Let me know if you'd like to join, and if there are spots still open, I'll be in touch with you.

It will be on Thu 17 June, 6pm Taren's time (Winnipeg, Manitoba) or Fri 18 June, 7am my time (Singapore).
I want to join

My Goals were too Optimistic!

Have you ever set a race target that you didn’t meet?

I have. I thought I’d do my first marathon in under four hours (a 10k each hour is easy, right?). But it was a deathmarch.

I expected to do my first 70.3 in just six hours. But that disastrous race took me nearly eight!

The disappointment of not meeting your goal time is never fun. So, what causes some of us to set such unrealistic goals, and how can we avoid it?

Here are four points I use to avoid setting goals that are too optimistic.
4 Tips

TT vs Road Bike.

I bought my first road bike from my neighbor. He had a TT bike, too, and he explained to me that it was so much faster than a road bike.

“Why would you ever ride a road bike if the TT bike is faster,” I wondered.

But soon after buying that road bike, I figured out that you can put these weird bars on the front that turn it into a TT bike…kind of.

I was so new and confused, and needed a primer on the difference between road bikes, TT bikes, and road bikes with aero bars.

So, if you’re in the same situation, have a look at this simple flowchart guiding you on which bike to buy, and then watch the short video below.
I posted this flowchart on Facebook, and should have been ready for the answers.

90% of them were along the lines of, "How is this even a choice, buy both!" 

In case you missed it...

Sprint Reads

 Well, we brought you updates on Adrian Bennett, who was attempting the longest triathlon ever, as a Guinness Record, and the record has been finally officially accepted. Congratulations, Adrian!

 So, Challenge in N. America is now rebranded as Clash. Cue the jokes about people asking “should I stay or should I go” to their next race…Thanks, Mitch.

 Mitch also sent me this fun and revealing interactive tool plotting how different sports apparel brands measure up when it comes to safeguarding supply chains and more.

 Hope this doesn’t rub you the wrong way but there may be evidence that massage is not quite as beneficial that many of us might believe...that's not to say it has no purpose, though. A good listen, from The TriDoc Podcast.

 Smile. It makes you a more efficient runner.

 Laidlow (who?) beat Wurf at the Tradeinn (what?) International Triathlon in Girona.

 How about Everesting…on foot…at age 16?

 Not sure who this guy is but apparently Taren’s not too happy about it.

 How the pros are now being ranked.

 Do you agree with this simple way to nail a faster swim time?

 Ben from Coached tells us what fartlek training is here.

 In a recent update from METL (Remember? The guys making the metal tires that will last forever?) they’ve said they’ll start manufacturing and they are open to investment.

 Hydration and electrolytes are some of my favorite topics. Here’s a good guide on hydration for your runs.

 Stop! How would you like electronic braking and maybe even ABS on your next bike? Thanks, Gerald.

 After the tragedy in China, is it time for endurance organizers to start looking inward?

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None of the Sprint Reads are sponsored or affiliate links.

Home Massage from Addaday

If you're looking for a massage or recovery product, check out Addaday.

Turns out tri legend Chris Lieto is working for them and he set me up with an affiliate link.

They only ship to the US, for now.

15% off UCAN

  If you are in the US, and you want a deal on nutrition, go for UCAN.

Get 15% off with this link:

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Optimize your Nutrition

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Reach out to
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